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5 Smart ways to use medical images online

As a doctor, wouldn’t you be tempted to fill up your online profile with theatre photos and images of your team in scrubs? Find out why it’s wise to look at these 5 smart ways to use medical and lifestyle images.

medical images

Smart ways to use medical images

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

Kris Borgraeve

July 18, 2023

An introduction to marketing images for doctors

marketing images

In this video, I will guide you through a live demo that shows you how patients experience your medical images and the photos on your website. We will then unpack 5 smart ways to use images in your private practice marketing.

#1 Make your images support the storyline

imagery in marketing

Imagery in marketing is crucial in making your medical marketing content captivating and memorable. Research shows that articles with relevant visuals receive 94% more views. Pairing information with images increases retention rates from 10% to 65%.

Why is imagery in marketing for healthcare relevant for your private practice? The retention rate of your website ties in with the impact your content has, helping you generate additional leads and referrals.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve | Co-founder Digital Practice

"When you discuss the content for your medical website, always bear in mind that your patients consume other content. They are used to web pages that evoke emotions, and that establish a connection through the use of images

Aesthetically pleasing visuals enhance engagement and encourage readers to explore further.
In your case, the storyline of your website should find a good balance between educating patients about conditions and treatments…and reassuring them. The main service a patient buys when they consult with a specialist doctor is care. Whilst staying in line with AHPRA’s advertising guidelines, you want to focus on the human side and the emotive storyline.

  • Talk about your particular intention and interest to help your patients to the best of your capabilities
  • Describe the efforts you and your team have made in the field of implementing the latest research or technology to organise your surgeries or treatments
  • Mention the level of care and support you offer, applicable to your patient’s journey, both in terms of educating and informing them, as well as in the field of support.

The images tell a story, and the more you can align your website images with the overall brand positioning of your practice, the more your web pages will work for you. Only then will your pages convey messages and leave a lasting impact with your potential referrers and new patients.

#2 Use images to increase readability

improve readability

Your medical images support the brand story of your website, and yet, they have other powers. One of their little-known superpowers is that they improve readability and the overall impact of your web pages.

As a doctor, you spend a lot of time explaining symptoms and conditions, detailing treatments and answering questions from patients. We know that a majority of patients will do a fair bit of googling on their patient journey.

Images play a crucial role in breaking up your text and improving your web page readability. A good text-image ratio ensures visual appeal and easy comprehension.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve | Co-founder Digital Practice

"This balance not only engages readers but also boosts Google Search visibility. Medical topics particularly benefit from images, as they make complex information more accessible and relatable."

Look at is this way. You want your practice to be a reliable, trustworthy and appealing option for as many patients as possible. Wouldn’t it make sense to convert your online presence into an engaging and informative environment for both prospective patients and referrers?

Choose friendly images that convey calm and confidence

#3 Check that each image builds more rapport

building rapport

When we talk about building rapport in our digital marketing workshops for doctors, I notice resistance.

It’s not a core topic in your medical training to become friends with patients. On the contrary.

So when we map the patient journey and discuss how and when it is possible to build rapport with a patient, we have to work through a tiny bit of resistance. That is fine.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve | Co-founder Digital Practice

"If the terminology does not work for you, try and replace building rapport by other objectives. Build trust, increase the clarity of your communication with the patient. Or better communication in general."

When we work together, we nurture a new mindset when we look at the online presence for a doctor or surgeon in private practice. Your website and your entire digital presence are no longer a static commodity. They are a living, dynamic and adaptive environment that helps you capture the patient’s attention when they are expressing a need for your services: the moment they start doing their Google Searches.

In the context of this new mindset, you would check each image and make sure that it

  • Is aligned with the core values of your practice
  • Reflects the culture of the hospital(s) you are associated with
  • Conveys reassuring emotions so your patients feel comfortable reading through your content

#4 Tap into the psychology behind visual language

visual language

The psychology behind the use of visual language on medical web pages goes beyond mere visual appeal. Colours play a significant role, as different hues can evoke specific emotions and influence user perception. Incorporating images that feature humans and genuine smiles adds a personal touch and enhances relatability, fostering a sense of connection with the audience.

Diversity in image choices is essential, as it reflects inclusivity and appeals to a broader range of individuals. Seeing people from various backgrounds and cultures in the photos on your website promotes a sense of representation and acceptance. Check in with the demographics of your catchment area and make sure your medical and lifestyle images reflect that diversity.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve | Co-founder Digital Practice

"Compared to technical and impersonal imagery, displaying humans in photos triggers a psychological response. We are inherently wired to seek social connections and relate to others. When we see people displayed in photos, it elicits emotions."

The emotions triggered by images on a medical website can be compared to what happens in advertising: We are talking about empathy and a sense of familiarity. This human element helps build trust, engages users, and encourages them to stay on the web page longer.

When you look into your online presence, make sure this is all part of the process your marketing agency proposes. The use of a quick template might take away the visual power of your medical website even before you launch it.

#5 Take a new look at your team photos

medical images

Medical team photos often cause headaches for practice managers. To align them with your other medical website images, let’s go over the challenges and shift the mindset around team pictures.

The obstacles and challenges with medical team photos:

  • It takes time and doctors are time-poor
  • It takes organisation to get everyone on site
  • People might be self-conscious about how they look
  • Team members can leave and then we need to start all over again

Here’s a quick summary of how we tackle the challenges with our customers and make sure that you use your medical team photos in an organised and systemised way.

Photography Brief: We start with outlining what your photos should convey. Depending on the demographics of your target patients and your catchment area, we will define the best brand positioning and the best approach for your team photos.

Individual Portraits: Make your photo shoot as future-proof as possible and avoid group photos. Individual portraits, if made professionally, can always be assembled into a virtual group, and chances are that you will only need and use individual photos anyway.

Tech Specs: Make sure that your photographer knows what the photos will be used for. Making photos for a high-quality medical website takes a particular approach, and our creative team will guide you through the process when you work with us. Common errors include photo shoots that lack natural energy, low resolution and cluttered backgrounds.

Next step

Questions about medical images?

medical images

Making strategic choices about your medical images is just one aspect of a future-proof marketing strategy for your private practice. Why not start with an obligation-free 1:1 session via Zoom? We can then go over the current situation of your online profile and give you a roadmap to a more sustainable, effective and compliant marketing plan.

medical images

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