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Specialists in private practice are now able to transform their business results thanks to our Business Development Partnership Program. It has been designed with the VMO and Practice Manager in mind, to empower them in the area of digital marketing and business growth.
A workshop program to boost business development for private practices

Digital marketing for hospitals

It’s a typical conversation between a hospital executive and a surgeon or specialist: What will the hospital do to get me more patients? In our changing private health landscape, resilient private practices can’t afford to just sit and wait. Patient choice and competition are real. That is why – since 2016, Digital Practice has developed unique and customised programs for hospitals, in particular for Business Development Directors.
Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"Our workshops cover essential topics for specialists in private practice, with a focus on digital marketing. How to transform your practice so you don’t rely on GP referrals alone? Dozens of specialists have been able to double their business volume applying our proven strategies."

The program consists of webinar workshops. We tailor the program to your hospital so a convenient time is selected to plan live Masterclasses with limited seats. Active participation enhances learning and we customise the program so it meets the specific goals of your hospital and the group of participating specialists.
Case Study: 10x more visibility and 2x turnovers

Case study hospital business development

In one Australian private hospital, our dedicated program covered a number of workshops to educate specialists about the power of Content Marketing. As a result, a vast number of private practices started working with Digital Practice and started growing their practice in unprecedented ways.

One year after launching their new websites and strategies, the Case Study for this one hospital shows spectacular results for a cluster of 22 doctors in private practice. Tenfold (10x) the visibility compared to when we started, for essential online searches into services and procedures the hospital offers. This now represents about 2,000 enquiries per month (via phone and email) based on the Digital Practice strategies, just for one hospital. They are hot leads because all content is based on research.

Why this unique new marketing method creates hot leads

The failproof data that underpins every page on every new website that we build comes directly from local market research. Patient Search Behaviour Data gives us detailed insights into what patients search for. We build the content pages with that data in mind, to only attract relevant visitors: potential future patients with a genuine health concern who are looking for a specialist.

More visibility: More top-3 positions in Google search

The cluster of 22 specialists that we monitored for this Case Study occupied 196 Google top 3 positions for relevant conditions or treatments. Half of them were actually number 1 positions on Google search for a variety of specialties from bariatric surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, to plastic surgery and gastroenterology.
Hospital business development strategies | Digital Practice

More traffic: More patients who find the hospital’s surgeons

The increased visibility, and the top positions in Google for all this local traffic from patients and GPs, trigger another set of data that the hospital benefits from. Traffic to an average cluster of 10 Digital Practice websites increases by a 10x factor in just 12 months time. We now have more traffic for relevant searches, documented by keyword research, for all participating specialists.

More hot leads: 2,000 enquiries per month

The data we measure only covers email enquiries and this group of clinics attracted about 300 hot leads (patient enquiries) per month. Email enquiries are known to be only 15% of medical website enquiries and that brings us to a volume of 2,000 enquiries per month.
Hospital business development strategies | Digital Practice

It all starts with education

Most specialist doctors we meet want this type of predictable growth for their practice. Either because they want more business, a bigger team, more peace of mind, or because they are expanding into a group and want to prepare their exit strategy. The systemised proven growth model we implement for VMOs directly benefit your Business Development bottom line as a hospital.
What this means for your hospital

hospital business development strategies

The program itself consists of a standalone or a series of webinars. We cover the basics of Content Marketing and Digital, with modules to discuss AHPRA-compliance, effective use of social media, the importance of brand positioning, the use of Google Ads or email and LinkedIn strategies to reach out to GPs. Thanks to the unique and easy-to-implement program, your VMOs get quality education at their fingertips, provided by an experienced and respected provider. We build a custom program of Workshop Webinars or Masterclasses depending on the size of your team pr specific business objectives. It allows you to offer value to your current and future VMOs. The program is an answer to the returning questions about advertising, marketing, promotion and marketing you get from surgeons and specialists.
About Kris Borgraeve

Author hospital business development

Workshop facilitator Kris Borgraeve started as a television journalist and news anchor in Belgium in 1998. In 2005, he specialised in medical content and online media production, producing documentaries and newsreels on the latest developments in nephrology, cardiology and haematology. From that came the inspiration for Digital Practice, an integrated media and content marketing agency for specialist doctors. Kris shares palatable technical insights about marketing and offers a step-by-step approach to doctors and practice managers who want to build an effective online presence. Change the dynamics of your Business Development strategy for your VMOs and plan a Zoom call with Kris, to go over the growth opportunities for your specialists in your catchment area.
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hospital business development

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Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

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Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

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