Great healthcare websites

20 great healthcare websites with awe-inspiring designs

Are you redoing your healthcare website this year? We have compiled some of the most inspiring designs and we will also share one of the little-known secrets of effective and great healthcare websites.

Great healthcare websites

20 great healthcare websites with awe-inspiring designs

Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice

Els Van de Veire

November 8, 2023

Take a look at these awe-inspiring examples

Great healthcare websites and ideas

1. Pain Specialists Perth, pain clinic

Every Digital Practice website tells a story, and the newly designed Pain Specialists Perth website is no exception.

Logo design
The uniquely designed logo, designed by our team, is more than just a design. It tells a story: The smaller ‘Specialists Perth’ elegantly strikes through the dominant word ‘Pain’. At a glance, the word ‘Pain’ seems to be crossed out, symbolising relief and healing.

Navigation and usability
Navigation is a breeze. As you explore each page, topics remain conveniently visible in the left column, ensuring you can effortlessly scroll through various sections without losing context.

Choice of colours
The chosen palette of mineral green and dark salmon not only complements each other perfectly but also evokes feelings of trust, kindness, and friendliness. This choice sets a warm and welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

No boring images
Images? They’re nothing short of art. While sourced from premium collections, each picture is uniquely processed, giving it an artistic touch reminiscent of fine paintings. Adding to the site’s authenticity and credibility, the first-class portraits of the doctor play a pivotal role. They not only enhance aesthetics but also significantly influence how patients perceive the brand.

Experience it for yourself and discover a blend of function, art, and meaning at Pain Specialists Perth.

2. The Foot & Ankle Centre Perth, orthopaedic surgeons

Choice of colours: The warm orange accents against a calm blue background provide an inviting and energetic feel, capturing attention while still maintaining a professional tone appropriate for a foot and ankle surgeon’s website.

Navigation and usability: The navigation is intuitive, with clear calls-to-action like ‘Contact’ and ‘Book’ buttons that stand out and guide the user towards the next steps. The information is accessible, indicating a seamless user experience.

Design: The design showcases a personal touch with a professional portrait, which may help in building an immediate connection with potential patients. The content layout is organised, enabling easy reading and engagement with the site.

If you would like a medical website that stands out, get in touch with Digital Practice. With designs nominated for the Australian Web Awards, your practice will boast a cutting-edge online presence that not only reflects your professional excellence but also engages and retains patients with its user-friendly and innovative features. Get in touch today.

3. Core Specialist Group Gold Coast, weight loss surgeons and upper GI surgery

Colour choice: The soothing blue palette conveys trust and calmness, which is essential for a medical website. It gives a sense of professionalism and serenity, suggesting that patients’ needs will be handled with care.

Navigation and usability: The website layout is clear and user-friendly, with well-defined sections for weight loss clinic, general surgery, and other services. The top navigation bar is straightforward, making it easy for visitors to find the information they need without confusion.

Design: The design is sleek and modern, with a clean interface that allows users to focus on the important information without being overwhelmed by unnecessary elements. The use of images and whitespace is balanced, creating a welcoming environment.

If you are starting up in private practice or you need a website revamp like Core Specialist Group, please get in touch with Digital Practice. Contact us here. 

4. Dr Alex Koefman, neurosurgeon Brisbane

Dr Alex Koefman’s website is eye-catching, to say the least. As a matter of fact, this neurosurgeon’s website doesn’t look like a doctor’s website at all. And that’s the power of this esthetically pleasing and classy medical web design example. It goes without saying that we are extremely pleased to showcase our latest portfolio strategy.

Why is this ‘medical web design’ next level? Well, pay attention to this:

  • Fonts: beautiful use of thin and regular, classy fonts
  • Animation: check the subtle animated web design elements. Refresh the homepage and check the logo in the top left corner
  • Photography: never take photography for granted when you consider redesigning your website. Dr Koefman’s About images are simply stunning and professional
  • Images: have you ever seen this type of imagery on a medical website? I don’t think so (just my two cents). Animated too. Aren’t they a game-changer in how doctors get information across? [Example Sciatica page: scroll down to the middle of the page]
  • Black and white: classy simplicity, inspired by Apple. Do you agree? A simple white background and black fonts, contrasted with a limited number of bright pink elements
  • Professional videography: these are not just piece-to-camera videos, they are next-level, well-scripted videos to encourage patients to read through or get in touch
  • Educational content: the content on Dr Koefman’s website is phenomenal, but overall it is laid out in such a way that it doesn’t scare away patients who don’t like reading a lot, thanks to the FAQs

5. Wesley Hyperbaric, HBOT centre in Brisbane

I just love how Wesley Hyperbaric had the audacity to choose a non-medical colour palette for its new website. They’ve got blues, yellow and pink and the combination looks stunning, welcoming and different. 

Why is this a great healthcare website? 

  • The content is crystal clear; HBOT is quite a difficult concept to explain but Wesley Hyperbaric nails it and makes it easy to understand,
  • The images are well-chosen and add value to the content,
  • It’s easy to make an online appointment or call the centre

6., Belgian society of urologists

Even when you don’t master Dutch, you can see that the designers and developers of the Belgian Society for Urologists have created a website that not only looks good but is also user-friendly, informative and easy to navigate. 

Why is this a great healthcare website? 

  • Modern and sophisticated design,
  • A colour scheme that reflects professionalism and expertise,
  • Easy to navigate for members and non-members,
  • Intuitive user interface.

7. Pulse on care, medical software is a medical application that focuses on the delivery of hospital care. Its aim is to empower caregivers and managers to provide safer, more efficient care, and ultimately have a greater impact on patient satisfaction. 

Why is this a great healthcare website? 

  • From a content perspective, the message is crystal clear,
  • The colour choice and design elements are contemporary and stylish,
  •  This website replaces the PowerPoint presentation: each section tells the story of,
  • All features are beautifully explained

8. Dr Andrew Hadj, plastic surgeon Brisbane

Across my career in digital marketing, I have seen examples of plastic surgery marketing that makes me want to stay away from promoting cosmetic surgery altogether. Some websites openly breach the applicable advertising regulations, look cheap and only seem to focus on getting full theatre lists, no-matter-what. 

If you are a plastic surgeon reading this, and you feel the same about some of your colleagues’ marketing techniques, you will not be disappointed when you check out the work we did for Dr Andrew Hadj, a plastic surgeon in Brisbane. Medically accurate, stylish images, a lovely colour palette, … In short, this website breathes class and style. With AHPRA-compliant content, we aim to attract men and women who believe cosmetic surgeons are not cowboys.

Why is this a great example of plastic surgery marketing? 

  • AHPRA-compliant: No information or images that might mislead the patient. 
  • Animations: Check the subtle animated hexagon image in the background
  • Photography: Beautiful and stylish ‘About’ images are used across the website. The surgeon is shown as an approachable person.
  • Educational content: The key component to rank well in the search engines is quality content.
  • Blog section: Magazine-style blog articles that are updated every month.
  • SEO strategy: Getting full theatre lists can be achieved in many different ways. Adding monthly content updates, we build a sustainable SEO strategy that continuously nurtures practice growth.

9. Melbourne Mothers, obstetrician-gynaecologist Melbourne

Melbourne Mothers’ medical website not just looks eye-popping, it delivers well on the content marketing side of things too. 

What we love about this medical website design:

  • Colour scheme: soft colours (white, light grey and salmon backgrounds colours)
  • Fonts: dark purple title font, contrasting beautifully with the background colours
  • Animations: subtle animated elements. Have you discovered the animated blobs?
  • Table of contents: check the ‘on this page’ section and discover how it moves whilst your scroll down
  • Call-to-action: every page has 5 built-in contact options above the fold. Let’s unpack this statement: without having to scroll on a desktop computer, patients have 5 different contact opportunities on each content page

The Melbourne Mothers website was nominated for the Australian Web Awards 2022. The Australian Web Industry Association champions technical excellence across all digital disciplines in the web industry and it has been a great honour to be one the five finalists in the Health category. 

10. JOGG, Joondalup Obstetrics & Gynaecology Group

Here’s another example of a great OB-GYN marketing campaign. 

In this day and age women are busier than ever. They are juggling careers and families, and other responsibilities. The need for convenience has changed the way obstetricians-gynaecologists connect with prospective patients.

This is what JOGG is all about: this modern private practice offers remote foetal monitoring services, telehealth appointments and after hours and weekend services. These points of difference are highlighted on the homepage and every other content page.

This medical website also has a strong “Insta” feel. Its design attracts the younger generations without scaring away the older audience.

Do you like what you see? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

11. Dr Mark Hurworth, orthopaedic surgeon Perth

Dr Mark Hurworth is an orthopaedic surgeon in Perth, involved in groundbreaking research. He’s also big on the topic of ‘not operating’ or avoiding orthopaedic surgery and recovery after surgery. The homepage reflects all of that and more.

We love the submenu on the homepage where patients can choose between hip, knee or shoulder surgeries, and depending on their choice they get to see a range of conditions. 

The colours are soft but not cheesy. The images are well chosen. The site is easy to navigate. Mark Hurworth’s website is another beautiful example of how medical web design and medical content marketing go hand in hand. 

12. Advance Surgical, bariatric surgeons Perth

The first thing that strikes you as a visitor (a patient who may look into surgery), is how positive this healthcare website design is. It uses attractive images of the surgeon on the hospital ward, blended with before-and-after images from real patients. The design excels at lead generation through a unique funnel strategy. The profile is made up of educational, optimised and keyword-rich content. In addition, it offers transparent information on fees and costs. Spot the way the menu is always available, and how it reappears when you start scrolling up again. Those design techniques enhance the user experience and support the conversion power of your healthcare website.

This website is also SEO-optimised. Almost every keyword that we marked as important is in Google’s Top 3 ranking position. A built-in web funnel keeps feeding this bariatric surgery clinic with fresh leads. 

Does this sound like music to your ears? Get in touch to learn more about our medical marketing strategies. 

13. Dr Diane Hastrich, breast surgeon Perth

When you are confronted with breast cancer, one of your main concerns is to understand your condition. A second expectation is obviously trust. This website for breast surgeon Dr Diana Hastrich contributes to both. It clarifies the diagnostic assessment process and it provides realistic information on what patients can expect from their surgery. Writing with the patient in mind not only gives a better service: it also helps patients stay on your website and choose you. The beautiful images of the surgeon, and the use of credible patient pictures, are two other success components that turn this website into a powerful medical marketing tool.

14. Dr Weranja, urologist Melbourne

Whether you have a kidney, prostate or bladder condition, you will find tons of information on this beautiful medical urology website. Urologist and uro-oncologic surgeon Dr Weranja prides himself in offering educational content to his patients. The design uses tabs to keep some of the information hidden until patients open the tab: a smart way to show Google that it is all there, whilst keeping it palatable and neat for the user. This healthcare website deserves to be called awe-inspiring because of its comprehensive content strategy and thanks to the beautiful colour scheme, fonts and imagery.

15. TeenTime Bariatrics, bariatric surgery Perth

great healthcare websites

What a classy look! This educational portal about teenage obesity and bariatric surgery for teens is simply stunning. With a beautiful colour scheme, a clever logo, beautiful fonts and educational content, this healthcare website aims to inform parents and teenagers about childhood obesity. The navigation is logical and it is easy to contact the practice from any page.

16. The Royal Adelaide Hospital

The Royal Adelaide Hospital website is not your typical hospital website. The content structure is user-friendly. This means it’s easy to navigate and not overwhelming. The colour scheme is beautiful and sophisticated. RAH simply shows that hospital websites don’t have to be boring or look like any other hospital website.

17. Complete Implant & Sedation Dentistry

Complete Implant & Sedation Dentistry is a Perth-based dental implant practice, known for its outstanding surgical experience. To match the clinic’s reputation, we developed a website with a clear, contemporary design. Bright – white – and a touch of gold. 

18. Dr Sven Goebel, shoulder surgeon Perth

Dr Sven Goebel is a knee and shoulder surgeon in Perth who doesn’t shy away from using bright colours. Using lime green/yellow is a perfect way to stand out in the crowd. 

Why is this a great healthcare website? 

  • Contemporary design,
  • Stylish use of animated elements,
  • Easy to navigate, and easy to contact the practice,
  • Interactive elements such as the questionnaire to learn whether you can avoid surgery or not.

19. Dr Brian Ang, eye surgeon Melbourne

Dr Brian Ang is one of Melbourne’s leading eye surgeons specialised in cataract surgery and glaucoma treatment. With clever use of sliders, Dr Ang shows members of the public how these diseases impact your vision. Take a look at the impactful welcome section of the homepage – a simple animation starting with blurred vision, and transitioning to a pixel-sharp image. Dr Brian Ang’s website focuses on helping patients understand their options. This content marketing strategy is a win-win, as high-quality educational content helps Dr Ang to rank higher in the search engines. 

20. Queensland Hand Surgery, hand surgeon Brisbane

Colours: Queensland Hand Surgery‘s website uses vibrant pink and navy blue colours, providing a dynamic and modern contrast, which is eye-catching and suggests a blend of innovative care with professional expertise.

Navigation and usability: There is a consistent and easy-to-understand navigation system that simplifies the user journey through the site. The hamburger menu on the mobile version is a good touch for streamlined browsing.

Design: The design emphasises the personal approach with images that highlight the doctor and the human aspect of care. The site is visually appealing with a clean layout, making it inviting for users to explore more about the services offered.

All Digital Practice websites maintain a distinctive approach, focusing on the individuality of the practitioners and their practices. They provide an engaging digital presence that emphasises personal connection, professional assurance, and ease of access. Get in touch today.

We love to inspire you

More great healthcare websites

Great healthcare websites don’t just look great. They create great results. When you ask anyone on the Digital Practice team what that means, you will hear about exceptionally high visibility, dozens of Page 1 rankings in Google search for local search, and turnover increases of up to +200% after implementing the strategies behind these stunning designs. If you are looking for specific examples in obstetrics, orthopaedics, bariatrics, or your own specialty, check out our Who We Help page dedicated to the specialties we serve. And even if your specialty is not listed, we still can help you.

This article was updated on 8 November 2023 by Els Van de Veire. Originally posted on 30 October 2021.

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Great healthcare websites

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