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Dental marketing is a niche in the marketing industry and as a dentist, you know that you are not selling consumer goods – you need patients to trust you to deliver their dental care. That is where we come in: helping you gain that trust.
Why choose an agency that is specialised in marketing for dentists?

Dental marketing company

You specialise in excellent dental care – we specialise in marketing for medical niche industries such as dentistry. That is why, with Digital Practice, you get marketing campaigns based on local market data. We map patient search behaviour and google searches linked to the exact types of dental care that you offer at your practice. Because we are specialists, we ask the right questions before we build your strategy. We define how much business depends on family dentistry, which type of implants you offer your patients and how we can build your brand story around the topics that consumers google for in the area of dental care.

With Digital Practice, our focus is on growing your business. We integrate business planning, brand positioning, online marketing and make use of our extensive sets of data, mapping the exact questions consumers ask Google, about general or specialised dentistry topics.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"The data we collect to build dental websites are a unique power tool for dental marketing. The strategy we propose for your website, your socials, your SEO or Google Ads, is built on market research. That is why we multiply our customers’ patient numbers and turnover."

The reconnaissance process we do as your dental marketing company before we build your online presence is essential. We get to know your practice and your catchment area. Then we define the strategic steps to grow your practice: a new website, additional content, SEO optimisation, pay-per-click campaigns or social media posts. Ideally, the tactics have a compounding effect and bring in the right volume of new patients in the next 12 months.

How can we help?

Dental marketing services

If you are not sure what the first step could be, and your primary concern is to grow your practice, fair enough. Just book your free 1:1 strategy session and we will go over the options together. If you have specific needs in the area of digital marketing for dentists, let’s go over the services we offer:

Website design and development for dental practices

The best dental websites have one thing in common: they attract pre-qualified consumers and keep them on the website long enough to make a booking and become a patient. A dental marketing agency should always start with your business goals and build the content around them, not from a design that looks like a template. We develop your website and strategy in an integrated process so you start ranking higher in Google search and convert leads into patients.

Content creation for dentists

Online marketing for dentists is not like campaigns to sell more smartphones. Patients want good outcomes and they want to trust their dentist. That is why we build your content on two strong pillars: data-driven content to explain procedures, services and treatment options. And, equally important, a story that allows prospective patients to get to know you, so you start building rapport and trust as your content educates people about different aspects of dental care. The biggest merit of our Digital Practice dental marketing services is that the content kills two birds with one stone: it attracts and converts.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for dental practices

Dental website SEO comes with many pitfalls. Often subcontracted and outsourced, the delivery of the service often depends on overseas agents with no connection to your catchment area whatsoever. At Digital Practice, we define optimisation as great, data-driven and relevant content that is presented in the most professional way to attract patients, get their attention and prompt them to take action. Whether it’s making an enquiry and starting a conversation with you as their potential new dentist, or making a booking for a specific service. Dental website SEO is an advanced process and is best done by a dental marketing agency with experience in your local market.

Social media marketing for dentists

Dental marketing ideas often include suggestions to fill up an Instagram account with before/after images. There are more sophisticated ways to build a relevant local audience, that consists of fans who are willing to spread the word. It’s not about your number of followers. It’s about the actual word-of-mouth impact of your posts when people share them with someone in the local community who may become your next new patient. We help you with curated streams of content to make you stand out as a leader in dental care.

Email marketing for dentists

Starting new conversations is the backbone and main goal of any dental practice marketing campaign. Why? Because digital only becomes valuable when it enhances your conversations with real people. We have developed a proven funnel model to start that conversation from your website, so your dental marketing doesn’t stop with celebrating high website traffic numbers: we turn it into a daily lead generation system that helps you grow your practice week after week.

Online advertising for dental practices

Sometimes, online advertising is mixed up with online marketing. Advertising at its core refers to paying for space. The Content Marketing solutions we have discussed earlier can be compared to purchasing land and building your property. Advertising comes in two main forms when we discuss local marketing for dentists: Google Ads or Social Ads. With Google Ads, we target specific Google searches that don’t result in top Google rankings for your practice at this stage. With Social Advertising, we target people with leadership brand positioning content so your target audience remembers your name when they want to find a dentist.

5 Easy tips to boost your dental practice

Dental marketing ideas

#1 Build a brand for your dental practice

You may have done some homework to build your brand: a letterhead, a business card and signage. The strategic work we can help you complete goes further: how is your practice positioned in the local market? What do patients remember when they find your online profile and how do they feel about you becoming their new dentist? We don’t shy the big questions and finding answers with you as our customer is how we create a bigger and more effective visual and verbal brand for your dental practice.

#2 Target the right type of dental patients

Once you know your main business and income avenues, you can work with us to map them against the dominating needs and searches by consumers in your local market. This becomes a rational decision to target specific niche audiences. For example, you may find that wisdom teeth help you grow your practice really well. Or you may have developed a particular interest in implants or children’s dentistry. Targeting is a critical step before you publish a single photo or paragraph online because it defines how Google indexes your information and remembers you.

#3 Create a Google My Business profile

Create or update your Google My Business profile. It is a pivotal digital asset because it contains essential information in the Google sphere. And since we want to rank high in Google search, it makes sense to start at the source. Your Google My Business profile is where you make sure your address details and phone number are up-to-date, and having accurate opening times and Covid-19 notifications is also something contemporary consumers simply expect if you don’t want to start off with new patients on the wrong foot.

#4 Discover topics and check what your competitors are doing

Playing around with Google Alerts is a smart way to keep an eye on local competitors or global colleagues. It’s also a way to get inspired and find out what other dentists write about, to establish a leadership profile on their website, LinkedIn or Facebook.
Dental marketing | Digital Practice

#5 Don’t compromise on image quality

Always aim to have high-resolution images for your website. Grainy and sloppy images can damage your reputation and it is also wise to take a step back. Ask yourself how someone feels when they look at an overload of broken or rotten teeth on their big screen. Medical marketing often benefits from selling the promise, rather than documenting the disease or the process to get better (procedures, surgery etc).
Examples of dental website design

Dental marketing agency examples

NewSmile Dental

Family dental practice NewSmile Dental presents general dentistry topics in a comprehensive overview with lots of images and educational content about conditions and treatments. We believe that web marketing for dentists benefits from a medical approach, clearly explaining causes and treatment options, rather than just displaying bad or perfect teeth. On this website, we present the team and the values of the practice so patients feel as if they have already had a consultation when they have spent some time on the website.

Visit or find a quick summary of the work we did here

Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry

Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry is a practice with a specialist background. Implants and Sedation are two pillars of this boutique dentistry practice with a leadership reputation in the field of more complex dental work. The strategy is designed to cover the essential topics relating to implant dentistry and the dental website SEO work we did for this strategy focuses on sedation dentistry.

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