Google and Facebook ads for specialist doctors

Google & Facebook

To attract more patients, you can use online advertising with Facebook Ads or Google Ads. We set up your campaign for immediate visibility and maximum return on investment.

Why use ads to attract more patients?

Google and Facebook ads for specialist doctors

Ads create instant visibility on Facebook or Google. Your ad is shown to a target audience that we select together and you only pay when someone clicks on it. If your organic content is just not visible enough yet, then ads are a powerful additional tactic. We help you pick your platform, we build and configure your campaign and produce the artwork and the copy. Once your campaign is running, we measure the results so we can keep improving your ROI.
Google Ads

Google and Facebook ads for specialist doctors

You choose Google Ads when you want to target patients in your catchment area, who are doing a search for a specific condition, treatment or procedure.
Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice
Els Van de Veire - Digital Practice Co-Founder

“The keywords that your patients type into Google will tell you what they are interested in. We write the ads so they show up for that specific keyword and that is how the ad generates clicks to a relevant page on your website.”

Ads are not a miracle solution. If you promise the patient information, you want to make sure that the content they land on is reliable, palatable and visually appealing. We can also help you put in place the exact content that patients google for.
Facebook Ads

Google and Facebook ads for specialist doctors

Facebook Ads target audience groups defined by age, location, and interests. We create your ad and we configure the target audiences. This helps you reach out to your future patients based on demographics and interests. The Facebook ads can be directed to your existing social media posts, so you get more followers and build a leadership profile.
Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve - Digital Practice Co-Founder

"Your ads can support the growth of your followership on social media. That then amplifies word-of-mouth referrals and brand awareness for your practice."

Another way to help you get more patients is by directing your Facebook Ads directly to your website. Good content, promoted with an ad, is another way to boost your visibility and your presence. Every specialty is unique, and the information needs of your patients will depend on the nature of your service. That is why we offer custom strategic advice to choose the right tools and platforms.
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How your practice can use ads

Google and Facebook ads for specialist doctors

In Australia, we help you work within the AHPRA Advertising Guidelines for Health Professionals. We help you create clarity about your goals, your messages and your advertising budget.
Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice
Els Van de Veire - Digital Practice Co-Founder

"This can not be separated from another crucial part of your digital marketing: the quality of your website content, so it actually converts all this incoming traffic into new patient leads."

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are not about the clicks. As a doctor, a private practice owner or practice manager, you want results. We look at the bigger picture of your practice and your online presence before we create your campaigns. That is why the management of your online ads is in good hands here at Digital Practice.

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Google and Facebook ads for specialist doctors

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