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Medical SEO, marketing and content writing are increasingly important in private health, simply because a lot of the decisions are made by patients on their devices. We work with doctors across specialties, in a mindset of continuous growth and business development.
Why choose an agency that is specialised in medical SEO and marketing for doctors?

Why medical SEO?

Just like the leading specialist practices listed below, you would have your own picture of what growth means to you. As you avoid the pitfalls of poor marketing, you want your medical SEO and marketing to do one thing: bring in more patients.
Who do we help?

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How have we helped these medical practices?

Medical SEO services

Every medical specialty has a set of patient expectations, common Google searches, and even specific emotions connected to conditions, situations and treatments or surgeries. Our medical journalists and marketing experts live and breathe medical content, compliant marketing for doctors and a passion for business development. That is why choosing a specialised agency is more effective. As a specialist, you would understand the benefit of seeing a specialised agency, wouldn’t you?

Website design and development for doctors

Your practice needs more than just a website. In private health marketing, your clinic acts as a brand and patients get to know you when they first check you out online. When we build medical websites, the focus is not just on web development. It’s about business development. Data-driven content, a website structure built to attract and convert, and a unique visual story to tell patients who you are. Those are the pillars of our successful strategies.

Content creation for doctors

Medical content is different to other online content and that is why medical SEO services and medical marketing are a specialty area. It takes a deep understanding of the patient journey, medical jargon and the everyday language patients use when they do a Google search. Content creation for doctors and medical SEO go hand in hand so we always build pages that make you rank higher in local Google searches.

Medical SEO

Medical SEO is all about optimising the right content for your ideal patients, and making sure Google knows about it. How do we know what content is right? Our patient behaviour research division maps the exact terms for your medical specialty and we build every paragraph around the topics that patients are searching for. Medical SEO and marketing is not a one-off activity: our most successful customers sign up for quarterly strategy sessions so we keep monitoring and improving. That is how you create ongoing business growth for your practice.

Email marketing for doctors

Email marketing is more alive than you would think. In a world of social media hyping, simple but highly effective marketing funnels create real growth for our customers. The end goal is to have a conversation, and email marketing simplifies this to a quick process: patients are able to leave their details and that is how the conversation starts, converting more new patient leads than any other marketing tactic.

Social media marketing for doctors

Medical marketing on social media requires strategic thinking. Instead of posting random topics to just be on Instagram, you can tap into our expertise. We create a content mix based on our editorial experience and traffic data for your specialty. We make sure your posts work for you, by sending more traffic to your practice and amplifying word-of-mouth in your local community or catchment area.

Online advertising for medical private practices

Medical advertising is subject to regulations and restrictions. If done well, it offers quality patient education that makes you visible in Google searches without breaking those rules. We are experts at medical marketing and have a proven process to go from strategic input to verified and vetted published content. Talk to us about your advertising needs and start growing your practice like the leading specialists above.

Other things we do for doctors

Medical logo creation – like all other marketing techniques – requires experience with the market. We can assist with the branding or rebranding of your practice and the complete creation of a verbal and visual brand identity.

Other customers make use of our integrated processes to produce brochures, business cards and flyers in line with their overall strategy, all under the Digital Practice roof. While our focus is lead generation, you could also say that the process can balance towards business planning for the private practice, business coaching for growth and even personal development and communication training.

And for all of the above, we are available to work out a custom package that offers you an assessment of what you have in place, as a second opinion. Many customers first use us as a sounding board to then develop a new strategy.

Examples of medical SEO and marketing

Medical SEO Examples

Check out our portfolio or the links above to see how Digital Practice has helped doctors and specialists around the world. The focus is growth. The process is data-driven and well-organised, and the outcomes are clear and sustainable. That is why – at Digital Practice – we pride ourselves in helping our customers build a leading practice and a future-proof medical business. Get in touch if you want to learn more about who we work with in your specialty area.
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