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If you are after gastroenterology marketing ideas, the best first step is to make use of our free 1:1 strategy session. While you are here, let’s go over a few aspects of gastroenterology marketing.
Why choose an agency that is specialised in marketing for gastro­enterologists?

Why gastroenterology marketing?

Gastroenterology has its own types of online searches, on the side of the patient. From the first concern, all the way through to the booking of an appointment. Somewhere in the middle, the GP will write a referral but we all know that there will be a lot of googling. The main reason why you get more effective gastroenterology marketing ideas from a specialised agency is clear: the team that builds your content knows a thing or two about gastroenterology.

It simply results in better service when you need a new website, a social media strategy, an email marketing campaign to your local GPs/physicians or a Google Ads campaign.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"At Digital Practice, we have been performing specialised market research into the online behaviour of gastroenterology patients. The data in itself is gold, and our process to produce your online content based on the numbers is what makes our customers triple their business performance in no time."

Gastroenterologists like working with us because the creative process is well structured. For a new website, or a completely new brand. For social media packages, video marketing or Google Ads management. The process always focuses on developing your private gastroenterology practice as a business and increasing its value. We only use gastroenterology marketing ideas that have a proven track record in bringing in new patients.

How can we help?

Gastroenterology marketing services

Website design and development for gastroenterology practices

Many of our customers feel that something can be done about their website. If it is costing you money because it does not create the growth that your practice is after, then book a free 1:1 consult to discuss how we can help you. Redoing your website is not a standalone process, because it needs a process to inject content that patients actually search for.

Content creation for gastroenterologists

Content makes you visible without ads. If done well, content about gastroenterology can be the key building block of your marketing. It makes you show up in a Google search when patients in your catchment area search for a gastroenterologist. This is not about copy-pasting medical content onto your website. It’s about using the written word to connect with people who have just heard they may need your services.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for gastroenterology practices

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation can mean many different things. The most effective definition that is also supported by Google itself is simple: produce great content. Content that aligns with the essential Google searches in gastroenterology, well organised and presented, sprinkled with relevant imagery and accessible on a responsive, technically healthy website. Top it off with quarterly revisions and additional content based on the data you interpret and you have a killer SEO strategy!

Social media marketing for gastroenterologists

A word of warning: don’t let the hype overwhelm you. Social media has become an ever-present reality in our lives but it’s not the first thing to tackle when you need gastroenterology marketing ideas. Why? People follow something or someone on social media and they search on search engines. Can you see what happens first in the space of gastroscopies and colonoscopies? However, social media amplifies your word-of-mouth and brings additional patients to your website, so it can definitely generate additional referrals if done well.

Email marketing for gastroenterology practices

One of the gastroenterology marketing ideas our team came up with, is a unique funnel model for gastroenterology. It uses the power of email conversations, and it creates spectacular improvements in your lead generation process.

Online advertising for gastroenterologists

Sometimes online advertising is used as a synonym for marketing. In a narrow sense, it means renting advertising space to get more clicks, on top of your organic visibility. Through Google Ads or Facebook Ads, and even LinkedIn Ads to target GPs, you can switch on a tap of extra clicks and leads. Disclaimer: Only do this when you have put in place content that makes patients stay and act, or you will be sponsoring Google, not your own growth.
Discover how this gastroenterology practice got very visible in less than a year

Gastroenterology marketing case study

From not being indexed and not ranking in any top positions for endoscopy or gastroscopy plus the location… to an average of 2,800 visitors/month in less than 1 year. We launched the new website at the end of March 2020 and within a year we averaged 2,800 visitors per month.

Gastroenterology marketing ideas | Digital Practice

The visibility sits above 50%, and all targeted keywords deliver a Page 1 search result, most of them even on position 1 and 2, when local patients do a search for gastroenterology services. Organic traffic is the key driver for practice growth here, with 80% of traffic coming from organic. The remaining 20% comes from people who just type in the web address, direct traffic, which isn’t bad either.

Gastroenterology marketing ideas | Digital Practice

How is this possible? We specialise in gastroenterology and private practice marketing. So we don’t just focus on gastroenterologist + location.
A content strategy by Digital Practice makes you visible for other keywords. From ‘what to expect from a colonoscopy’ to ‘how to prepare’ and ‘reasons to have a bowel cancer screening’. As you can see in the graph below, this is a proven method and it creates visibility within weeks of going live.

Gastroenterology marketing ideas | Digital Practice
If you want to get some additional gastroenterology marketing ideas in the field of Google optimisation, check out our blog post ‘Three reasons why your website is not ranking on Google’. The data keeps confirming it for every business strategy we launch: monthly user numbers and sessions go up, more time is spent going through the content and our customers keep confirming longer waitlists, higher turnovers and practice growth in terms of team expansion and practice value. If this type of business planning for your private practice resonates with your own goals for the next financial or calendar year, get in touch. Book a free 1:1 call so we can discuss your ambitions and our services in more detail.
Examples of gastroenterology marketing

Gastroenterology marketing ideas & inspiration

Wexford Gastroenterology

The strategy for Wexford Gastroenterology shows how the information is organised to help the patient understand the process, from referral to the day of the procedure. Under the hood, a visibility strategy uses the exact content that patients use in their Google search, combined with local market details for the catchment area.

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A brand with personality is often a way to amplify word-of-mouth. Gutworks was created to facilitate referrals in our customer’s catchment area. The content covers the essential services with integrated keywords based on market research and the patient education about the video capsule provides additional value to the patient, who gets to know the practice and the gastroenterologist.

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Upper GI West

Gastroenterology and bariatric surgery are often intertwined in the patient journey. Although endoscopies and colonoscopies are only a minimal content section on this extensive website, they are surrounded by related topics and that reinforces the visibility for the gastroenterology topics.

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Gastroenterology marketing ideas

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