remove negative reviews

Webinar: How to remove a review?

Subscribe now for our webinar on 1 or 3 March if you have been looking to remove negative reviews on Google. It’s a common question and we will show you a failproof strategy to avoid reputation damage. 

remove negative reviews

Webinar: How to remove a review?

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

Kris Borgraeve

February 16, 2022

What you will learn

medical webinar

In the free webinar on 1 March, and the re-run on Thursday 3 March 2022, we will cover the use of a sustainable content marketing strategy to soften the blow of any negative reviews you may receive.

We will cover the legal side of things, the procedures that Google has put in place to tackle scammers and spammers.

And most importantly, we will talk about what I demonstrate in the video below, the focus on controlling what shows up on ‘Google’s page 1’ when patients are doing a search for your practice. 

The importance of reputation management

Reputation management

There used to be a time when doctors had an excellent reputation and it was contained in the space of word-of-mouth. With over 50% of patients doing an online search, the damage of two comments by total strangers – who might not even be patients, can be tremendous. 

Managing your online reputation is not just about having your lawyer’s business card ready though.

What you really want is peace of mind, no? You want to feel that you have done everything to protect your reputation.

You want your communication partners to handle your online profile in a way that almost makes the occasional grumpy comment dilute.

That is where reputation management meets content marketing. This needs a broader strategic approach so your focus is not just to remove negative reviews.

What is content marketing?

content strategies for doctors

Content marketing in the field of healthcare is a strategic approach to what the patient sees. It’s not the job of an IT person. It’s not a quick programming job.
Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve | Co-founder Digital Practice

"What it boils down to is organising relevant and essential information that patients actually google for, in a way that helps Google find you."

The result: you are represented by content that you control, not by the snippets and posts that ended up online and stayed there for years, without you being able to influence them. 

Why choose a medical marketing agency?

why medical marketing

It takes a 360-degree vision to fully grasp what is happening in your practice. It also takes a holistic view to understand the medical and business aspects of your practice. That is the mission of every team member here at Digital Practice. 

We help leading doctors use the power of digital content to navigate the changes in the market, with a strong and robust profile that is resilient to the occasional comment that lands on a profile or a forum.

We give you peace of mind because we put in place a system that creates the visibility that you need, with an overwhelmingly positive story that hooks the visitor and converts leads into new patients. From experience, the obsession of our customers to remove negative reviews disappears as soon as their online profile is robust, up-to-standards and futureproof.


Webinar: 1st and 3d March, 6 pm AEST, 3 pm AWST

webinar about google reviews

Give yourself the present of resilience or ask your practice manager to attend. Your private practice will not rely on luck when it comes to dealing with reviews, simply because you will understand how content marketing works. Book your seat here for 1 March, or here for Thursday 3 March, and we’ll see you on one of those dates in our webinar space! 

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Table of Contents
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