3 content marketing tips for doctors

3 Content marketing tips for doctors to apply straight away

Medical content marketing helps you build a successful and future-proof private practice. If you are building your patient numbers and reputation, why not tap into the ultimate secret marketing ingredient used by leading private practices? In this article, I explain how to know what patients search for, why platform is an important word to remember, and how to look at social media.
Basics of content marketing

3 Content marketing tips for doctors to apply straight away

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

Kris Borgraeve

April 14, 2021

Find out what your patients search for

3 content marketing tips for doctors

Picture this. Mark is a struggling orthopaedic surgeon in Sydney. As he drives home, he worries about his declining patient numbers.

Liz in Lavender Bay is looking up information about the ACL reconstruction she needs. Her physio and GP mentioned it and suggested seeing an orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in knee surgery. On her phone, preparing spaghetti for dinner, Liz starts Googling.

One website jumps out for Liz. She lands on a clear page about knee surgery that answers most of her initial questions. As she submits an inquiry, Liz has already decided that she definitely wants to see Dr Paul. Dr Paul had exactly the right paragraphs on the right page…on the right website. And Dr Mark has just lost a few thousand dollars in revenue because his website didn’t show up in Liz’s search.

Patient search data is the little-known secret weapon in content marketing for VMOs and specialists in private practice. The research is available and localised for your Australian capital city. It shows what your patients google for before they choose a specialist. A leading web strategy uses this data for every paragraph and every section on the website, to attract more patients.

Put resources toward your own platform

3 content marketing tips for doctors

If all content marketing for your private practice is happening on Instagram or Facebook, then your private practice is actually at risk. Platforms such as Facebook or Instagram (and it is basically just all owned by one company) can change the rules at any time. The moment you post your content on their platform, it basically becomes theirs, not yours.

Once you start allocating your content marketing resources in a more strategic way, it makes the difference between money down the drain… or an effective long-term growth strategy for your private practice.

Leading surgeons and specialists will agree: their best move was to first allocate resources toward their own platform: their own private practice website. Why? Because visibility there is not subject to how social media tools evolve. You control the content and the way it is displayed, through software (your website back-end) that you control, on your own web hosting platform or the one you rent space on.

On your website, you call the shots. You decide where the buttons are and how patients navigate the information. This is where they are closest to the next step in the funnel: making an inquiry or booking an appointment.

content marketing tips for doctors

This medical practice consistently updates the website with new content, whilst being active daily on Instagram and Facebook. 

Top it up with social media for your private practice

3 content marketing tips for doctors

It’s easy to get caught up in the hypes. But there is strategic work to be done beyond the one-liners that state how ‘you have to be on Facebook’. As a specialist doctor, your end game is to get patients and a strong social media strategy first builds your presence, and then sends traffic to your practice website.

We help VMOs, surgeons, specialists in private practice, and practice managers with a professional approach to social media. We create your posts, link them so they drive traffic to your website, and schedule them for you.

Advanced social media planning works like the editorial board of a magazine or a newspaper. We create your personalised mix of topics, and you alternate the different genres in a pattern. Finally, a scheduling tool helps you get the content out at the best times of the week so you engage with people in your local community.

If you now combine this with the expertise you gained in tip 1, you will know what the winning social media strategy for a successful private practice also uses the topics that patients search for, in the social media mix.

Weaving it all together

3 content marketing tips for doctors

So now you have your blueprint for an effective medical content marketing strategy so you can grow your private practice with strong visibility.

Ask for our unique patient search data model that helps you tap into what patients want.

Explore how your website can become a 24/7 predictable patient traffic and lead generator.
And check out how social media can top up your online leads by sending extra traffic to your practice.

And if you are stuck – I am only a Zoom call away.

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3 content marketing tips for doctors

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