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Chiropractor marketing is a competitive area and getting more patients is no longer about advertising the commodity of your services. We help you build a brand and communicate your vision with the community so you keep growing your returning patient numbers.
Why choose an agency that is specialised in marketing for chiropractors?

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The pitfall with marketing for chiropractors appears when you have been struggling to maintain your patient numbers or to grow your practice. We apply patient search behaviour data, to map what patients search for. Across areas ranging from back and neck pain to soft tissue therapy, laser treatments and posture problems, we analyse the Google searches in your local market. Working with a specialist agency means that your team understands chiropractic. We ask the right questions about your business goals, we help you organise the information on your website and social media accounts and we look at your brand so it attracts the right patients.

As an expert agency in chiropractic marketing, we focus on growing your practice as a business. The program we create consists of business planning brand positioning, online
marketing and always starts with detailed market analysis data.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"Data-driven content marketing is relatively new and ties into the maturity of artificial intelligence in Google’s search engines. It means that Google only ranks quality content, and our market analysis tells us which chiropractic marketing content is in high demand. That is how we build an effective strategy for you that brings in patients."

We start with an in-depth discovery process so we learn more about your practice, the community, your business culture and your goals. Then we define high-impact action steps to grow your patient numbers: updating your website, rebranding if necessary, optimising your content for Google search, considering Google Ads and a plan for social media marketing, email marketing or video marketing, depending on your situation and ambitions.
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Chiropractic marketing services

Some customers will tell us that they only know one thing about online marketing for chiropractors: they expect it will bring in more patients. If that’s you, book your free 1:1 Zoom strategy session and we will explore your options together.

Website design for chiropractors

Your website has a key function in your business: in an ideal world, it attracts pre-qualified patients. It keeps them on your web pages long enough to get to know you and to take the next step: a booking. A chiropractic marketing agency looks at the soul of your practice, the culture it nurtures and the vision it has for the patient. The next important step is to integrate the design and development process in a content marketing strategy, so you have a design that inspires trust, and content that works for you.

Content creation for chiropractic practices

Chiropractic content is educational. It helps patients understand the musculoskeletal system, and the treatment types you offer as a chiropractor. We specialise in content that creates results, based on two pillars: Every paragraph is based on data, so we integrate the most commonly used Google search terms strategically across the content. In addition, we avoid doctor-speak and make it as human and palatable as possible. The patient wants to feel that you care. Emotive content uses subtle story-telling techniques and a patient-oriented tone-of-voice.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for chiropractic practices

SEO for chiropractors is often misunderstood as a technical IT job. It’s not. Optimising your content for Google is best seen as optimising it for the patient in a way that Google can detect. For the team here at Digital Practice, it means using detailed local market research and our overall experience with chiropractic marketing, so every page is geared to create results. It attracts traffic, presents essential information in a palatable, clear and educational way, and guides the visitor toward high levels of trust and rapport. In other words, they are ready to make a booking.

Social media marketing for chiropractors

We offer dedicated and customised social media services for your chiropractic clinic. It means that we map your key services, and build a patient-oriented story around your main income avenues. The social media posts we create for you are scheduled to drive additional traffic to the main content pages on your website, so you get additional referrals, amplified word-of-mouth promotion in the suburbs around your clinic, and a leadership status because you share valuable and professional content.

Email marketing for chiropractors

Digital Practice has created a unique email funnel marketing technique to start new conversations with prospective patients. It means that we look beyond the increase in traffic and visitor numbers: what you want is conversions so you can grow your practice and create an ongoing lead generation system.

Online advertising for chiropractors

Chiropractor marketing can be linked with Google Ads and Facebook Ads, so you drive additional traffic to your website with pay-per-click campaigns. Bear in mind that ads are like renting property, whereas building strong organic content gives you the benefit of compound interest in visibility: the longer your excellent content pages are in place, the more traffic they generate without you paying for ads. If you are ready to make the most of both, book a free 1:1 call so we can discuss the perfect mix for your practice.
5 Easy tips to boost your chiropractic practice

Chiropractic marketing ideas

#1 Build a brand for your chiropractic practice

Chiropractic allows you to build a strong brand. The manipulation of your spine and muscles is only one part of the story. The brand story can be built around the research that underpins your treatment packages, or we can help you brand your clinic based on the patient experience: the service you offer, the genuine care offered by the team, the holistic or multi-disciplinary approach that benefits the patient.

#2 Target the right type of patients

Targeting the right patients with your communication is critical, to focus your energy and to give direction to your growth strategy. Age, demographics and sociographics are at play, and if you can do an exercise around values, it will help you, even more, when you describe and visualise the ideal patient for your chiropractic clinic.

#3 Create a Google My Business profile

Your clinic is seen by Google as a business and your ‘Google My Business’ is your account with Google that contains your business details. If you haven’t claimed it or updated it, take a moment to make sure your address details are accurate, and check your opening hours, Covid-19 measures and notifications, so your profile reinforces the information on your website rather than contradicting it.

#4 Discover topics and check what your competitors are doing

Keep an eye on topics that are published worldwide in the field of chiropractic. What are thought leaders saying on their LinkedIn profiles? What are the societies saying in their news sections? Use a simple tool like Google Alert to get notified, and check the topics you could weave into your own marketing to build a richer and more personable profile.
Chiropractor marketing company | Digital Practice

#5 Don’t compromise on image quality

We all know that images are essential. When you use them, choose images of the highest quality. Sloppy image quality results in pixellated and blurry images and it suggests that you are not that professional. Make sure you find a good balance between high resolution and low filesize so your website doesn’t slow down.
Examples of chiropractic website design

Marketing agency for chiropractors

Burswood Health

The multidisciplinary clinic Burswood Health projects an image of holistic care and builds on decades of experience. An extensive set of pages and blogs is put in place to educate the patient on a wide variety of conditions and treatment options. The visual and verbal tone-of-voice illustrates the vision the clinic owners have, to offer the highest level of care in a combined setting with Occupational Therapists and Podiatrists.

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Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

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