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Marketing for orthopaedic surgeons works at its best when we focus on content, not on typical advertising messages. With orthopaedics, significant time is spent online and that is where we position you as a leading surgeon.
Why choose an agency that is specialised in marketing for orthopaedic surgeons?

Why orthopaedic digital marketing?

The surgeons we work with benefit from our specialised experience, just like their patients want the surgeon’s focus on one particular area. Their marketing campaign starts with an exploration of the exact topics that patients google for. If you do shoulders, hips and knees, the keyword research covers the injuries and surgery types that generate Google searches. And because we build on that extensive experience, we can offer you an insight into our market research. The input we need from you is now supported by data and that is how we create results.
Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"At Digital Practice, one of our specialties is patient search behaviour analysis for orthopaedic surgery. We have been collecting and analysing data since 2016 and we underpin every strategy with local market research and a content strategy for your main surgery types."

As an orthopaedic surgeon, you understand the reality of a busy schedule. Our creative process is palatable and well structured so we build and maintain momentum. Your strategy package is scalable: creating your brand, updating your website, launching your social media strategy, or implementing online video or Google Ads, depending on your needs.

In the orthopaedic digital marketing campaigns we develop, there is a single common element: It’s always about developing your practice as a business, increasing your capacity to attract and convert new patient leads and enhance your leadership position in the community you serve.

How can we help?

Orthopaedic digital marketing services

Website design and development for orthopaedic surgery practices

If your own conclusion is that you need a new website, then we can help you. Reasons to build a new website can include an outdated look, old design elements, obsolete back-end software or a lack of strategic content. Quite often, a reason to start afresh is the lack of support and service. So our first initiative will be to present a strategy to you, so your website attracts and converts.

Content creation for orthopaedic surgeons

If you don’t want to depend on Pay-Per-Click-Advertising, organic content is essential. It means that we put in place optimised, palatable and well-presented educational content for your patients. Once they land on your content, we gently guide them to stay so they get to know you and your practice and that is how content creates conversations that become conversions (new patients). It sounds simple, yet there is a universe of expertise, meticulous work and best practices behind all this.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for orthopaedic surgery

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is sometimes overused and often misunderstood. Our team optimises content by strategically writing and organising paragraphs and pages, so they help the patient in one particular area: ACL reconstruction, anterior hip replacement, recovery after knee surgery, you name it. We then measure the monthly search traffic, and your visibility in a particular local search that potentially brings in more patients.

Social media marketing for orthopaedic surgery practices

Some orthopaedic surgeons make the mistake of just launching an Instagram profile for the sake of being on the platform too. That is not always the most effective starting point. To really make your social media campaigns for orthopaedics successful, it takes an integrated approach. Google search, good quality content, and amplified word-of-mouth in the local community on social media is a powerful mix we put in place for our customers. It can be customised with other marketing tactics, always focusing on your business goals.

Email marketing for orthopaedics

Email or funnel marketing is a little-known secret weapon to boost your orthopaedics practice. We have developed a unique model that creates spectacular changes in the patient lead generation process. If you are looking for new ideas to make the next business year better than the previous one, let’s talk.

Online advertising for orthopaedic surgery practices

Compliance is a non-negotiable for us because we only work with doctors in private practice. Google and Facebook Ads can top up your visibility and send even more traffic to your optimised web pages. Content marketing (like buying a piece of land) is a long-term investment, and ads (like renting an office) is a month-by-month transaction with no lasting effect once the campaign stops.
Discover how this orthopaedic surgeon went from zero to hero

Orthopaedic digital marketing case study

Disclaimer: this ‘zero to hero’ statement only applies to the digital traffic, not to the quality of the surgical work, obviously.

Before we started, we did not have a website in place and started from scratch in a catchment area with approximately 80 orthopaedic surgeons competing for visibility. With only 10 visitors in the first month (the website went live at the end of the month), there was zero organic visibility at that stage. Now, three years later with a complete content strategy in place, 7,800 monthly visitors mainly come through organic search (88%) and there are no ads in place.

Orthopaedic Digital Marketing & SEO | Digital Practice

Our unique methodology looks beyond the commodity searches on Google, for search terms along the lines of orthopaedic surgeon Sydney. We collect patient search data for the conditions that you treat, and the surgery types that you offer. That local market research becomes our data source to come up with a content plan.

Orthopaedic Digital Marketing & SEO | Digital Practice
The outcome is visibility (Top Google Rankings for as many topics as possible), traffic from quality leads (people who have googled a commonly used term so it means they really need the information). And because the story is well told and professionally designed: conversions into new patients.
Orthopaedic Digital Marketing & SEO | Digital Practice
When you book your complimentary Zoom strategy session, we will look at what this could mean for your practice. This is a proven methodology for orthopaedic surgeons and if you are serious about developing your practice, let’s schedule an obligation-free Zoom call and catch up with Kris to hear about the potential for your orthopaedic surgery website. We look forward to seeing you thrive too! You can read up on this topic a little more, clicking on this blog post: Three reasons your website is not ranking on Google.
Examples of orthopaedic marketing

Orthopaedic digital marketing portfolio

Dr Sven Goebel

Mr Sven Goebel is a Knee and Shoulder Surgeon in Perth. Digital Practice was chosen to create this orthopaedic surgeon’s digital profile: new logo, new website, SEO optimisation and social media. We opted for a contemporary blue and bright lime green.  

At Digital Practice, we believe in clear patient communication. That’s why we integrate quotes similar to magazine content. They allow you to explain something in plain English whilst giving you extra brand exposure. 

When patients are having a procedure like a shoulder replacement, they obviously want to know the recovery process. Yet, often medical practitioners are vague about this on their websites. Check out one of the procedure pages and discover how this content has been summarised in a very comprehensive way.

medical marketing for an othopaedic surgeon - great healthcare websites

Visit drsvengoebel.com.au  or find a quick summary of the work we did here

Dr Mark Hurworth

Mr Mark Hurworth covers essential conditions and surgery types with quality content. That is how we attract traffic. The conversion happens through story-telling and clear communication. What patients learn about this practice is a relentless focus on accurate diagnoses, clarity about ways to avoid surgery and a focus on measuring the quality of the recovery program in a unique global research project.

Orthopaedic Digital Marketing - Mr Mark Hurworth | Digital Practice
Visit markhurworth.com.au or find a quick summary of the work we did here

Dr David Colvin

Dr David Colvin’s practice has a strong section on each of the major orthopaedic procedures, and educational sections on the conditions that may lead to these surgery types. The major strength of this strategy is a leadership profile designed around orthopaedic surgery in the context of workers’ compensation claims, and the medico-legal expertise that Dr Colvin has accumulated in this area.

Visit www.shoulderandkneesurgery.com.au or find a quick summary of the work we did here
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