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We help you get clear about the business goals for your private practice. That includes assessing the digital competition in your catchment area. We also advise on the content and the online tools that help you develop your ideal individual or group practice.
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digital marketing for doctors

The first step is to understand your practice. Your ideal patients, your business goals, and your competitive position. We analyse, we listen, we offer a sounding board and we map the road to build your ideal practice.

Our unique discovery process as a marketing agency for doctors builds on years of experience in the private health industry and in healthcare journalism. Customers often look back at the power of the quality questions we ask at the start, simply because it helps them make a conscious decision about the future of their private practice.

The richness of the brief we create before we build your online presence, your website or social media package, is reflected in the quality of the work. You now have a marketing team that stays with you for the journey, adapting to new evolutions and market situations and always available to help you make well-informed choices for your next steps in online marketing.

Many customers tell us that marketing agencies often outsource their work to white-label companies overseas with poor service experiences as a result. At Digital Practice, we believe that you deserve personalised attention and service and that your private practice growth can be a joint responsibility for your team and our team.

We analyze your patient's Google searches

patient search behaviour marketing strategies for doctors

The data helps us make effective decisions and we map what your patients are ‘googling’ for.

A competition assessment tells us who currently has the highest local visibility in your niche. We help you understand what your patients want when they visit your website.

Patient Search Behaviour data are the backbone of our strategic work for your practice. Across specialties and in a wide range of local markets, we analyse the patient journey before they choose and see a specialist, by analysing the information that patients are looking for and clicking on.

The research we do into online search behaviour has a second leg: once your strategy is live, we monitor what patients are doing on your website and…we learn from this new set of data to make recommendations for your next piece of content. This sets you apart from the competition because your marketing is now built on reliable local market data.

Patient Search Behaviour analysis is a relatively new research area and the work we do with our team of senior health marketing experts happens in Perth, Australia, and Tilburg, The Netherlands, across all English speaking private health markets.

The roadmap to a successful practice

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The research data helps us design a powerful content plan. It outlines the platforms we will be using, the channels and tools we will use to get more patients, and to reach your business goals.

What sets our customers apart is a willingness to look beyond the commodity of building a new website. Building a strong private practice takes vision, courage and an open mind to look at a changing landscape with ongoing digital innovation. The strategic work we put behind every online profile that we build is the foundation for years of patient lead generation and private practice growth.

Your content plan keeps evolving as your practice grows. You are now in control of the online presence you will have in 1, 3 or 5 years’ time. Business planning and a predictable online marketing strategy can now go hand in hand to help you thrive.

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