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As an obstetrician, you know how important it is to build a relationship with future mums and their families. Obstetrics marketing should be all about that: using the power of digital to build great new relationships and grow your practice.
Why choose an agency that is specialised in marketing for obstetricians?

Why a dedicated obstetrics marketing agency?

You can look at your practice as ‘the place where you consult’. Or you can look at it as a business. As soon as you set up your private practice, you become the business owner and systemising your marketing is a very smart idea. Rather than relying on hope marketing [the poor marketing vision that consists of hoping enough women will choose you as their obstetrician], you can do better.

You could choose to work with an agency that specialises in obstetrics marketing. It won’t come as a surprise that your marketing becomes more effective. The fact that our team understands the journey of the expecting mother, the questions and milestone checks, the particular expectations projected on the chosen obstetrician and the birthing method preferences…well, it helps. It helps us map and analyse the local market research based on what patients actually search for in your niche. We then have a strategy session to plan the content for your marketing, so you attract exactly the right type of patients to grow your obstetrics practice.

The process to set up your new digital identity is more efficient because our team fully understands the journey and the many questions that are relevant in obstetrics marketing.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"As obstetrics marketing experts we specialise in patient search behaviour analysis for obstetrics, antenatal and postnatal care. Imagine how you could triple your visibility by having the exact content on your website that patients in your area are googling for!"

The most important reason why obstetricians love the work we do is the effectiveness: a clear and proven process that creates business growth. Of course, your practice is unique and so is your strategy: from building an entire brand around your clinic to replacing or upgrading your website. From setting up your social media profiles to supporting your visibility with video or email marketing.

Our team has one big focus: to help you build the practice that you want. Whether that means increasing its value as a business, growing your leadership status, changing the type of patients you serve or expanding your team. We’re here to help you thrive!

How can we help?

Obstetrics marketing services

We have been working with numerous obstetricians for years and through our dedicated obstetrics marketing arm obgyn.digitalpractice.co, we keep adding success stories to our track record. A quick overview of the tactics we use across our many obstetrics strategies:

Website design and development for obstetric practices

Building a new website for your practice shouldn’t be a technical job or a process that only focuses on the looks of your website. There is so much more to it if you are serious about growing your practice. We integrate the creative work with all other aspects of obstetrics marketing so your website delivers on its promise and brings in new patients.

Content creation for obstetricians

If you want more visitors, you need higher Google rankings for a variety of local searches. Google looks at your content with highly effective algorithms so it can keep satisfying its customers, in your case, anyone who recently discovered they were expecting a baby and anyone who is preparing to get pregnant. We help you with meticulously curated content, built around your unique story and the typical questions patients google for. By making you visible we help you build your leadership profile.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for obstetric practices

SEO for obstetrics is often a buzzword so let’s be really clear about what it is. It’s adding quality content to your website based on data and market research, presenting the information in a way that makes patients stay, click, trust and choose. It’s not IT-hocus-pocus, nor is it a quick-fix or something you just add to your website after it is built.

Email marketing for obstetric practices

If you really want to add lead generation tools to your website, ask about our unique and proven methodology to apply funnel email marketing. The power of an email conversation lies in the fact that you start building semi-automated relationships with mums who are shopping around, and all it takes is the right communication at the right moment to plant the seed of trust and help people choose you, not your competitor.

Social media marketing for obstetricians

Social media marketing for obstetrics is a great add-on because it keeps amplifying word-of-mouth and your name keeps popping up with relevant content. Knowing that mothers turn to Facebook and Instagram for stories, information and social proof when they are on this very special journey, you benefit from a strategic social media presence and we can build it for you. If you need a starting point or you want to go for a DIY model, check out our unique pre-vetted social media marketing templates for obstetrics in our web store.

Online advertising for obstetricians

If your preference is to look into advertising for obstetrics, book your free 1:1 call so we can map the growth priorities for your clinic. Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns can significantly boost the impact of your existing social media marketing content and the traffic to your website. Ads should always be part of an integrated strategy and we can help you with that.
Discover how this obstetrician became an absolute leader

Obstetrics marketing case study

The below case study takes you through the actual facts and numbers. This practice did not have any Google visibility prior to coming on board with the team here at Digital Practice. It means no rankings whatsoever on Google. So no clicks, no patients came from search traffic. And yet, women were falling pregnant and delivering babies in this community of about 1.5 million people. Action was required.

With the Digital Practice obstetrics marketing methodology applied, we are ranking number 1 for “obstetrician + city name”. As you can understand that is a critical search term and we hit the nail on the head. Another one that is now a number one Google ranking for this customer is “obstetrician + the name of the private hospital”. Low hanging fruit…patients who are telling Google they haven’t chosen their obstetrician yet, and they are adamant about giving birth in this particular hospital.

The strategy delivers stunning results! Across the board, this is now the best-ranking obstetrician in this community and half of the 54 keywords we target are creating a number one position on Google. What happens is that we are simply outperforming the main competitors with an unseen visibility percentage.

Obstetrics marketing agency | Digital Practice
More top rankings mean more clicks. Combined with excellent content it means more patients who stay, trust, click-through and choose. It means more business. How did we get there? Content on an optimised website, produced by a team of specialists in obstetrics marketing, in a unique and personalised story that represents the obstetrician. In case you wonder why your own OB-GYN practice is not ranking as well as you would want it, check out Kris’s blog post “Three reasons your website is not ranking on Google”. At the bottom, you can take the next step and book a call with Kris to discuss your growth plan.
Examples of marketing for obstetricians

Obstetrics marketing examples

Dr Anu Mahadik

Sydney Obstetrician Dr Anu Mahadik builds visibility for the various catchment areas she serves in some of Sydney’s leading hospitals. We combined the power of the Digital Practice market research in obstetrics, with personalised story-telling and strategic content to help the patient understand the philosophy of the practice within seconds. Concise information is presented in a palatable way and future mums get to know Dr Mahadik pretty well so they can make a well-informed decision when they use the contact form or the funnel that starts a conversation.

Visit dranumahadik.com.au or find a quick summary of the work we did here

Dr David Mincham

Dr David Mincham in Perth radiates warmth when he talks about his role as an obstetrician. His own family, his never-ending awe when he supports and assists with the miracle of life and his commitment to the role…they are omnipresent when you meet David and our team has done an amazing job converting that energy into a highly effective digital first impression.

Visit www.drdavidmincham.com.au or find a quick summary of the work we did here

Dr Chris Nichols

For Dr Chris Nichols we designed a unique online presence that captures the essence of decades of experience. The unique editorial process by our obstetrics marketing experts aimed for maximum authenticity: we wanted to give patients the uncensored views expressed by Dr Nichols, on relevant topics to do with birthing choice, antenatal care and maternity choices. The website is almost like a powerful initial consultation from the comfort of the patient’s home because not only do you get the information, you hear Dr Nichols talk in short videos and it feels as if you already know what and who to expect.

Visit www.drchrisnichols.com.au or find a quick summary of the work we did here

Dr Richard Murphy

This web strategy for Dr Richard Murphy breathes uniqueness in that it covers Dr Murphy’s vision around a positive birthing experience. The strategic sessions helped us crystallise that uniqueness in copy and images. This matters because your website is not just about attracting new patient leads. Once a future mum is on your website, you either start a new conversation or you don’t. This project shows the power of Digital Practice because it makes Dr Murphy rank and it leaves a lasting impression on visitors who are about to choose their obstetrician.

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