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The challenge for effective paediatrician websites is to find a good balance between informing parents and demonstrating a child-friendly vibe. The additional mission is to generate and convert patient leads. Let’s go over the basics.
Why choose a digital agency that is specialised in marketing for pae­diatricians?

Why marketing for paediatricians?

Innovative marketing for paediatricians now makes use of unprecedented and detailed data. The data we extract from our daily work with specialist doctors, including paediatricians and paediatric surgeons, is a total game-changer in digital marketing and in the approach for paediatrician websites.

In simple terms: our marketing experts analyse the online search behaviour of consumers in your specialty area, and in your case, this would often be a parent or carer. The data tells us exactly what type of information people are googling for. The benefit of choosing a niche agency is that we have developed a unique and effective method to underpin your digital content marketing with data about paediatric care and paediatric surgery types.

Our customers also get a distinctive service level, simply because we know and understand the business realities of running a private practice.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"The research we perform into patient search behaviour is unique and is the key to private practice success in paediatrics. Your content is created to perform and to make you visible when patients in your area do a Google search."

Paediatrician websites often focus only on the child-friendly aspect and not on the business aspects of your practice. We help you manage your online reputation, and include the tactics and tools you need: building a new website, adding content, launching your social media channels or implementing Google Ads or video marketing. Ask us what can help you reach the next stage in the journey you have in mind for your practice and we will happily advise.
How can we help?

Marketing services for paediatric practices

Website design and development for paediatric practices

Marketing for your paediatric practice starts with your website. We help you start from scratch and put a content strategy behind every new page, or we update your current website and replace it with a contemporary, responsive and well-maintained website that brings in more patients.

Content creation for paediatricians

Educational content is pivotal in medical marketing and our research shows that over 60% of private health patients do a number of essential Google searches on their smartphones prior to making a decision about the specialist doctor they choose. We help you grow your online visibility so your website attracts and converts more new patient leads.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for paediatric practices

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is often a buzzword among paediatricians and other specialist doctors in private practice. Over the years, you may have felt increasing levels of competition. Or you may be one of the new competitors in a saturated market. Whatever the current circumstances of your practice, we can assist with built-in SEO so your content makes you rank. It means you do not necessarily depend on Google Ads or other types of advertising to attract patient leads.

Social media marketing for paediatricians

Social media marketing is a powerful and highly effective way to amplify word-of-mouth and as such, one of the most powerful advertising tactics for your paediatric practice. Of course, we first want to make sure that you appear in local Google searches. Once that has been achieved, we help you with a custom social media strategy to reach out to your local community. Appearing in people’s feeds is an excellent way to manage your online reputation and to indirectly generate additional referrals to grow your practice.

Email marketing for paediatric practices

Paediatric marketing is about trust and building a relationship, often with the parents of a child who needs medical attention. Funnel marketing is a known and proven technique, to invite visitors to engage with your practice, in the crucial phase when they are doing their online research. We set up your online marketing funnel so patients choose to engage with you, not with your competitor. Our research shows that this is a strategic way to consistently generate more quality leads for your practice.

Online advertising for paediatricians

Additional visibility can be achieved with ads. Content Marketing makes you visible in organic Google searches without paying for those clicks. If you still need more visibility, or if you are competing against groups that have been around for decades, then we can help you with Google Ads. We always make sure that you only invest in ads when we have explored other, more sustainable growth tactics.
5 Easy Tips to Boost Your Paediatric Practice

Paediatrician websites and ideas

#1 Create a Google My Business profile

Your Google My Business keeps track of your business details within the Google universe. For example, your opening times and address. Creating or claiming your Google My Business profile (Google sometimes creates an automated profile when it detects a business address on Google Maps) is pivotal. Our advice is to not only make sure you create, claim or manage your Google My Business Profile. We also recommend updating it from time to time. Make sure your details and opening hours are accurate and that any relevant Covid-19 information is clearly displayed on your profile.

#2 Target the right type of patients

Within your speciality areas in paediatrics, you may have a particular interest in specific conditions. That is one opportunity to position your practice and your brand. It pays to take a moment and reflect on who you want to attract. The tone of voice you use defines the type of families who will trust and choose you. The imagery can be inclusive or not. The style and brand elements can resonate with one group and make other groups of people leave your website. As long as you have inspected this and target exactly the patients that you want to attract, there is no right and wrong, just an opportunity to become more aware.

#3 Discover topics and check what your competitors are doing

Your website is a channel to publish content so Google knows you are still in business. If you are looking for inspiration, commit to getting inspired from time to time. One way to go about this is to check out competitors’ websites or to look at what some of your overseas colleagues are doing. Look at the style and topics, and see if you come up with ideas to add valuable information to your own website. You can configure Google Alerts so they let you know when something relevant in the field of paediatric medicine has been published. You can even use this type of alerts to gently spy on your competitors. Hush, we didn’t tell you this.
Paediatrician Websites, Marketing & SEO | Digital Practice

#4 Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Being mobile-friendly doesn’t mean it simply shows up on your smartphone. A mobile-friendly or responsive website organises the information in a clean and efficient way for smartphone and tablet screens so users don’t have to pinch-and-zoom, squint or miss out on information. Or all of the above. With a responsive website, you are more likely to do good business. Why? Because over 50% of paediatric medicine web searches, by parents who need help for their child, happen on a mobile device!

#5 Improve your website’s speed

When you do your invoices, you may be celebrating how cheap your web hosting is. But have you enquired in what basement, in what building and – most importantly – in which part of the world your website is hosted? A crash course in web hosting: it’s a piece of software on a physical device, and it sends pages to users when they visit it and click on things. The further away from your user, the slower. If it’s hosted in a far-away country, Google will flag your website as less-than-ideal simply because it is slow. So bear in mind that your website speed is either helping you grow or it’s slowing you down.
Examples of paediatric website design

Marketing for paediatricians

WA Paediatric Surgery and Urology

WA Paediatric Surgery and Urology is branded to reflect the welcoming and friendly energy of the team to parents and children. The information is organised to educate the visitor and to convey a subliminal message: This is a team of highly qualified specialist paediatricians who truly care and who will take care of your child throughout the treatment journey. The content is Google-optimised for effective visibility and lead conversion.

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Paediatrician websites

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