medical website design and development

5 reasons why medical website design and development is worth your investment

Integrated medical website design means that when your website is built, the process also includes the actual content. The average web designer delivers an empty website that you have to fill. Let’s go over the unmistakable benefits of choosing the integrated approach.
medical website design and development

5 reasons why medical website design and development is worth your investment

Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice

Els Van de Veire

December 29, 2021

Medical website design and development explained

Best medical website design and development

The healthcare industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world. According to research data, global healthcare spending could reach over US $10 trillion in 2022.

And yet, not all healthcare businesses – private practices or individual hospitals – can claim to have an excellent online presence. Why? The potential obstacles are often a lack of understanding about medical website design and development, which leads to a perceived complexity and a misunderstanding about the cost involved in creating that digital excellence.

So let’s unpack some of the mysteries. What exactly is medical website design and what does website development mean?

Medical website design: This is your online shop window. The front end is what people see. Technically, you could ask any web designer to create your front window. They typically design your website using design software like Sketch or Figma to create visual user experiences. Once you are happy with it, the designer hands off the design to the developer who then builds the website. But there is a catch.

Medical website development: This development process is what happens behind the scene. It consists of all the stuff you can’t see: the coding to build the intended design, using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

As you can see, design and development are two different things. As a matter of fact, they are as different as the jobs done by the architect who maps the locations for powerpoints and light appliances in a new building, and the electrician who connects wires, switchboards and devices in a safe and orderly way so it all works.

My point is this: If your private practice needs a website, and you end up sitting in front of a web designer who claims they can also develop it, there is a chance that the person will be fit for one of the two roles, probably not for both.

That is why we promote an integrated approach. At Digital Practice we combine the best medical website design and the best medical website development work. We integrate the market research and the strategic work, the SEO and content marketing, and the medical website design and development.

Why invest in an integrated approach?

5 reasons to invest in medical website design and development

Even though a segregated approach may seem financially attractive, at the end of the day it will make you lose a lot of opportunities and money.


The marketing and business consultant who comes up with your strategy to rank well on Google needs to work together with your web designer. The designer then needs to communicate well with the web developer. They are expected to work closely together with the copywriter or content expert.

If you hire a web designer in country A, speaking language B and a web developer in country Y, speaking language Z, you are signing up for potential challenges. It can be compared to ordering a steak, chips and a serving of vegetables, coming from different kitchens with chefs who don’t speak each other’s language and who are not really concerned with the flavours, size, timing or preferences of all other people involved…

5 reasons to invest in medical website design and development:

  • You are a professional
    As a professional medical practitioner, you deserve an awe-inspiring front window with a back-end that boosts traffic. A professional medical website is an integral part of your medical practice and a conduit for your overall reputation and brand.
  • You communicate with your patients
    Communication is a two-way process: patients can fill out forms to book appointments or ask questions. Ask your medical marketing agency to add conditional logic to your web forms, so you can guide patients to specific additional questions depending on what they have entered earlier, and create maximum clarity before you see them in your consultation room.
  • You actively market your practice
    With an integrated and strategic approach, you can rest assured that your website will be visible and rank well in the search engines. It is a failproof way to attract more new patients and to do more business.
  • You educate your patients
    Yes, your content is educational if you work with a dedicated medical marketing agency like Digital Practice. Your frequently asked questions will be answered throughout the content, saving you and your staff a lot of time, and serving your patients in the best possible way.
  • You get referrals from other physicians
    If general practitioners don’t know you and can’t find you, don’t expect to get lots of referrals. With a professional medical website, GPs will find your content and refer patients to you.

Use data to make decisions

Best healthcare websites

Just today I received an email from a surgeon who wanted to let me know how well her medical website has been working for her practice.

This is what matters most to us: creating a beautiful professional medical website design, developed to rank well in Google Search, and bringing in more patients for our clients.

Using an integrated medical marketing approach, allows doctors and surgeons to make data-led marketing decisions. Combine this with great website design and high-quality web development and your return-on-investment will outweigh the medical website design cost in no time.

Here are a few examples of the best healthcare websites we have made and the practices who were able to report a very positive ROI:

1. Advance Surgical

medical website design and development

This website and the underpinning strategy is one we are very proud of. The site ranks well on Google and attracts new patients on a daily basis. It is an educational and keyword-rich medical website, offering transparent information about costs, with a lead generation process in the background.

2. Dr Diana Hastrich

medical website design and development

This medical website for breast surgeon Diana Hastrich breathes trust. Attractive imagery showing the surgeon in a variety of settings, combined with educational content, always with the patient’s condition in mind.

3. J&R Clinical Psychologists

medical website design and development

Another beautiful medical website example for J&R Clinical Psychologists. And the effectiveness goes beyond design, with a content marketing strategy in place, leading to extraordinary practice growth.

medical website design and development

4. The Woom


The content marketing success we have booked with this website is second to none. Not even a year after going live, The Woom outranks most of the local competition. And doesn’t it look totally welcoming? I bet even men would want to visit these doctors, alas, it’s a women’s health clinic.

And it’s not just our words. Here’s a review from Dr Hunter on our Google Business profile.

medical website design and development

5. WA Paediatric Surgeons and Urologists

medical website design and development

This beautiful medical website design for two paediatric surgeons outranks the local competition thanks to an effective local SEO for doctors strategy. All outlined keywords, defined in the strategy, rank on page 1 in Google, most of them in the top 3 positions.

6. Dr Jeremy Rawlins, plastic surgeon


‘Classy’ was the brief. And classy it is. To the point where Digital Practice was nominated for the 2021 Australian Web Awards with this medical website.

A website that looks dazzling and drives more patients. Isn’t that what every surgeon deserves?

medical website design and development

7. Wexford Gastro

medical website design and development

One of the most successful gastroenterology marketing campaigns we have created, this website ranks for all its keywords on page 1 and most of them on position one, two and three.

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In this article we have only just scratched the surface of what is possible to create a thriving online presence for your practice. Let’s first discuss your practice, your business goals and your growth plan. We can then look at the most suitable medical website design and development solution for your business.

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