Analytics and SEO for doctors

for doctors

We keep track of your analytics: they consist of regular competition reports and traffic data. We track your website’s visitor numbers and we provide a clear report so you understand your growth journey.
What is meant by analytics?

Analytics and SEO for doctors

When we talk about your website, we use the term ‘analytics’ to describe the set of data that measures the performance of your pages: visitor numbers, time spent on the pages, number of pages viewed per patient. That information is the digital heartbeat of your private practice.

When we analyse the numbers, we know what content needs to be expanded to attract more patients for a specific treatment or procedure.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve - Digital Practice Co-Founder

"Analysing the traffic and making decisions is an essential part of your digital strategy. It means that we give you the information and you keep control of your practice growth."

The traffic data will tell you what information the patient is after. It tells you what pages make them stay longer and what they click on. That then helps us set strategic goals for your long-term growth, using the content that patients google for.
Why do you need analytics?

Analytics and SEO for doctors

We love to compare it to taking someone’s blood pressure. Analytics provide reliable data about the visibility of your practice. With this information, your business development no longer depends on guesswork and it creates a clear direction for your practice.
Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice
Els Van de Veire - Digital Practice Co-Founder

"This information is used to support your choices when we add additional content to your website. Local performance data help you with every decision about your digital content so it all supports the growth of your practice."

Analysing your digital performance is as important as checking your numbers with the accountant. If you plan to become a leader in your field, to scale your practice or to create a group practice, a strategic plan to monitor your analytics is essential.
How does it work?

Analytics and SEO for doctors

Assessing your traffic and analytics is an add-on to your service package. It means that we plan the frequency of your ‘check-ups’ and we then propose action steps to improve your performance.
Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice
Els Van de Veire - Digital Practice Co-Founder

"We only work with doctors in private practice. We use the analytics to help you understand your patients’ behaviour on your website and on your competitors’ websites."

The real benefit of looking at your performance is the opportunity to update your content wisely. Google loves content updates and the more these are in line with what patients want, the more you are geared for growth.
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Analytics and SEO for doctors

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