medical website design

7 key elements for great medical website design

Great medical website design is about so much more than having a beautiful medical website. First impressions count and in this article, I go over 7 best practices to turn your average online presence into a great one.
medical website design

7 key elements for great medical website design

Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice

Els Van de Veire

November 9, 2021

#1 Make a great first impression

First impression website

First impressions can make or break an opportunity – in your case to make this patient choose you as their specialist. A medical website is the extension of a brick-and-mortar location. If your website were to look outdated or amateurish, patients might qualify your entire practice as unprofessional too!

Great medical website design is about consistent colours and fonts, sure. But there is so much more: the images, the functionality, the simplicity of the design, and the level of credibility. These aspects all contribute to a good first impression and to great medical website design that creates results.

Check out our extensive portfolio. Or discover a range of beautiful medical websites in this article. We have also created a collection on Pinterest to inspire you.

#2 Deliver clear information in a palatable way

Medical content marketing

Your medical website is more than a business card. Your website is a source of information for existing and prospective patients. Your website is a way to showcase your expertise in the conditions that you treat and in the procedures you have specialised in.

Most of our clients choose an educative angle to communicate with their patients on the topic of their most important treatments. Take a look at Urologist Dr Weranja’s website. Or discover how this plastic surgeon educates his patients and quite often, visitors who are still in the process of choosing a surgeon.

#3 Invest in high-quality imagery

Great medical photography

Website photography is often underestimated when doctors decide to build a new medical website. When it’s about that first impression as a surgeon, your photo is worth a thousand words, just like in many other situations. Patients start asking themselves if they could trust you as a human being, to be their specialist. Good medical portrait photography makes a difference.

That is why we recommend hiring a professional photographer to make the portraits and to take photos of your practice. It’s a given that patients engage better with your practice once they can see team members on your about page or elsewhere on your website.

medical website design

This bariatric surgery clinic shows the team of surgeons in a lovely way. Well-lit and crystal clear images, optimised for the web so they don’t affect the website’s loading speed.

#4 Engage with video marketing

Video marketing in healthcare

If we are going to stay with the saying (a picture being worth a thousand words) then a video is probably worth a million words. Why is it that you keep hearing how video is the proven strategy to engage?

It’s a process as effective as the entire film, television and online video industry: Prospective patients get to know you in a video, long before they even decide to book that first consultation or to ask for a referral. Any type of video that has you in it can achieve this, and the most effective format is an ‘About’ video.

Healthcare video marketing is a well-documented way to engage with patients so they stay just that little bit longer (on your website) so you build trust and credibility.

Play Video
Check out our article on healthcare video marketing to learn more about the different types of videos doctors use to engage with their patients.

#5 Add more authority

Leadership in medical marketing

Medical website design is all about establishing trust and rapport, but patients do want validation. So please make sure to publish your achievements on your site. When you come on board as a Digital Practice customer, we will always ask about your credentials, awards and affiliations. Even though most of your patients may not be familiar with the meaning of your credentials or the mechanics of the medical associations you belong to, this helps.
Seeing the logos or hearing about your involvement in research, will definitely add to your credibility and it validates your reputation and expertise.

Take a look at Dr Weranja’s About page. Or get inspired by gynaecologist Dr Tamara Hunter.

#6 Make it easy to contact you

How to contact you?

Great medical website design can not exist without easy navigation. It starts with having a ‘contact’ button on every page. You would think this is common sense, and yet, I have seen many example pages that didn’t have one, or with a contact button hidden under another tab.

Make it easy to contact you with other options: If your practice is available on platforms such as HealthEngine, Hotdoc or Zocdoc, make sure you embed the services on your website and preferably in the navigation so these booking options are accessible from any of the pages.

Check out the navigation on the Advance Surgical and Jeremy Rawlins websites. From any position on the web pages, it is easy for patients to call the clinic or to send the surgeon an email.

#7 Don’t forget a call to action!

CTA and medical website design

Great medical website design does more than just attract patients and inform them. It also converts. So don’t forget your call to action. Guide your visitors towards the booking button. Or add a funnel so they leave their email address or phone number which allows you to start a conversation.

Check the call to action on Fertility Specialists of WA’s website. The link goes straight to the Fertility Tests page, usually the starting point for couples that struggle with infertility. Advance Surgical uses a brilliant funnel strategy on their homepage, asking prospective patients to leave their details in exchange for educational information. Dr Jeremy Rawlins attracts patients using beautiful imagery linked to his About and Contact pages.

Let's meet

Let’s apply this to your practice

medical website design

If some of these 7 best practices have uncovered some room for improvement on your practice website, let’s meet on Zoom. In an obligation-free strategy session, we will go over the business potential for your practice and discuss options to improve your first impression, your online lead generation and your patient numbers.
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