creative medical marketing

Why you can’t grow without creative medical marketing

In this article, you will discover why so many marketing plans feel like templated off-the-shelf plans. You will find out why even the most complex scientific topics need a creative approach to digital marketing. And I will share the top creative-medical-marketing secrets in a nutshell. 

creative medical marketing

Why you can’t grow without creative medical marketing

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

Kris Borgraeve

May 24, 2022

Why doctors need marketing

marketing for growth

We are transitioning from the GP-referral age into the digital age when it comes to building a medical practice. And even though GP referrals are still important, there is interference. 

Some referrals become a formality and the patient decides to see a different specialist with the same document. Why? Because patients are googling until they have sore wrists and thumbs, and you know it.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve | Co-founder Digital Practice

"Doctors need marketing because if you are not appearing in front of that patient who spends so much time on Google, you are at risk of not filling the full capacity of your practice. If not today, then definitely in a few years’ time when even more digital-savvy doctors are competing for that Google visibility."

Across our Grow! Magazine, you will find detailed case study material covering the essence of SEO and content marketing. But today, I wanted to discuss the need for creative medical marketing

Doctors don’t get that added to their knowledge mix when they attend medical school. And yet, you will see that creativity in marketing campaigns for your surgical or specialist services is pivotal. Marketing for growth has become second nature for leading surgeons and doctors, compliant with AHPRA healthcare advertising regulations and with a strong focus on positioning your clinic as a knowledge hub.

The way you build a leadership profile

creativity for doctors

It takes more than a factual representation of the conditions you treat, your resume and the contact details of your practice. To build a leadership profile as a doctor or a group clinic, you need a creative approach by an agency that understands the mechanics of digital healthcare marketing.

So what does that mean? Let’s unpack it in a video.

Your marketing essentials: systematic and divergent thinking

marketing essentials

With over 45 highly successful medical marketing strategies running all over Australia, we pride ourselves on achieving the results we get for our customers, all doctors who are also business owners. 

The marketing essentials we keep seeing as the success factors in creative medical marketing fall into two categories:

  • Systematic thinking: This is the part of medical marketing that aligns most with your expertise as a doctor. It refers to SEO for doctors, a niche within the niche that is Google optimisation. We map the common online search topics for your medical niche, for the conditions that may require your help and for the treatment services or the surgical procedures that your clinic is offering. We then cross-examine this data with your business goals and that is how we produce content that makes you jump up in Google visibility, obviously boosting the business results of your independent clinic.
  • Divergent thinking: This is the most creative part of the work. It’s an exploration journey into the personality of your practice. Your personality as a doctor. We map your strengths, particular interests, academic and clinical preferences, lifestyle ambitions and other aspects of your life as a doctor. We then source elements, create visuals and build a visual representation to surround the words that position you as a thought leader, dedicated member of the community, hard-working service provider, surgical expert or educator. Or all of the above.

Most marketing experts will run their operations on a segment of the above skillsets. Here at Digital Practice, we have accumulated over 25 years of media and content production, medical journalism and digital creation in the processes we use to make our customers thrive. That’s what you can tap into straight away, from your free 1:1 Strategy Session onward and beyond.

creative medical marketing

The interesting mix of expertise you need as a doctor

growth marketing

Growth marketing has many faces. In recent years, it has cloned itself into dozens of variants across all corners of the internet.

We believe that the skills you need to build a strong online profile for your private practice, are a clear combination of information-related tactics:

  • Healthcare communication: empathy for the patient’s journey, the information needs that people have when they become patients, an understanding of the need for trust and rapport when people consider medical treatment.
  • Journalism: the skill that involves analysing, summarising, organising and packaging information in the most effective way.
  • Visual storytelling and multimedia: the skills that involve creating for the web. From simple graphics to complex website interfaces. From social media posts to short videos on your YouTube channel.

We know that it’s quite a colourful mix of skills. That’s probably why we are so proud of doing what we’re doing. It’s definitely why we achieve the spectacular results that our customers love.

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The one free marketing consult you won’t regret is our 1:1 Strategy Session. We apply the creative medical marketing basics to discuss your marketing as a doctor, a specialist or a surgeon. Book it now and embark on a growth journey that will help you create the practice you have in mind.

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