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Marketing for a gynaecology practice is not a one-size-fits-all process. It takes knowledge of women’s health, the realities of private healthcare and data about your local market.
Why choose an agency that is specialised in marketing for gynaecologists?

Why a gynaecology marketing agency?

Your gynaecology practice is a vehicle to work as a doctor and it is also a business. As soon as you start your private practice, the numbers become part of your reality. Specialised marketing expertise means that you attract and convert new patient leads in a systemised way. Not through hope marketing: the scattered marketing approach characterised by hoping everyone will just spread the word about how good you are.

The main reason to choose a gynaecology marketing agency is effectiveness. You would probably prefer a marketing partner who understands endometriosis treatment, the expectations in women’s health, the connection between routine tests, fertility and a woman’s overall wellbeing. You would definitely appreciate to get some solid data on what women actually google for when they get referred for fibroids, endo, a hysterectomy or heavy periods. Data about the content patients click on, that is.

Choosing an agency that has experience with gynaecology also means that you get a better service experience. The input process to produce effective marketing content becomes easier for you as a customer. Because we know what we’re talking about.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"As a gynaecology marketing agency, we specialise in patient search behaviour analysis for women’s health. The data we have been collecting since 2016, support every section on the websites that we build. Wouldn’t you rather have your online presence backed by research, so it creates results?"

That brings us to the main reason why gynaecologists love working with our team. The process is clear, transparent and thorough. Every strategy is unique and it can range from implementing Google Ads and SEO, to setting up your social media profiles or building a new website, all the way through to creating a completely new brand for your local market.

The bottom line is increased value for your practice as a business. Your digital marketing systems are transformed into a well-oiled machine that brings in new patients and sets you up for ongoing growth.

How can we help?

Gynaecology marketing agency services

We created a unique, customised branch of our agency to help gynaecologists and obstetricians:, with an excellent track record creating business growth for specialists in private practice.

Website design and development for gynaecology practices

Perhaps you have come to the conclusion that your website needs an update. It might just look outdated, or the back-end software just isn’t ready for the latest smartphones and tablets. The most common reason why gynaecologists decide to work with us is that their old website simply wasn’t built to attract and convert new patient leads, let alone have an acquisition strategy behind it.

Content creation for gynaecologists

Anyone in marketing will present their own version of the content is king mantra. Google looks for content, so do your patients. It’s not about copy-pasting medical content onto your website. It’s all about meticulously selecting and organising the information so it works for you. Content is the foundation of every Digital Practice strategy.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for gynaecology practices

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is often a bit overused and it might be good to get really clear about what it means for you and for your agency. To us, it means strategically building content that is in line with what patients google for. It also means that we measure how that content generates patient leads for your practice.

Email marketing for gynaecology practices

Another tool in the box is email marketing. As a dedicated gynaecology marketing agency, we have developed a unique and proven funnel marketing model for gynaecology. It uses the power of a simple email, and it creates spectacular improvements to our customers’ lead generation systems.

Social media marketing for gynaecologists

Using social media for your private gynaecology practice is not just about getting on Instagram and Facebook. A premium advanced strategy is fully customised for your catchment area, the strengths of your practice and the tone-of-voice that is a good fit with your team. Contact us to discuss your bespoke solution or take the shortcut if you need something light, fast and professional: If you need a quick solution to get professional, pre-produced content templates for your social media presence as a gynaecologist, check out our gynae packages in our webshop.

Online advertising for gynaecologists

When your first thought is to use some advertising to boost your patient numbers, speak to us about compliant Google Ads and Facebook campaigns to attract more patients. Organic content marketing builds long-term results, while online ads can create immediate impact to grow your practice.
Discover how this gynaecologist became an absolute leader

Gynaecology marketing agency case study

Being fully booked for a reasonable amount of time in the near future is probably many gynaecologists’ dream. One of our gynaecology customers is now looking at prebooked clinics for the next 6 months; that is how successful our online marketing strategy has been.

The new challenge was translated into setting up an additional umbrella brand, so other gynaecologists and physicians could be integrated in the practice. Internal referrals now reduce the wait time for the patients.

The graph below shows website visitor number increases from the early start of our strategic work, up until the latest successful campaign in one specific month in 2021. We are looking at a +267% visitor growth or in simple words tripled monthly traffic numbers since we started.

Gynaecology marketing agency | Digital Practice

The visibility, calculated based on top rankings in Google search for relevant conditions and treatments in the catchment area, is over 30%. In the graphic below, the blue line is our customer and the visibility for the most-used-keywords-in-gynaecology that other practices have (check the lines in other colours than blue) is significantly lower.

Can you see the importance of data here? We map what typical gynaecology searches are about because we specialise in your niche. As a gynaecology marketing agency we work with you to build content that works. We measure and keep improving. We make you stand out from the competition so you get more visitors, conversions and new patient leads. More business. More growth.

Gynaecology marketing agency | Digital Practice
In case you wonder why your own gynaecology practice is not ranking as well as you would want it, check out Kris’s blog post “Three reasons your website is not ranking on Google”. At the bottom, you can take the next step and book a call with Kris to discuss your growth plan.
Examples of gynaecology marketing

Gynaecology marketing agency portfolio

Melbourne Mothers

Nominated for the Australian Web Awards in 2022, this website breathes class and style. Technically, this is one the most advanced websites in our portfolio with subtle animations to please your eyes. 

As with any of the Digital Practice websites, we focus on quality content. It’s great for your patients (they learn), for your staff (they can refer to the website to explain something) and for your search engine rankings (Google rewards quality content by increasing your ranking). 

Visit Melbourne Mothers or find a quick summary of the work we did here

Dr Anu Mahadik

Dr Anu Mahadik in Sydney offers gynaecology and obstetrics services. The rich content library creates an excellent visibility in the competitive Sydney market. Once patients land on one of the many content pages, they get to know Dr Mahadik and are prompted to get in touch.

The online presence gives value to patients who are just browsing the online information, by offering clear, factual and concise information about obstetrics and gynaecology and practical information about Dr Mahadik’s associated hospitals around Sydney.

Visit or find a quick summary of the work we did here

Dr Tamara Hunter

Dr Tamara Hunter in Perth uses the full spectrum of Digital Practice content marketing for her private practice: Data-based content about the main gynaecology and fertility services, a clear story to introduce new patients to the culture of the practice, supported by a generous social media presence with numerous videos, live streams, clips taken from television appearances and blogs on relevant gynaecology topics.

Dr Chris Nichols

Dr Chris Nichols’ strategy was built to tell a clear story to women who are comparing gynaecologists or obstetricians. Being a male doctor is one aspect of the way leads can either be converted or not. We worked on Google-friendly content that also excels at introducing Dr Nichols’ personal views on treatment avenues, birthing methods or procedures. In other words: as a patient you are not staring at rehashed Wikipedia content. What you get is the unfiltered vision of a highly experienced gynaecologist so you know what to expect. As a result, women who follow the prompts and get in touch, already know Dr Nichols before they see him.

Visit or find a quick summary of the work we did here

Dr Richard Murphy

The Positive Birth angle on Dr Richard Murphy’s website is a beautiful example of the way our strategic team goes about building a new strategy. It’s not a template. It’s not a one-size-fits-all. It’s not an outsourced job for junior marketing talent. What you see is the combined end result of strategic conversations to really grasp the customer’s vision and mission. The unique, personalised touch given to every new situation in a consultation, the birthing suite or theatre, is felt throughout every paragraph. Again, we are not just making sure the content ranks well on Google. We make sure it ranks well in the prospective patient’s memory after they have spent time on Dr Murphy’s website.

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