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Introducing Youtube handles for doctors

YouTube has introduced YouTube handles. A unique identifier starting with “@” just like you can have a unique identity on Instagram or Twitter. As platforms all seem to compete for that position of an all-in-one solution, we investigate why doctors could use this as a unique branding opportunity for their practice.

youtube handles

Youtube handles for doctors in a nutshell

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

Kris Borgraeve

October 26, 2022

What is a youtube handle?

youtube handle

In essence, it’s a unique identifier for your YouTube channel. It also becomes your identity on YouTube to talk to other YouTubers. Even if – as a doctor in private practice – the least of your concerns is to spend time on YouTube, it might be a wise move to secure @obstetricsmelbourne or @orthopaedicssydney. These simple handles will turn out to become powerful digital assets down the line, just as and other well-chosen domain names.

Smart ways to use YouTube as a doctor

doctors on YouTube

You might think of YouTube as the convenient place to watch a surgery video. Or a place to upload your own clip and share it with a number of peers.

The potential exceeds those basic examples and as a surgeon or specialist, you can use YouTube to:

  • Publish short videos that become resources for the GPs in your catchment area
  • Explain and clarify aspects of a condition or treatment for existing patients, adding the videos to emails coming from your reception or practice management team
  • Add value to the individual pages on your website, keeping patients on your website for longer

Doctors on YouTube generally see an increase in their lead generation or the amount of GP referrals. Simply because each time a patient watches one of your videos, they get the feeling that they already know you.

Video marketing for doctors is a great component for any medical marketing strategy simply because it builds rapport and authority. So let’s look at a few examples, using YouTube handles for doctors, smart and compliant content marketing and an integrated video and social media strategy.


The secrets to effective medical video marketing

medical video marketing

Medical video marketing is a niche area simply because there is much at play. Every snippet of video you produce and post becomes part of your online reputation so it makes sense that many doctors stay away from it.

But there are many benefits and when done right, medical video marketing can become a growth strategy in itself, particularly if you are running a private practice in a competitive niche area.

So how can you do it in the most effective way?

Planning and strategising means that you produce videos around the most common questions patients have. You can tap into our unique patient search behaviour data at Digital Practice and map the content for your video marketing for the months to come. It means that you won’t be producing content in a randomised way. Instead, you will be covering each of the important key questions that patients and referring GPs are typing into Google on a daily basis. Understanding how patients search is always step 1, before you start producing medical videos.

Positioning yourself as a brand is step 2. It means that as a specialist or a group, you define what your practice stands for. People love brands that show genuine care and get really clear about what they stand for. Your brand story as a doctor is another fascinating niche area that we can help you with.

Ongoing video marketing as a doctor means you get really strategic about the content, the setup, the tone-of-voice and the way you distribute your new videos on your website and social media platforms. Ongoing content is a key factor that defines your digital outreach, the power of your online visibility and your digital lead generation.

youtube handles for doctors

Why there is no longer an excuse to ignore video

smartphone videos

Every year brings new improvements in online video technology. Even with zero budget, chances are you already have all the tools and expertise it takes to produce short YouTube videos as a doctor.

Zoom has a recording function. You could use the setup you use for your online meetings and record short clips, ready to go on your YouTube channel.

Smartphones have amazing cameras. You could put your phone on a tripod and explain your story in a short 60-second video.

Batch production is the technique used by most video marketers. You script 5 to 10 short videos, take the time to go into communication mode, and produce your videos in one session. The good news is that you can then focus on the energy, the setup and the technical aspects at the start of your session, and you won’t have to go through that process again for the next videos.

Medical YouTube handles as a secret marketing tool?

medical youtube handles

YouTube itself promotes the new YouTube handle as a tool to make YouTube more social. In other words, it will be the feature that allows YouTube users to interact as they would on other social media platforms.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve | Founder Digital Practice

"I imagine new generations of GPs, specialists and consumers watching a video, asking each other questions using their handle as a unique identifier, to then answer a question with a short video and using the ecosystem as a video-rich communication tool to also discuss health and medicine."

Being too early or spending time on a platform that is not relevant for your practice is unwise. But missing out on innovation opportunities as a clinic or as an individual doctor can also come at a cost.

In this case, I’d argue that it is easier to start using your YouTube handle as a doctor, than to start doing interesting dance movements on TikTok.

And if you want some more inspiration in regards to powerful and effective video marketing strategies for doctors in private practice, take a look at this article on video marketing we published a few weeks ago.

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