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Fertility marketing requires knowledge of fertility treatment and the patient journey. At Digital Practice, we have that expertise and we underpin every strategy with local market data.
Why choose an agency that is specialised in marketing for fertility specialists?

Why a fertility marketing agency?

The main reason customers love working with us is the focus on tangible business growth.

As a Digital Practice customer, you can rest assured that we put an end to typical hope marketing: hoping that people will just keep referring new patients to you. As an alternative, we put in place a systemised way to generate new leads. That is why choosing an agency specialised in fertility marketing, creates spectacular and sustainable growth.

Our customers love how effective their digital marketing has become. Because we understand the online search process of women and their partners in the field of fertility, we start with the content. Fertility marketing is not about pushing a product toward the consumer. It’s about pulling in visitors with compliant, valuable and quality content. We understand the underlying causes of infertility, the routine tests, the steps involved in endometriosis or PCOS diagnosis and the process you follow as a fertility specialist, helping couples make choices about IVF and other fertility treatment options.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"‘We always start with data. Since 2016, we have analysed patient search behaviour around fertility treatment and IVF. That data guides us when we make decisions about your web presence so you get real results."

Effective fertility marketing uses a clear and transparent process. Your marketing strategy can consist of Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation, or we can focus on amplifying word-of-mouth and supporting your leadership profile on social media. In some cases, our customers choose to engage us for the entire business planning process:

  • Brand creation and brand development (logo, name, visual identity)
  • Business development coaching (market analysis, positioning)
  • Digital acquisition (website, social media, email marketing to GPs)

Fertility marketing is not an off-the-shelf package or a quick job you can outsource overseas. It is customised business development support for your practice, so you increase the value of your business and sign up for ongoing growth.

How can we help?

Fertility marketing agency services

We have taken fertility marketing to the next level by setting up a dedicated arm for obstetrics, gynaecology and fertility: obgyn.digitalpractice.co. Since 2016, we have built an impressive track record of successful case studies, helping fertility specialists in private practice across Australia and New Zealand.

Website design and development for fertility practices

Even if your primary concern is to update your website, we can help you. You might not be able to pinpoint what can be improved and we will be happy to do a strategic assessment. Online communication evolves rapidly and so do your patient’s expectations. Poor design, skewed pages on mobiles or tablets or a lack of content does affect your bottom line and – let’s face it, your personal financial situation. The secret of web design for fertility practices is simple: it needs an acquisition strategy behind every pixel on your website.

Content creation for fertility specialists

Content for fertility marketing is a specialist area. Google scans websites for content that is valuable for the user. That is why content creation has become increasingly important for any specialist doctor, and particularly for fertility specialists. Why? Because the patient journey in fertility can stretch over a long period of time. From the first signs of infertility, to the moment one has completed their family. In between, we are talking hours and hours spent by the patient going through online content – don’t let it be your competitor’s content!

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for fertility practices

SEO for fertility specialists is not about IT or technical computer skills. It means that you have quality content on your website, made visible in a Google search when local patients are reading up. SEO requires ongoing monitoring and adjustments, to make sure you stay ahead of the pack and keep growing your online reputation.

Email marketing for fertility specialists

Email marketing for fertility has its place, even when the focus of many marketing agencies is on social media. Smart email conversations are a starting point to create additional leads and we have developed a unique proven funnel model to boost your patient acquisition.

Social media marketing for fertility practices

Of course, social media marketing is an essential tool to build a strong leadership profile and we assist fertility specialists with an integrated strategy. It’s about finding your unique voice, visualising your patient education topics and strategically reaching out to your local community through pre-vetted and scheduled online posts. If you are looking for a quick solution and ready-to-use templates for fertility marketing via social media, check out our packages in the web store.

Online advertising for fertility specialists

If you have been holding back because of strict advertising regulations for medical professionals in your jurisdiction, bear in mind that we can help. Because we specialise in fertility, gynaecology and obstetrics, we produce compliant content. Advertising via Google Ads and Facebook Ads can drive additional traffic to your practice and help you grow your patient numbers.
Discover how this fertility specialist became a market leader

Fertility marketing case study

Let’s go over a case study and look at the numbers in more detail. When your marketing agency discusses KPIs, you may come across the term visibility. It is a metric to indicate how often your web pages (the different content pages of your website) are on high positions in Google. Let’s be clear: not supported by any Google Ads, just ranking organically.

Fertility marketing | Digital Practice
This Digital Practice customer (blue line) has a visibility of 59.75% for 27 fertility-related keywords. Keywords are often combinations of words, chosen to develop the content, and based on real market data. In other words, we already know these terms were most commonly used by patients, in fertility-related Google searches.

Why this type of spectacular outcome is possible for your practice

Out of the 27 top keywords that we had selected, 26 keywords are on page 1 in Google, 14 of which (so more than half) are on position 1 in Google. Allow this to sink in. Of the 27 most commonly used Google Searches, 26 lead to a presence of this specialist on Google’s page 1 of search results.

14 of those 27 most common searches around IVF or fertility treatment in the clinic’s catchment area, put the specialist in Google’s number one position. It means more clicks and conversions because – remember – these were quality searches of relevant traffic by prospective patients.

Even if you are an individual fertility specialist, we can build this acquisition system for you. Our customer is an individual doctor, and when we track the visibility against group clinics in the area – including the ones that are listed companies ), we are simply crushing the competition with the most elaborate and most effective strategy.

Fertility marketing | Digital Practice
If you want to read up a little more about this fascinating use of market data to build your practice, check out our blog post “Three reasons your website is not ranking on Google”. If you are wondering how all this translates into more turnover and more business: Reaching an average of 2,600 quality visitors per month, the practice is booked out many months in advance.
Examples of fertility marketing

Fertility marketing portfolio

The Woom

Full brand creation and brand positioning are at the core of this premium strategy for The Woom. The visual identity and name were created by our team to target the specific demographics of the catchment area, with a clear vision of holistic and integrated women’s health services. A key business avenue is linked to fertility investigations and fertility treatment, as well as allied health services related to fertility, such as counselling and diet.

Visit www.thewoom.com.au or find a quick summary of the work we did here

Dr Chris Nichols

Dr Chris Nichols’ strategy positions the practice as a warm, welcoming environment. It clearly outlines the specialist’s extensive experience in the local market and his involvement in a leading fertility group. The patient finds useful information on fertility treatment and gets to know the team.

Visit www.drchrisnichols.com.au or find a quick summary of the work we did here

Dr Richard Murphy

Patients who are considering IVF or other fertility treatment options in Western Australia will come across Dr Richard Murphy’s website. A friendly expert profile provides essential information about infertility and the treatment options. The content is optimised for an optimal patient experience, presenting the information in a magazine-style format that displays well screens of any size. Throughout the copy, as patients go through palatable information snippets, they get to know the specialist’s personality and communication strengths.

Dr Tamara Hunter

Dr Tamara Hunter’s profile in Perth consists of data-driven content pages on fertility treatment and fertility tests to attract traffic. The other pillar of this strategy is personality. As patients go through the content, they can hear Dr Hunter explain and clarify aspects of fertility in short videos, so she builds rapport with prospective and future patients before they book a consultation. Blogs published at regular intervals top off this strategy and tell Google that this is an active web channel worth ranking high when patients do a search.

Fertility Specialists of Western Australia

Fertility Specialists of Western Australia is another great example of fertility marketing by Digital Practice. This strategy is for an IVF clinic. Similar best practices apply for the content that we have put in place to create high visibility. Personal profiles and “About” pages create additional visibility for the individual specialists. The strategy reflects the combined excellence of the group, the unique setup and facilities and the various consultation locations across the catchment area.

Visit www.fertilitywa.com.au or find a quick summary of the work we did here
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