podcasting as a doctor

The basics of podcasting as a doctor

Why would you podcast as a doctor? What are the benefits? What are the tools you need and what could be the strategy behind it? Lots of open questions. Let’s go and find some answers. 

podcasting as a doctor

The basics of podcasting as a doctor

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

Kris Borgraeve

September 6, 2022

What’s in a name?

creating a podcast

Creating a podcast might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you work on your marketing as a doctor. 

In the video below, we will take a closer look at the content types that could be the foundation for your podcast strategy. Some start with a live intervention on social media and are then converted into a podcast, other examples are built specifically for the big podcast platforms Apple and Spotify.

In other words, pick your format based on your preferences. If you are more about the intimacy of just sound, go for a pure audio podcast format. If you are more into social media as a starting point, do your YouTube Live, IGTV (Instagram Live) or LinkedIn Live pieces and capture them as podcasts for redistribution. When in doubt, book your Strategy Session and we will help you set up the workflow that is the best match for your schedule and personality. 

The tech stuff and how to overcome obstacles

podcasting tips

If you have been wondering what equipment you need to create your own podcast as doctor, take a look at our Minimalistic Podcasting Equipment List below.

That’s right. You don’t need a lot.

This is what my favourite Minimalistic Podcasting Equipment List looks like:

  • Smartphone
  • Anchor app

No. We are not missing anything. You don’t need microphones, cables, switchboards or desktop computers. With the app on a recent smartphone, you will be online with your podcast sooner than you think.

On Anchor.fm, John Lagomarsino from the Anchor production team explains why the tools now make it easy for you to start a podcast for your private practice. The platform itself has plenty of podcasting tips and it’s owned by Spotify so you are virtually publishing directly to Spotify from Anchor.

The smart way to use podcasts: think about Google

podcasts for SEO

You would have heard of Search Engine Optimisation, or the skill of producing content that has great value for your patients and referring GPs. If that content is well produced, Google will flag it as high-value and rank your content pages higher than your competitor’s each time patients do an online search. (We have plenty of articles here in our Grow! magazine on the topic of Search Engine Optimisation and Content Marketing specifically for doctors in private practice).

So how can you use podcasts for SEO?

Well here’s the thing. Your podcasts can have great content for your audience and at the same time, they become objects that live online. If they are properly tagged and indexed, Google will also detect your content on the podcast platforms and that is how you create additional visibility for your practice. You would not specifically produce podcasts for SEO only, but it’s a nice side effect and it helps you build a leadership profile in your local or national community.

podcasting as a doctor

Using podcasts for GP referrals

podcasting with GPs

Smart ways to use podcasts include having conversations with other professionals. Imagine your podcast being about conversations with GPs. As a specialist, you pick a range of topics that are linked to your specialty. You can make it a nice two-way conversation with a GP, and look at the topic from both perspectives:

  • The GP: The best person to understand what questions patients have at the start of their journey, long before they see a specialist.
  • The specialist: Able to learn from the GP’s perspective, and offer additional context and depth in regards to the conditions or treatments that are being discussed.

If you manage to work closely together with a small group of local GPs, you will create new connections and conversations and their willingness to refer patients to you will only increase.

Platforms such as Anchor have built-in features that allow you to bring in interview guests and host the podcast episode together. That is how podcasting with GPs can be an extra leg of your overall digital marketing strategy as a specialist doctor or surgeon.

Integrating podcasts in a marketing strategy

podcast strategy

It should be said that a podcast strategy should never be a standalone campaign. Unless your podcast is some sort of a hype and is built on personality and quirky content, but given your position as a doctor, that’s not a likely scenario. 

In the past, I have seen doctors treat their podcast as a dictaphone. Just talking into a microphone and giving a dry description of conditions and treatments is not going to cut it as a podcast strategy.

The successful podcasts out there have one thing in common: They tell a story.

When you make up the editorial plan for your podcast series, you will be tempted to look at the core topics that make up the DNA of your private practice: What is an ACL reconstruction? The steps involved in an IVF journey. Treatment options for enlarged prostate. Depending on your niche, you may be attracted to choose topics that are informative and educational.

Once you integrate your podcast strategy into your general online strategy, you will probably ask yourself a number of additional questions:

  1. Who is my audience? The podcast for GPs is a different one than the one for the general public. Your topics, the tone of voice and the format need to be adapted to the knowledge level of your audience.
  2. What am I conveying? If your goal is to build rapport, you will need more personal story and less scientific facts or data. Even as a doctor, you can talk about the patient’s concerns, the vision behind your practice, the service level you and your team stand for…Those are elements of your brand positioning and you would normally work them out long before you press the record button for that podcast series.
  3. What is the call-to-action? What do you expect the listener to do after they heard your podcast? Check out a web page? Make an enquiry? Engage in an online conversation? Ask questions? Think about the ideal outcome of your podcast campaign and if the goal is to get more GP referrals, focus on offering value and starting new conversations thanks to your podcast.
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