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As a medical association, college or professional body, your online marketing is crucial. It’s part of your ecosystem, so you can attract new members and demonstrate to current members that you are the voice of their specialty. We help you with a strategy that makes you visible and relevant to all stakeholders.
Why choose a digital agency that is specialised in membership marketing?

Why marketing for associations?

Membership marketing is high on your agenda when you aim to provide value to the members of your association or organisation. In healthcare, this is not about advertising. It’s about content. We have developed a unique marketing methodology for associations based on two key concepts: visibility and relevance.

We help you achieve visibility by focusing on your current and future members. Your content is created based on the most common Google searches in the specialty area that your association represents. This makes you show up in Google searches by consumers, stakeholders and journalists.

We boost your relevance by organising your information in a palatable and user-friendly way. Your website pages cover essential topics that matter to your members and your community, in a way that reminds of a magazine article: a professional layout, a clear storyline and images that make the content easy to grasp and easy to digest.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"At Digital Practice, we bring together experience and skillsets from different areas: medical journalism, healthcare marketing, business strategy and digital media. We don’t just build your new website ; we create a channel so your association becomes a contemporary brand designed for the ‘20s of this Century."

Your society or association gets a whole new level of member engagement. We use a proven method to boost your online visibility and we strategically tailor it to the key messages you want to amplify in the community. Our core team members have a background in radio and television journalism so part of your content can be tailored to build bridges with your network of journalists, amplifying your content toward the general public.
How can we help?

Marketing services for societies and colleges

Website design and development for medical associations

As a medical association, you need more than just a website. You need a strategic vision that underpins your messages, your content and your communication priorities. We know the realities of your communication with a diverse group of stakeholders, from members and committee members to individual doctors, other interest groups, industry sponsors to government departments. You can rely on us to do much more than just website development.

Content creation for medical associations

Do you want to become more visible to represent your medical specialty? Do you feel you could weigh in more often when journalists speak to an industry expert? Leave the heavy legwork to us. We position your key messages so they become visible in Google search and we prepare your media section so it’s ready made and packaged for time-poor journalists. B2b and B2c communication is integrated seamlessly in content that we co-produce based on our unique process: we map the common Google searches in your speciality area and we build content that shows up when someone is looking for relevant information.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for medical associations

Member engagement is a big area and it starts with being visible. If you want to weigh in on the conversation, members expect you to show up in an online search. New members and existing members will let you know when other bodies or associations appear to be more visible. We build your strategy around data-driven keywords and build sustainable long-term visibility for your society.

Social media marketing for medical associations

When we make recommendations for your social media marketing strategy, we start by discussing your mission. Your college, society or association has a unique vision on how it best serves the community and we want to hear more about it before we produce content. Social media marketing for associations is about using the right tone of voice for your audience, and mapping how we can reach out and remind the community about your work, your message and the latest developments in your area.

Email marketing for medical associations

Email marketing for associations, societies and colleges is a service we can integrate with your other marketing tactics. We have designed a unique funnel methodology that engages with your stakeholders from your own website or social media pages. Starting more conversations and automating this process with email tools, helps you grow your outreach in a sustainable way.

Membership marketing for medical associations

Member engagement is about offering valuable and relevant content to your existing and prospective members. After all, doctors want to be happy members and see that you are actively representing their niche in the wider community. Membership marketing for medical associations is not about offering free cinema tickets or stubby holders. It’s about creating quality information and presenting it in a contemporary way, across devices and screen sizes, so members feel that you are active, relevant and in touch with their daily realities.

Online advertising for medical associations

When we use terms like online advertising and online marketing, there could be some confusion. Content marketing creates visibility on your own website, making you rank in Google without paying for ads. Google Ads can add additional visibility for particular topics, for example, your annual conference or a topic that is relevant and making news in broadcast media at the moment. We help you with strategically integrated solutions and Ads can be part of the mix if necessary.

How can your society stand out in the digital space?

medical associations marketing ideas

A few marketing ideas for medical societies and medical associations. The purpose is to trigger a new way of thinking when you look at your website and social media channels. They are your 24/7 live channel to many people beyond your membership base and you can make that channel work for you… or not.

#1 Committee leadership

Your committee is an important body and it can radiate poor leadership if the online profiles are unprofessional. Quite often we come across “About sections” that have poor or absent photos, unattractive copy and no relevance for the wider community. Make sure the story in your ‘About’ section has accurate information, professional photos and some ‘sizzle’. People love to read about inspiration, motivation and commitment, more than going over abbreviations and titles.

#2 Attracting prospective members

Getting more members on board might be on your target list for this or the next financial year. If that’s the case, put yourself in the shoes of a prospective member. What do they find when they google you? Is your online presence inviting, genuine, professional and relevant to them? Or is it cold, outdated, full of broken links and missing images and only about your internal updates?

#3 Add value for existing members

Identify what is valuable to your members. Job offers in your niche are a good starting point and it helps members in a way that motivates them to bookmark your website or recommend membership to a friend or a colleague. A ‘News’ section is a great idea if you can populate it with recent stories, again with the intent to offer value to your members. ‘Events’ are another way to create momentum and in this day and age the event can be virtual, in webinar format, or even a small or medium meeting on Zoom.
Marketing for associations | Digital Practice
Examples of medical association website design

Marketing for medical associations, the Belgian Society for Urologists

Even when you don’t master Dutch, you can see that the Belgian Society for Urologists’s website not only looks good but is also user-friendly, informative and easy to navigate.

Why is this a great healthcare website? 

  • Modern and sophisticated design,
  • A colour scheme that reflects professionalism and expertise,
  • Easy to navigate for members and non-members,
  • Intuitive user interface.

The Fertility Society of Australia

The Fertility Society of Australia and New Zealand wanted to be visible for general topics that are relevant to the fertility industry. At the same time, the Society wanted to demonstrate value to members, stakeholders and Government bodies by integrating clear and palatable information on relevant news stories. The website has a membership back-end and a publicly accessible media section with stories that are ready to be used by time-poor journalists.

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Marketing for associations

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