healthcare video marketing

8 styles and examples of brilliant healthcare video marketing

As a doctor, specialist or surgeon, using video is one of the best ways to build trust in your online brand. In this article, you will discover 8 styles and examples of brilliant healthcare video marketing.
healthcare video marketing

8 styles and examples of brilliant healthcare video marketing

Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice

Els Van de Veire

November 3, 2021

The power of great video marketing

Video marketing healthcare examples

Healthcare video marketing is extremely powerful because the patient gets to ‘meet’ you, before their first consultation. Establishing trust is one of the most important features of great healthcare video marketing. I have met quite a few doctors who don’t like to be in front of a camera but remember, it’s not about your looks or what you’re wearing. It’s all about being authentic and real.

That may be easier said than done. It’s important to be relaxed when you start capturing your videos. Nowadays it’s easy to do this on your own with a smartphone and a simple light kit. And if you are hiring an agency, make sure you feel at ease in the presence of your chosen production team.

Below I have listed 8 examples of great healthcare video marketing.

1. Educational videos with Dr David Colvin

In this video, Dr David Colvin explains ‘rotator cuff repair’, a type of shoulder surgery that is quite common. Rather than showing surgery images, Dr Colvin uses a workshop bone model to explain what he will do when operating on your shoulder. Here are the things we love about this video:

  • We feel the theatre backdrop without having to watch surgical images
  • We learn how the surgery is performed in a palatable way
  • We get to know the surgeon and his passion for shoulder surgery
  • This video is used on Dr Colvin’s website, on the page about Rotator Cuff
  • It is also hosted on YouTube – still the second largest search engine – where it can be found by patients who are searching videos, and it links back to Dr Colvin’s website
  • It is only 85 seconds, short and sweet
healthcare video marketing

Watch the video on Dr David Colvin’s website.

2. FAQ videos, Fertility Specialists of WA

Answering your patients’ questions with FAQ videos is a brilliant way to educate patients whilst giving your practitioners an opportunity to introduce themselves on your website. Patients get to know your team and learn about the procedures and treatment types. It is a powerful way to answer questions that patients may have about their condition.
healthcare video marketing

We always encourage our clients to create videos when possible. Video gives prospective patients an opportunity to watch content rather than read it. Discover how this video series was incorporated on the fertility clinic’s website.

3. Relatable videos with Dr Harsha Chandraratna

When you are considering obesity or bariatric surgery, and you learn about your surgeon’s personal story and his own battle with obesity, you relate to his story. Building rapport is what Dr Harsha Chandraratna does in this amazing video about his private practice. Watch out for what happens around the 30-second mark, and tell us, how much more authentic can a surgeon be?

4. Passionate videos with Dr Tamara Hunter

If you haven’t come across her online presence yet, check out Dr Tamara Hunter’s YouTube channel. She uses a range of formats, from being interviewed on Channel 9 in Perth, to educational videos, corporate videos and FAQ videos.

The video we have selected for this blog post is one that showcases her passion and authenticity. Originally broadcasted on Instagram TV, we uploaded this video to her YouTube channel and it has definitely paid off: more than 10k views in just over a year! So why do we absolutely love this video?

  • You get to know Dr Hunter as if she were sitting next to you on the couch. Actually, it feels weird to write Dr Hunter here. This is Tamara and that’s an incredible achievement for a doctor as the biggest thing you can achieve is gain the patient’s trust. From a distance, it is even harder but Tamara completely nails it when it’s about being authentic. It happens in all her videos and yet this one stands out.
  • It’s off-the-cuff… Dr Hunter hardly scripted this video. You can see this when you look at the body language. This is 8 minutes of pure knowledge. Knowledge a doctor would normally share with you in a consultation.
  • This is an informal video format! Where did she record this video? Perhaps in her office, at home? It doesn’t matter. It all contributes to the authenticity.
  • She’s personable… Listen to her little personal secret at the very end of this video.
healthcare video marketing

We have also embedded this video on Tamara’s blog page. By adding frequently new content, your website will rank higher and be found more easily.

5. Documentaries, TeenTime Bariatrics

If you have a story to tell, but you can’t literally tell it yourself, either for medico-legal reasons or as a personal choice, then a documentary format is a brilliant choice. We are all somehow used to watching documentaries and we know that most people love hearing personal patient stories. The downside is that it takes a fair amount of time to prepare and that is a good reason to hire an agency like Digital Practice to do it for you: from sourcing and prepping the interviewee, to scripting, filming and editing.
healthcare video marketing

On the TeenTime Bariatrics homepage, you can watch the documentary about this remarkable patient who has obesity surgery as a teenager.

6. Animated videos, Cancer Council

Sometimes it is just better to explain your story using animated video. Cancer patients in Australia have access to the Cancer Council’s resources, information and support and in this video, we explain what that support consists of. At Digital Practice we have produced hundreds of videos, including animations (including the one we are showcasing here) so get in touch if this format is your preferred option.

7. ‘About’ videos, with Dr Chris Nichols (and his team)

Oh, what’s not to love about this video? You get to know the midwife and obstetrician, you get to see their beautiful practice, you learn about who they are and…there’s a bit of humour in there too! This video is one of my absolute favourites, more so because we had to convince Dr Nichols to make medical marketing videos in the first place! He’s an absolute natural presenter; the way you see him in the video is exactly the way he speaks to you in real life. An amazing doctor with a fabulous team and this About-video showcases exactly that.
healthcare video marketing

Dr Chris Nichols has a very informative About-page, including his About-video and his team’s bios.

Different style but equally a beautiful example of an About-video; Plastic Surgeon Jeremy Rawlins about his role in Burn Care, both as a specialist in private practice and as the President of the Burns Association.
healthcare video marketing

We always encourage doctors to use video on their treatment or condition pages. See it in action here.

8. Corporate videos, with Dr Weranja Ranasinghe

Corporate videos used to be a very popular choice back in the time when user-generated content was not as omnipresent (ie Instagram TV, Facebook Live, TikTok etc). But it still has its place and corporate video definitely deserves a place in this list.

Corporate video, typically, is produced by a professional crew. It’s scripted and well-thought through. What do we want to tell? What will we be showing? Where will we record it? Who should be in the video?
Because this video has been thought through, all aspects of the marketing message are in it, and that is a major positive. The downside is that it may come across as a little less authentic.

healthcare video marketing

Take a look at how this video was embedded on the doctor’s website: Scroll down to “Giving you the best patient care is our utmost priority”.

Are you ready to use video?

Video marketing for doctors

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healthcare video marketing

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