what is video marketing

What is video marketing? Five strategies to inspire you

Video marketing has become a buzzword, but what is video marketing in the context of a private practice? In this article, we unpack five different types of medical video marketing strategies. You can apply these best practices if you want to attract more patients or build your online leadership profile. 

what is video marketing

What is video marketing? Five strategies to inspire you

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

Kris Borgraeve

July 4, 2022

Case Study #1: Trust and authority

youtube videos

Associate Professor Harsha Chandraratna is a weight loss surgeon in Perth, Western Australia. Throughout his website, he uses YouTube videos to illustrate specific aspects of patient education in the field of obesity surgery. 

The short YouTube videos are embedded in the web page and create trust and authority whilst keeping the visitor on the page for longer, amplifying the page’s visibility. 

What is video marketing doing for this surgeon?

  • The surgeon is fully present and conveys the information with confidence and enthusiasm.
  • The videos are energetic and build trust and rapport with the patient. It’s almost as if the visitor has already experienced the service, just listening to the surgeon and getting answers to FAQs.
  • The video content is fully Google-optimised with tags and descriptions, and all videos are hosted on YouTube, supporting the organic visibility strategy for the website.

Case Study #2: Social media videos


Fertility specialist Dr Tamara Hunter uses video to connect with her social media audiences across Instagram and Facebook. The editorial angle for her videos is always about offering value to the audience, instead of explaining the services or promoting her practice.
Video as a social media format creates rapport and livestreaming has become an opportunity to frequently interact in an authentic and unscripted way. 

What is video marketing doing for this strategy?

  • Personality is an important component of the GP-referral process to specialists, and it’s a determining factor when patients choose their specialist. The social media videos by Dr Tamara Hunter build rapport and add to her profile as an accessible and personable specialist, in tune with today’s digital life and adapted to the needs in women’s health, gynaecology and fertility medicine.
  • The videos are repurposed across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and the website. Even if livestreaming is the eye-catcher and positions the doctor as pioneering in patient education, the recorded clips keep generating ongoing traffic and conversions once they are reposted on social media or on the website.

Case Study #3: FAQ videos to save time

faq videos

If you were only looking at the direct return on investment of a video strategy, it’s worth considering another little-known benefit of using video as a surgeon. 

Consumers and patients are 3x more likely to consume content in video format compared to any other content type. With that in mind, you know you are spending substantial amounts of time answering the same questions.

Dr Jon Armstrong covers essential FAQs in short faq videos, embedded on his website and available on YouTube.

What is video marketing contributing to this practice?

  • FAQ videos generate goodwill because the patient feels as if they have already seen you in your practice. They are already familiar with your voice, appearance and energy. Moreover, you have already given them value by reassuring them and providing general information.
  • Providing this information, the patient is better prepared so you can focus on customising your service, spending more time on what matters to this particular patient, because the general questions have been dealt with in a video.
  • Practice managers and receptionists can forward the pages containing these videos and save time: the surgeon does not have to craft an additional email and yet the patient feels as if the doctor is directly addressing their concern.

Case Study #4: The use of a blog or magazine

medical blog

Let’s look at the blog or online magazine you are reading now: Grow! We apply a technique that you could also apply for your own content. 

Digital Practice uses magazine-style articles with videos and video interviews. A medical blog for your private practice or healthcare brand can benefit from this format because it takes the audience on a journey. Information is formatted in a story-telling format that we are all familiar with because it uses building blocks that are used in journalism.

What is video marketing applied to a medical blog?

  • The individual articles of your medical blog can be sent to specific audiences. On LinkedIn or in a newsletter, you can offer customised value to specific groups you target.
  • The use of video interviews brings in external expertise and variation.
  • The individual pages are optimised for Google visibility and support your overall Google ranking.

Ask us how we can apply a news-magazine style to your content for ongoing updates. There is always more we can talk about, to inform your patients or referrers while we build your Google visibility.

Case Study #5: How to avoid YouTube

great video strategy

A great video strategy to take a look at is this one: Dr Alex Koefman in Brisbane. The use of video marketing on this website is remarkable for multiple reasons. 

Why this video strategy stands out from other medical websites:

  • Attention to detail: the way the messages are conveyed, produced and captured stands out because of the energy and production standards.
  • Backgrounds: the studio environment takes away any distractions and brings the attention to the surgeon’s story and key message. For one-time productions that become the foundation of your ‘about’ content on your website, it is worth considering this approach rather than a DIY workflow, and it depends on your personal relationship with the camera lens, whether you will thrive in this format or not.
  • Video hosting: the videos are not hosted on YouTube and use a custom hosting solution to avoid ads, YouTube controls and ‘Related videos’ popping up after the patient watches one of Dr Koefman’s videos.

A premium approach results in a great video strategy. And just like the quality of your clinic premises, the effort you put in presenting your practice to your patients, a gold-standard video strategy keeps patients hooked on your website and closer to a buying decision when they choose you as their specialist or surgeon.

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