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ChatGTP for Doctors: Are you ready?

Are you ready for a new voice in patient research? When patients mention that they have done their research, it often meant they had used Dr Google. What if tomorrow they had used ChatGTP or Bard and the bot gave them a diagnosis? Beyond that upcoming shift, there are more things you can do to be ready for ChatGTP and Bard.

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ChatGTP for doctors and how to prepare for it

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

Kris Borgraeve

February 10, 2023

ChatGTP and Bard: Why doctors should know them

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In a nutshell, this is the essential new information that any doctor in private practice should be aware of.

ChatGTP has been all over the news in recent months as this chatbot that answers your questions. Artificial Intelligence that many of us have been playing around with without being able to predict how this will change online search.

New: ChatGTP will now be linked to Microsoft’s search engine Bing, and Google will launch its own chatbot Bard, to be built into Google Search.

Before we all start breathing faster, let’s put things in perspective and link this back to what you and I are focusing on: helping patients choose a specific private practice through content marketing.

Google search meets artificial intelligence


This is how Google visualised Bard for us this week. An answer to ChatGTP, which has been on the news almost every day and is now announced to become a Microsoft-Bing Ai tool. Google had to act, and it has:

What does Bard mean for you as a doctor? Making your content Bard and Google-friendly is a smart idea.

Why your medical website content is more important than ever

AI in Google Search

One of the first topics Google’s CEO mentions as he announces the implementation of their own AI bot into Google Search is helping doctors detect diseases earlier. We have known for a while that within Google Search, health-related information is crawled and inspected more intensely than other information types.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve | Co-founder Digital Practice

"Having good content online is going to remain the biggest currency in medical business development. Not advertising campaigns, social media stories or random blogs. Good content is built on market research, organised so consumers can digest it and optimised for the engines that decide how visual it will be."

What does this mean for your choices about web pages? It means that slowly, traditional web design workflows will no longer work for doctors. The introduction of more AI in Google Search means that the bots will quickly assess certain medical websites as empty boxes. If there is no substance, they will never attract online patient leads.

Building a cheap website with a basic services overview may look attractive as a business decision…In our daily work across medical specialty areas and across Australia, that data is telling us about the best marketing strategies for doctors.

It’s not the cheapest quote for a quick-and-dirty website. It’s not the attractive DIY website you and a cousin can build on a Sunday afternoon. It’s an operation that needs to be as intelligent as the artificial intelligence that will proofread, judge, evaluate and rank it in Google Search. Or not.

The link between Bard/ChatGTP and your web copy

how to write copy as a doctor

How to write copy as a doctor to appear on ChatGTP or Bard? Mmmm. I understand why some of you have asked me that. But it’s one bridge too far.

Bard and ChatGTP will provide conversational answers to questions drawing from knowledge and shamelessly repackaging it into the format of an almost-human live conversation. They won’t just copy-paste something off your website and tell the world that Dr X from Brisbane has all the answers. So let’s drop that question and focus on a more important one.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve | Co-founder Digital Practice

"Rather than dismissing this as a gadget for tech freaks, we owe it to ourselves as business owners to inspect this. Patients doing their research will now be learning from AI, picking up new terms, then Google again and as a result, your web copy has been given a new standard overnight: it must be adapted to the patient’s capacity to learn fast."

Say I start googling for information about losing weight. Imagine I am really only just starting my journey. ChatGTP and Bard will be able to give me bullet points, overviews, and quick summaries and from that, I may pick up new terms to google for: gastric sleeve, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric balloon, gastric bypass,…

I may then use my new vocabulary by doing a second round of searches and going through the content of my local bariatric surgeons. The first medical website that offers me intelligent content in line with what the bots have told me, will have my attention and I might stay with them if the content is also telling a personal story.

This is why as a doctor in private practice, your website copy and medical web content are more important than ever and why a monthly or quarterly revision of what you publish is critical if you don’t want to be left behind in online visibility, traffic, conversions and referral generation. If you have questions about how to write copy as a doctor, scroll down to book a free 1:1 Strategy Session and I will show you how it is done.

ChatGTP or Bard? In Australia, we notice a strong market presence for Google as the dominating search engine. But those who remember Altavista and Yahoo will agree that things can change rapidly. The good news? Optimising for Google means that Bing will also pick up your content and that you shouldn’t worry too much about Google, Bing, ChatGTP and Bard as individual tools. It’s a mindset, not a system you are locked into.

Why content is like real estate

digital real estate

I like to think of optimised medical content (patient education) as digital real estate for doctors. Just like you would make choices about the quality level of your brick-and-mortar rooms and facilities, you can choose how your first impression will perform in the digital space.

I also like to use this comparison between social media content and website content:

Social Media Content: Is volatile and often one-off. Is no longer yours the moment you publish it on socials. Is subject to ever-changing algorithms defined by Meta and primarily focuses on making clickbait do its work: making people click. In other words, this content enters an ecosystem that is not necessarily about presenting the most accurate, valuable and palatable information for someone who is after health-related information.

Medical Website Content: Is solid if built on a future-proof website. Remains yours forever if you are the official owner of the website. Is built to grow in credibility over time as more users find the same page, click on it, stay on it and follow a call-to-action from that page, validating its usefulness and telling the search engine that it was a good idea to rank it high in the first place. Is modular and can expand to other pages and build a systemised predictable growth journey for your business.

If optimised medical content on your website is like a great investment in property, then social media content is the fancy apartment you rent for a holiday. In both cases, it depends on how you look at the way you have spent your money.

So here we are. ChatGTP for doctors will force us all to rethink the way we have optimised our content for Google and Bing.

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Getting ready for a whole new phase with your practice? If you are serious about your digital presence, let us know, book a free 1:1 Strategy Session and we can unpack the best possible medical marketing strategy depending on the life cycle of your practice and your business goals. We’re based in Perth and help doctors in private practice all around Australia.

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