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Urology marketing needs a specific content approach, simply because patients choose a specialist under the influence of what they see online. Let’s go over what makes your urology practice visible in Google searches.
Why choose a digital agency that is specialised in marketing for urologists?

Why urology marketing?

Urology marketing can only create results when it is done based on data and research. That is why Digital Practice starts the strategic work for your online presence with patient behaviour research. In simple terms: mapping what patients google for in the field of urology. You may have an idea but once you see the exact data we collate, you will find out exactly what content is missing on your current website.

Urology marketing done by a specialist in medical marketing has other benefits. For example, a more business-oriented process to make your online presence generate more patients. General web agencies and web designers will often make it about their product (the website). We make it about your product (your urology practice) and your business goals.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"At Digital Practice, we perform ongoing market research into patient search behaviour, also for urology marketing. The data that underpins your strategy is the secret weapon to make you stand out from the competition. Simply because your content is built to perform."

As a urologist, you may be focusing 100% on your work with patients and your practice may be in need of a business plan to get more patients. Our urology marketing service is a proven method, scalable to the exact current needs of your practice: creating your new brand, updating or building your website, launching a social media strategy in your local market, or implementing video or Google Ads. No matter the stage your practice is in, ask us how we can help you grow your practice and we will discuss the opportunities for your business development in the next 12 months and years to come.
How can we help?

Marketing services for urology practices

Website design and development for urology practices

Urology marketing often starts by looking at your website, and if you haven’t got one, looking at the type of website you need. If it is outdated, doesn’t respond well to the latest smartphone screen sizes or you can no longer update it because the provider disappeared…let’s have a chat.

Content creation for urologists

Why would you invest in good, optimised web content? Content is the main player in this process we call digital marketing, simply because it is essentially what patients are after. When was the last time your Google search was after an ad, instead of content? Ads can help. Content is still King, whether you like the cliche or not. We bring in market research about urology (remember, we specialise in urology marketing). We build the content that attracts and converts and we measure it continuously to make sure it keeps doing that for you.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for urology practices

There are many visions on how to make your website pop up and rank well in Google. Simplistic models are often outdated, based on old Google algorithms and IT work that is outsourced overseas to make it look like someone is doing magic in the background. Not our definition. We build the content that urology patients are googling for (because we have the data). We follow Google’s best practices so every key income avenue of your practice has pages that rank well.

Social media marketing for urologists

Urology marketing on social media is not the recommended starting point to grow your practice. Why? Because patients will rather google and read up on urology topics than decide to follow a urologist and wait for a post that happens to given them answers. So what is the use of social media for urology marketing? If done well, it amplifies word-of-mouth, validates your reputation as a respected leading specialist doctor in your catchment area, and that then ties in with a well-structured content campaign based on ranking in Google.

Email marketing for urology practices

We assist our customers in private practice with additional lead generation tactics such as email marketing. Our unique funnel methodology creates new email and phone conversations with patients and converts leads into new patients. If you are looking for additional layers once you have put in place quality content on an optimised website, speak to us about building your own urology marketing funnel to grow your practice.

Online advertising for urologists

If your first thought is to look into advertising for your urology practice then the conversation will rapidly turn toward compliance with advertising regulations for health practitioners. As an agency specialised in urology marketing, we’ve got you covered. Google and Facebook Ads can be implemented without breaching any of the guidelines. Quite often we find that urologists were not aware of the power of content marketing and in most strategies, we create growth, visibility, traffic and increased patient numbers with content marketing only, without adding ads.

5 Easy Tips to Boost Your Urology Practice

Urology marketing ideas

#1 Create a Google My Business profile

Your Google My Business profile is your profile with Google, containing the business details of your practice. It is a standalone profile that is not necessarily linked to your website or Google Ads account (although ideally, it should be). Google being Google, it makes sense that it would look at profiles on its own platform and yet – so many urologists don’t know about their Google My Business Profile or neglect to keep it up-to-date. Update your COVID-19 regulations, your opening times, fill out all the fields that Google provides and weave in your most important keywords. Ask people to leave a review if your legislation allows it. In Australia, you are restricted by AHPRA regulations stating that the reviews can only be about the service experience, the convenient location etc, not about the quality of the urological procedure.
Urology Marketing | Digital Practice

#2 Target the right type of urology patients

If you have been in practice for a number of years, you will have business goals and preferences. Leading specialists know where they want to take their practice in the 2, 5 or 10 years to come and it’s not just about more patients. Chances are that you have a special interest in certain cases. It could be that they allow you to deliver your best work, that you are building a leadership profile in a specific subspecialty. Or it could be that the business numbers just add up better when you do more vasectomy procedures, cases of erectile dysfunction or benign prostatic hyperplasia. We help you target the right patients with the right content and in our strategic process, we help you create the business clarity that you need.

#3 Discover topics and check what your competitors are doing

You might wonder, how do I do that? Use Google Alerts to monitor content about your practice or your personal name, your competitors and urology in general. Daily alerts are also a great source of ideas for your own blog posts.

Urology Marketing | Digital Practice

#4 Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

If your website is not mobile-friendly, you may be looking at losing 50-70% of traffic to your competitors. From our data, we see that most urology websites (more than 50%) are visited on a mobile device. Make sure your website is responsive.

#5 Improve your website’s speed

How long does it take to load your website? When it takes longer than 2 seconds to load your homepage, people may start looking at other websites. According to research, a 1-second delay in your website speed can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. So let’s help you with the maths here…a 1.5-second delay means that for every 9 patients you serve, a 10th one is gone. 10% of turnover missed. It’s worth looking into, trust us. And if you are keen to find out more about this without further delay, please read our article about image size optimisation.
Examples of urology website design

Marketing for urologists

Dr Weranja Ranasinghe

Dr Weranja Ranasinghe finalised his fellowship in the US and returned to Melbourne in 2021 to launch his urology practice. The design, the brand positioning, the content and the SEO work all aligned with a clear purpose: to support the launch and growth of his urology practice both in direct patient Google searches and through GP referrals.

Visit www.drweranjaurology.com.au or find a quick summary of the work we did here

Dr Jennifer Kong

Dr Jennifer Kong wanted clarity for her prospective patients about the type of work she focuses on, and a clear introduction of her practice and the team for new patients and referring GPs in the catchment area. The essential aspects of urology marketing have been applied throughout the website with a focus on content and conversion.

Visit www.kongurology.com.au or find a quick summary of the work we did here
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