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As a doctor marketing becomes relevant when you look at your medical practice as a business. Digital Practice creates solid results with effective and data-driven content marketing for physicians and general practitioners.
Why choose a digital agency that is specialised in marketing for doctors?

Why marketing for physicians?

Marketing for doctors has long been confused with plain advertising. Yet, in some jurisdictions, legal restrictions apply to the types of messaging you can publish, broadcast, stream or post. Choosing a digital agency that specialises in marketing for doctors gives your practice a tremendous headstart: you now have a strategic advantage because we collect and analyse patient behaviour data, for a wide variety of medical Google searches.

In other words: when you choose an agency that specialises in medical content, the content we use to build your marketing profile is based on data. Doctors who work with Digital Practice, gain a deeper understanding of the patient journey: from searching for information about a symptom to checking out and comparing clinics and individual doctors.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"The spectacular results we achieve with internet marketing for physicians are there because we specialise in medical. The data about local health-related Google searches in your area are a game-changer. It helps us multiply your online visibility and attract more patients to your practice website."

When we work together to grow your practice in an unprecedented way, we use our proven methodology to assess your visibility. Whatever your current needs, we look at growth opportunities: replacing your website, updating your content for more visibility, regular SEO updates, or implementing video marketing, social media campaigns or Google Ads.
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Marketing services for doctors

Website design and development for general practitioners and physicians

Doctors tend to underestimate the importance of their website and its potential to define the success of your practice. Word-of-mouth is one thing in marketing for GPs, and yet the first impression you leave when patients land on your website is also a defining factor when we look at your patient numbers. This is particularly true in case you want to serve a specific demographic, or specialise in certain areas of general practice such as women’s health.

Content marketing for doctors

Patients are interested in content, not ads. That is the starting point of a content marketing strategy. It means that we research what patients search for in your catchment area. Since we specialise in marketing for doctors, our team builds on years of experience. The tools we use allow us to measure search volumes which we then use to produce your content. The content is what makes you rank high in local Google searches, and it also helps patients choose your practice as their trusted family practice.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for general practitioners and physicians

SEO is an often overused word to talk about ways to make you rank higher. It will not come as a surprise that Google has refined its artificial intelligence over the years so it can no longer be tricked into ranking poor-quality content. In other words, the evolution is that Google gets better and better at distinguishing which physician, which general practitioner in your area, has better content. That is why we optimise from the start – as we build your strategy, your content and your new website.

Social media marketing for doctors

Marketing for doctors, General Practitioners and Physicians is about amplifying word-of-mouth in your community. Once you know what type of brand image you want, we develop a strategy and highly effective content to populate your Facebook and Instagram feed. We have a golden rule in social media marketing for physicians: your social media content needs to drive traffic to your website so it actually converts leads into new patients. Instagram marketing for doctors should never be about the hype of doing what everyone is doing. We make it about connecting with the members of your community to start new conversations.

Email marketing for general practitioners and physicians

When you want to see more conversions happening after you have published quality content, we can implement a funnel so more patients take the next step. Our data shows that once a patient starts engaging with your physicians or the receptionist at your practice, the booking is almost a given. Speak to us about customising a funnel so it leverages the strengths of your practice and gives you a competitive edge in the area.

Online advertising for doctors

After we have put in place a system to make you rank higher with Content Marketing, there is a fast track you can add to your strategy: Using Google Ads or Facebook Ads. You pay per click based on the daily budget you are willing to spend with Google, and we finetune your campaigns so they only address the right target audience, with the right keywords that make you show up in relevant searches.
5 easy tips to boost your general practice

Physician marketing ideas

#1 Create a Google My Business profile

Your Google My Business profile as a physician or general practitioner is pivotal. It’s an often underestimated digital asset and it can either add to your growth or damage your practice. Your business profile with Google contains opening times and location details and if the information is not up-to-date, you are at risk of causing frustration, anger and maybe even health risks if someone shows up based on inaccurate opening hours. Other areas of the profile to keep up-to-date would be your phone number and the latest applicable pandemic restrictions.

#2 Carve out your unique niche as a general practitioner

We have seen this marketing tip for doctors in action many times and it radically transforms the way you look at your practice if you are the owner. Branding, marketing and online content love it when you specialise. And even though you are a general practitioner, you may have a particular interest in women’s health, cosmetic procedures, travel vaccinations or sexual health issues. Whatever your angle, carving out your unique profile is an extremely powerful and proven way to build visibility and grow. Once you know your preferred areas, you simply produce optimised content for them and you will start ranking higher than your colleagues who don’t have a niche.

#3 Partner with the locals

Another success tactic for physicians or GPs is to inspect their potential partnerships. If your clinic is surrounded by other small businesses, why not explore the synergies? The pharmacy around the corner, the local accountant or physio,… all have social media profiles, so why not start exchanging information. Tap into their network. Share your mental health week post with them, see if some of the content you post can also go on their channels. Create some local buzz so your community knows that you have something in common: you are all here to help the locals. Giving attention to the other businesses around you definitely creates some reciprocity, so why not start right away and take the lead?

#4 Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

It has been thoroughly researched in the past and we see it across dozens and dozens of strategies we manage: patients use their phones to read up on health concerns while on the move. Even at home, when they need a doctor, their phone is the starting point and the web browser is the place where they look for information or availability. Why does this matter? If your website is not truly responsive (fully adapted to display the information in a user-friendly manner on any type of device), you are losing patients.

#5 Improve your website’s speed

Images are great and we all know that having nice photos on your website adds value. The pitfall? Uploading images that are too large will slow down your website. This research will grab your attention: a 1-second loading delay can cause a 7% loss in conversions. A 1.5-second delay means that you lose every 10th patient. To put it more bluntly, you are leaving 10% of your turnover on the table. If you are keen to tackle this one straight away, check out our article about image size optimisation.

Examples of niche marketing for doctors

Marketing for doctors examples

The Woom

As a digital marketing agency for doctors, we are proud of this strategy for The Woom.
The women’s health physicians on this website are positioned as general practitioners, yet their profile is optimised for specific Google visibility around their particular interest: women’s health. Various rules and regulations apply in different jurisdictions in regards to calling yourself a specialist. A broadly accepted technique is to express your particular expertise as a general practitioner and that is how we build your visibility, once you have defined your niche.

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Marketing for doctors

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