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Our agency specialises in marketing for psychologists to grow your patient numbers. We collect and analyse detailed data about Google searches for psychology topics, and our content teams are qualified marketing experts and medical content writers.
Why choose an agency that is specialised in marketing for psychologists?

Why online marketing for psychologists?

It makes sense to see a specialist when you experience anxiety, depression or sleep problems, right? There’s a space for general practitioners to initiate the journey, yet you are the specialist who brings in advanced expertise.

The main reason why our customers get results from our approach is exactly the fact that we specialise. With years of experience in the creation of patient-oriented content, we know your industry. That is why working with a specialised agency like Digital Practice will power up your systemised marketing and create spectacular growth and results for many years to come.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve, co-founder Digital Practice

"Did you know that advanced digital marketing research now allows us to measure, analyse and monitor what patients google for in the field of psychology? Digital Practice generates this data for your market and builds content that brings in more patients."

Medical marketing needs a strategic approach instead of a scattered one, and that is how we help you grow your psychology practice. We help you match your business goals with the topics that are in high demand in patient search. To boost traffic to your website we can implement Google Ads, medical SEO, or use video and email marketing combined with a social media strategy.

In marketing for psychologists, there is only one effective approach: it’s the one where everyone focuses on increasing your business volumes and the quality of your new patient leads.

How can we help?

Marketing ideas for psychologists

Website design and development for psychologists

When you doubt the quality of your current psychology practice website, it may be time to reevaluate. The web evolves and so do consumer and patient expectations. It is literally your first impression and once your website is designed and developed to attract and convert, you will see a pattern of ongoing growth in your practice.

Content creation for psychologists

When we talk about content, we are referring to articles, pages, illustrations, perhaps even videos, and social media posts. The strategic content we produce for psychology practices conveys the message in a compassionate tone, so patients understand the medical information and feel a welcoming vibe. That’s how we build rapport and trust from the start.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) for psychology practices

In simple words, search engine optimisation is about producing great content. Its greatness lies in the fact that it clearly summarises facts and concepts about psychological treatments, conditions, symptoms and research, without overwhelming the patient or making them feel like a case rather than a human being. It means that this is not just about stuffing copy with keywords. It is about connecting with people through meticulously curated content that builds a connection and prompts the patient to take action (book an appointment with you).

Email marketing for psychology practices

Marketing for psychologists can integrate many different tactics and a simple email conversation funnel is a highly successful proven methodology that we offer as an add-on to your website. As soon as you engage in a short, meaningful conversation with a prospective patient, you increase the chances of conversion simply because there is a two-way process now. A successful funnel can add significant volumes of new patients, as our internal research shows.

Social media marketing for psychologists

Social media marketing always amplifies word-of-mouth in the local community and together with your team, we work out an editorial story that positions you in your catchment area. The more people associate you with psychological topics, the higher the likelihood they will think about you when a loved one mentions a problem. The custom content we create for your social media presence always aligns with data on the most common topics people search for and integrates local hashtags and topics that allow you to position yourself as a thought leader in psychology.

Online advertising for psychologists

The words ‘advertising’ and ‘marketing’ are often used in the same context and for some jurisdictions, there is no difference in terms of compliance. At Digital Practice, we define marketing as the organic content we put in place on your web pages, and advertising as paid campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads. We offer effective advertising strategies for your psychology practice to top up your organic traffic and generate additional patient leads for specific symptoms or conditions.
Discover how this psychology practice has skyrocketed

Psychology marketing case study

When we measure the impact of a Digital Practice strategy there are a number of key indicators. One is the customer telling us they are hiring more staff, expanding the number of clinics, purchasing bigger premises. Or telling us they have tripled their turnover in 2 years’ time. We love those stories because we are in the business of helping psychologists do business.

In this Digital Practice case study, we are targeting and tracking 6 very specific psychology keywords. They have been chosen based on the most commonly used search terms for items that were aligned with the customer’s business goals.

The results? 5 of those 6 have achieved a number one ranking on Google, the 6th one is ranking in position 2

Marketing for psychologists | Digital Practice

As you can see, on Oct 19 2021 – the day this page was published- all but 1 keyword are on the first spot in Google. The green digit shows the progress since we started tracking. For example “sleep disorders Perth” was on position 94 (about page 10 in Google) and jumped 93 positions to position 1.

Why is this such amazing news? Because the more position 1 rankings you have for the business avenues that you offer, the more visitors you will attract to a landing page on your website. Disclaimer: This only applies when the topics you are targeting are actually in demand and when you have solid data to underpin the selection of your main topics. If no one is looking for “blue apples”, you could be optimising for decades and not do business.

Marketing for psychologists | Digital Practice

The practice skyrocketed in terms of monthly website visitors. From under 600 to over 6,000, yes, that is tenfold! Over 90% is organic traffic and purely based on content that was produced based on patient search behaviour data in psychology collated over the years in this local market.

Marketing for psychologists | Digital Practice
Imagine what this type of visibility boost for your practice could do. Marketing for psychologists is not about applying a template taken from an agency that also does shoes, candy and pet food. It takes expertise and strategic thinking by a team of professionals to create this kind of result. We strongly believe that the best first step is to help you truly understand how Google traffic works and how it defines the success of your online marketing. If you want to find out more, check out our blog post ‘Three reasons why your website is not ranking on Google’. Alternatively, book a free 1:1 consult with Kris and take a moment to discuss your potential business growth as a psychologist in private practice.
Psychology websites

Examples of psychology websites and marketing

Jeffery & Ree

Jeffery & Ree Clinical Psychologists is a boutique psychology practice with a high leadership profile in the local market. The success of this strategy is built on a smooth integration of tactics: Google-optimised articles that actually help the patient understand common conditions. A reassuring and clear brand story. A blog that adds valuable new information and updates.

Sleep Matters

Sleep Matters Insomnia Solutions targets a niche in psychology and focuses on sleep problems. The more your online presence specialises, the more you can stand out of the competition in Google searches with dedicated quality content. The sleep-related content is supported by a blog, telling Google that fresh and up-to-date content is being added on a regular basis.

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Marketing for psychologists

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Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

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