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Plastic surgery marketing can either be approached as advertising, or you can choose to give patients a different experience. Our proven methodology highlights the medical side of plastic surgery with quality content to make your practice visible and to attract patients.
Why choose a digital agency that is specialised in marketing for plastic surgeons?

Plastic surgeon marketing company

Why do people choose you as their specialist? They see the value that you bring because you are not a general health practitioner. Why do plastic surgeons choose Digital Practice? Because we bring more specialised expertise to the table when we do your marketing. For example, data and research about patient search behaviour in the field of tummy tuck procedures, breast enhancement or rhinoplasty procedures. Over the years, we have mapped market research based on what patients google for in plastic surgery. Once you explore the exciting niche area of keyword research for plastic surgeon marketing, you will clearly see the growth opportunities for your business.

Plastic surgery marketing | Digital Practice
All keywords, including the plastic surgeon’s location, are implemented in the headings of this page.
The process our customers follow with us is all about your practice as a business. You could say that multiple strategic processes are converging: business planning, brand positioning, digital marketing, KPI measurement and business development. Compared to a general digital agency, what you get is specialist expertise.
Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"The ongoing market research we perform at Digital Practice gives us data to underpin your strategy. Every paragraph, and every section on your website, is optimised to make you stand out from the competition. That is where more patient leads come from."

Your days and weeks are dedicated to helping patients, managing your clinics and your work in theatre. Every now and then there is a moment to sit down and reflect on the direction you choose for your practice. Sounds familiar? The need for a proven methodology in plastic surgery marketing is real and it can focus on different areas of business growth: Creating a new brand, building your new website, optimising your Google visibility, spreading the word on social media in your local community, using video to establish your leadership position and educate, or implementing Google Ads for an immediate visibility boost.

Perhaps you didn’t know there could be such a thing as a plastic surgery marketing company. No matter what type of marketing boost your practice needs at this stage, book your free 1:1 Zoom meeting and we will identify what would be the most cost-effective first step to grow in the next 12 months.

How can we help?

Digital marketing plastic surgeons

Website design and development for plastic surgeons

Internet marketing for plastic surgeons starts with the quality of your web design and development. They are two different things and we apply the highest standards for both. Design makes your practice look good when we organise the information, the photos and the graphics. Development makes your website load fast, display correctly on all screen sizes, and makes it easy for Google to rank you higher.

Content marketing for cosmetic surgeons

What is content marketing in this day and age? It means that we aim for organic ranking in your local community when patients do a Google search for plastic surgery. We aim to rank without Google Ads, only based on having great content pages in place. The data we collate tell us exactly what patients search for in the area of plastic surgery procedures, and we use that data to build your content so it attracts, converts and gets your brand story across. In other words, it builds rapport so patients feel as if they have already met you. The reason our content marketing strategies deliver ongoing results is because we measure and optimise as time goes by, so you can build and grow your practice quarter after quarter.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for plastic surgery practices

Plastic surgery practices often focus on displaying spectacular before/after pictures in galleries without proper copy to educate the patient. Other surgeons pride themselves on their theatre work and publish photos of surgeries. A more important focus is to build the content that patients actually google for. It boils down to having pages in place for your main income avenues: the plastic surgery procedures that drive the business results of your private practice.

Social media marketing for plastic surgeons

What is the role of a social media marketing strategy for plastic surgery practices? It amplifies word-of-mouth in your local community, so your name pops up on Facebook and Instagram and your posts are easy to share between users. Ideally, your social media posts send traffic to your (excellent) content pages, so it’s not just about getting clicks, likes and followers. It’s about funnelling traffic to the one place that really matters for you: the chair in front of you in your consultation room. We show representative imagery and produce your social media content so it highlights your expertise, the life-changing work with your patients and the actual end product of your work: higher self-esteem, happier relationships, or professional success to name just a few. We build your followership and keep it all compliant with advertising regulations in your jurisdiction.

Email marketing for plastic surgeons

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get new patient leads automatically through your website? Lead generation tactics based on email marketing are one of the most successful additions we offer to any marketing strategy. The unique proven methodology we use starts new conversations with prospective patients so you can build rapport, establish trust and make the patient feel acknowledged even before they have booked their consultation with you at the clinic. Plastic surgeon marketing strategies without an email funnel could easily be losing a potential patient per day, so if you want to learn more, please book a 1:1 today!

Online advertising for plastic surgeons

Some surgeons refer to advertising when they could be meaning content marketing. For legal purposes, marketing and advertising are often captured under one umbrella. When we offer advertising services, we discuss Google Ads and Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads solutions. We implement your ad campaign respecting applicable regulations, and link your ads to a funnel or to your most important web pages. The main reason to talk to us about ads is to boost your visibility and patient acquisition with an immediate effect. At any time we can adjust your strategy, pause it or expand it.
5 Easy tips to boost your plastic surgery practice

Marketing ideas for plastic surgeons

#1 Build a Brand for Your Plastic Surgery Practice

What does it mean to you to build a brand? Your letterhead, business card and signage on the door? Yes, they matter, and it often comes as a surprise to our customers that we first want to dig deeper. Strategic work to build a brand around your private practice in plastic surgery means that we position you. How do you want the patient to remember the essential information about you? What do you want them to feel after a (digital) first impression?

There are a few more extremely powerful questions we go through to make sure you stand out from the competitors. We want patients to feel that the procedure they are looking into, is something they want to plan with your practice, not anywhere else. Car brands build their entire brand stories around speed, luxury or safety and consumers follow the lead without deeply analysing if the association is actually always accurate.

Our customers just love our process: we bring up the right questions and use the conversation and the answers to create your (new branding) elements: the look and feel or design for your website, a logo if needed, your tone-of-voice, and the visual style for photos and graphics.

#2 Target the right type of plastic surgery patients

Patient targeting is another important aspect of an effective marketing strategy. It starts with the clarity you create about your practice. What does it look like in 2, 5 or 10 years? Who are your patients?

Know your demographics. If certain age brackets work with smaller budgets and shop around for popular procedures, then you’re in for a competitive battle in that segment. Other audiences might be older and live in affluent suburbs of your catchment area and targeting them would need a different approach. Choose your targets wisely, and check if your content and design are in tune with the plastic surgery patients you want.

#3 Create a Google My Business profile

Don’t forget the other digital assets beyond your website. Google My Business keeps your business details organised, including your address and phone number, opening times, and COVID-19-regulations. Google reviews are attached to your Google My Business profile, and it is worth checking what type of rules apply in your jurisdiction in regards to using reviews. Always make sure your Google My Business is in line with the details on your website.

#4 Discover topics and check what your competitors are doing

It sounds like a complex thing and for many plastic surgeons it is a journey into the unknown but…it’s actually quite simple. You can use Google Alerts, to monitor what is being published about plastic surgery, or even your local competitors or your own name. The daily alerts can be a great inspiration to feed your blog posts with fresh content.

Plastic surgery marketing | Digital Practice

#5 Don’t compromise on image quality

When you show real patient results, the image quality needs to be immaculate. When you expect patients to fork out a budget to get results, you don’t want your own first impression to be sloppy, poor or cheap. Most plastic surgeons’ websites feature quite tasteless before/after images. Good and inexpensive lighting is widely available, and so are smartphones with good lenses, so we can agree that there is not really a good excuse for that poor quality.
Examples of plastic surgeon website design

Plastic surgeon online marketing examples

Dr Andrew Hadj

Medical content that reads like an article in the New York Times. Classy images, functional lay-out, user-friendly navigation,… This website simply ticks all the boxes. 

Visit or find a quick summary of the work we did here

Dr Jeremy Rawlins

The fact that Dr Jeremy Rawlins’ website was nominated for the Australian Web Awards confirms the intention of the co-production with the surgeon: to build an excellent professional profile that captures the unique set of qualifications, expertise and a philosophy of ethics and transparency in the consultation style. The design, the content and the overall strategy truly represent Dr Rawlins in every paragraph and throughout every section of the website.

Visit or find a quick summary of the work we did here
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