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If you have decided to grow your weight loss clinic, the first metric to change is online visibility. On this page we will share the story of a practice that became 20 times more visible.
Why choose an agency that is specialised in marketing for bariatric surgeons?

Why bariatric surgery marketing?

The main reason is effectiveness. Would you prefer your marketing partner to understand weight loss surgery, the market situation, and the surgery types? Can you see how that creates a unique starting point?

Choosing an agency that has extensive experience with bariatric surgery marketing also means that you get better service. The input process to produce successful content marketing tools becomes easier for you.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"At Digital Practice, we specialise in patient search behaviour analysis for bariatrics. The data we have been collecting since 2016, support every pixel and every paragraph. Wouldn’t you rather work with a partner who produces content for your strategy, based on data?"

Another reason why bariatric surgeons love working with our team is the creative process. Building or rebuilding your brand can be part of that process, updating your website and social media, implementing video or adding Google Ads. The process is always about developing your business, increasing the value of your practice and using digital as a well-oiled machine that brings in new patients.
How can we help?

Bariatric surgery marketing services

Website design and development for bariatric surgery practices

Your first concern could be the fact that your website looks outdated. Old technology or design elements, a lack of content, or the simple fact that nobody is able to explain how it will help you bring in more patients. Let’s talk about redoing your website and while we’re at it, let’s make sure there is a content strategy behind it to grow your practice.

Content creation for bariatric surgery practices

You will hear the mantra over and over again: content is critical (not to mention King) to grow your online reputation. It’s not about rehashing Wikipedia or your Medical School training courses. It’s about connecting with people who have only just started exploring what weight loss surgery is about, and about offering them value so they stay with you.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for bariatric surgery practices

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a big buzzword in marketing. Whether it is new to you or you feel it is overused, it’s always good to redefine what it actually means. To us, it means strategising, creating and publishing quality content for people who struggle with obesity and who are reading up, with the intention to take action. And on top of that, it means that we measure how that content generates leads, visits, clicks and new patients over time.

Social media marketing for bariatric surgery practices

Just going on Instagram is often not enough. Successful social media strategies for bariatrics blend in with your Google visibility and your content marketing. They amplify word-of-mouth in the local community to support your leadership profile. If done well, social media marketing brings additional prospects to your website and generates extra referrals.

Email marketing for bariatric surgery practices

We have developed a unique and proven funnel marketing model for bariatrics. Using the power of email conversations, you can create spectacular changes in your patient lead generation process and we will be happy to help you in that area.

Online advertising for bariatric surgery practices

Compliant with regulations, in line with the local advertising restrictions and general consumer protection legislation, Google Ads and Facebook Ads can give your online visibility an extra push. Whereas content marketing builds long-term results and takes time to grow, online ads can be switched on and off and create short-term impact for your practice growth.
Discover how this bariatric surgeon became 20 times more visible

Bariatric surgery marketing case study

A word about traffic and visibility. We have developed a unique methodology to give you more control as a customer. You don’t just want to pop up in the rankings for bariatric surgeon plus your location alone. There are thousands of searches in your local community for other keywords. From ‘what is a gastric sleeve’, to ‘diet after gastric bypass’. Building content for over 50 keywords along those lines, based on local market research, we created a premium content strategy.

Excellent and uniquely optimised content on the topic of gastric sleeve surgery and gastric bypass procedures creates unseen top Google rankings (on positions 1, 2 or 3) and a 63% visibility.

For one of our bariatric surgery clients, we created a premium strategy, tracking over 50 keywords for local SEO. Based on an excellent content marketing strategy, all keywords rank on page 1 in Google, most of them on position 1, 2 or 3.

bariatric surgery marketing - Digital Practice

From 3% to over 63% visibility

Can you imagine what that does to your weight loss clinic? Always showing up at the top of a Google search, for a set of search terms we have identified as the most commonly used terms in that local market? It blows the competition away.

Graphs can be fun when they tell a good story. Check out the one below. Before they signed up with Digital Practice as their medical marketing agency, the customer’s online visibility was 3%. The number represents the amount of high Google rankings for relevant keywords.

In the graph, you can see the blue line (representing our bariatric surgery client) going up in March. This is when Google picked up the new website and indexed the rich content we had created.

bariatric surgery marketing visibility - Digital Practice
In case you wonder how a bariatric surgery practice can jump from 3% to over 60% visibility, check out Kris’s blog post “Three reasons your website is not ranking on Google”. Let’s not forget how it all ties together. Being more visible, ranking higher, creates predictable and continuous increases in quality website traffic. These are patients who have been googling bariatric surgery related content. And because the content was built not just to get the clicks, but to offer value to each and every patient or GP or physician that lands on any of the pages, we also get the conversions right. More patients, more surgeries. More business. Here at Digital Practice, we live and breathe business growth. That is why we also love the graph below. From 800 visitors per month to above 3,000 per month.
bariatric surgery marketing analytics - Digital Practice
That is x3.6 or a 260% increase, strategically aligned with effective conversion because of how the content is conceived, planned, written and organised to the highest standards. If all that sounds like music to your ears, why not schedule an obligation-free Zoom call with Kris. Fill out our form, and in your session Kris will discuss his analysis of your current bariatric surgery website, point out the shortcomings and what you can do about it to reach your full online potential. We look forward to helping you thrive too!
Examples of bariatric surgery marketing

Bariatric surgery marketing portfolio

Core Specialist Group Gold Coast

Core Specialist Group is a weight loss clinic on the Gold Coast. We opted for a clean and professional look with a blue and white colour scheme that conveys trust and efficiency. It’s designed for easy navigation, allowing users to quickly access services and contact information. The interface is straightforward, facilitating a hassle-free user experience.

Capital Metabolic in Canberra

Capital Metabolic in Canberra is also a weight loss clinic. This medical website uses a combination of whites and soft greys with a touch of green for accents, creating a clean and modern aesthetic. 

Visuals play a significant role, with a large image of one of the bariatric surgeons dominating the homepage. This design choice promotes a sense of personal attention and care. Overall, the site projects a professional and inviting atmosphere, aimed at establishing a connection with visitors by highlighting personalised healthcare services.

Obesity Surgery WA

For this bariatric surgery practice, Obesity Surgery WA in Perth, we created a full content marketing strategy. Supported by data and keyword research, our process resulted in content that is optimised for the patients’ Google searches. The outcome of the strategic work: a full online profile for the practice: a new website, two social media profiles and a YouTube channel.

Visit Obesity Surgery WA or find a quick summary of the work we did here

TeenTime Bariatrics

For TeenTime Bariatrics, we took a different approach. This particular bariatric surgery practice focuses on teenagers and their parents, and on education about obesity surgery.

The starting point here was the fact that many teenagers and parents have not heard about options for weight loss surgery available from the age of 16.

bariatric surgery marketing for TeenTime Bariatrics - Digital Practice

Advance Surgical

Advance Surgical is a boutique bariatric surgery practice that has been applying Digital Practice strategies for many years.

From the setup and creation of the website, social media profiles and YouTube channel, all the way to creating a highly successful email marketing funnel.

Visit Advance Surgical or find a quick summary of the work we did here

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Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

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