Social Media for doctors in private practice

Social Media

We help you stand out on Facebook or Instagram so your practice gets more word-of-mouth exposure in your catchment area.
Custom social media posts

Social Media for doctors in private practice

You can use our expertise to get fully customised content for your social media presence. Every post is tailored to the unique needs of your patients.

First, we help you define your ideal patient audience. What conditions are they reading up on? What is the procedure or treatment that they are uncertain about? What information can we use to reassure, educate or prepare the patient?

Quite often, social media content is about the broader topic around your speciality. Diet, for example, if you are a bariatric surgeon. Exercise would be a good topic if you are a knee surgeon. Gut health comes to mind as a subject if you are a gastroenterologist.

We help you with an editorial topics list, to build your profile with educational content that resonates with your patients.

Why use social media

Social Media for doctors in private practice

Social media for your private health practice serves one purpose: your posts keep you top of mind.

That is how more people learn about your expertise and how you grow your influence in your catchment area.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve - Digital Practice Co-Founder

"Content is shared by existing patients who already follow you, and it motivates other people in the community to follow you when the content offers value and we learn from it."

We map your target audience. Depending on your specialty, we also map the topics that generate their interest. Then we produce the content so it becomes part of their online conversations, which brings them one step closer to becoming your next patient when they need your services.
Get strategic about social media

Social Media for doctors in private practice

Successful social media use as a doctor is not about random and scattered posts every now and then. We produce a consistent content plan for your Facebook and Instagram accounts, so you are seen as a leader. That is how your practice becomes part of conversations in your local community, and that is how we amplify your word-of-mouth referrals.
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Social Media for doctors in private practice

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