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3 medical content writing power tips

The content on your website defines how often you rank well in Google search. Great medical content helps you lift the rankings for your treatments or procedures. These three unique writing power tips will help you increase your patient traffic and I will tie it all together for you in a short video.
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3 Medical Content Writing Power Tips

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

Kris Borgraeve

November 3, 2021

A clear focus on one topic per page

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At Digital Practice, a medical content writer covers your specialty and has experience in the content that your patients digest. That is how we identified a range of best practices and the number-one-takeaway-messages of our webinars and workshops is: One Topic Per Page.

I always refer to the famous ‘Death By Powerpoint’ saying when audiences refer to the mistake of just reading off presentation slides. Well, the equivalent in medical content writing is a page called “Services”, on your private practice website. Why? Because not a single patient sits at home on a Sunday afternoon thinking: “How about I visit my local orthopaedic surgeon’s website and browse through their catalogue while I have my afternoon tea?”.

One topic per page is what your medical content writer should keep repeating to you, whatever your thoughts are on the matter. A good writer will defend that vision by explaining to you that Google indexes your website and looks at the overall topic. It then looks at what is on offer, and identifiable pages on a specific topic are very helpful.

And why again would we go to great lengths to help Google when it indexes our website? As a doctor in private practice, you want to rank well in Google when patients are choosing a specialist. The more you – and your medical content writer – can do to make this happen, the better. Check out the video below to hear how we implement patient search behaviour data in a content marketing strategy, so each paragraph and page are a lead magnet for Google.

At Digital Practice we partner with hospitals and groups, as well as individual specialists in private practice, to make their content stand out in local search. You can read up a little more on organic SEO, a failproof content marketing technique that helps leading doctors to double their website traffic and business turnover in just one financial year.

Editorial strategy

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Successful medical content writers don’t just deliver lines and paragraphs. They are able to zoom out and see the bigger picture of your practice. What does that mean? It means doing additional research into your market.

What are common searches that patients do? What are the questions they have about conditions or treatments? And how do they make a choice when they compare specialists and profiles?

An editorial strategy for your medical content brings it all together:

  • Keywords that are proven to be common in your patients’ online searches
  • Topics that are linked to the main income avenues for your practice
  • Brand messages that talk about why you do what you do, and why patients are satisfied with your services
  • Images that make the information palatable and that build rapport with the patient.
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Gone are the days when you would just hop on and outsource the job. The disappointment with an overseas medical content writer is imminent simply because they are not familiar with your community. The strategy behind your content is at its best when it is aligned with the spirit of your catchment area, in the tone-of-voice and in the way it addresses the patient as an individual human being. Oh, and did we mention that a good editorial strategy covers both your regular content pages and the blog posts you would drip-feed into your medical website over the next 12 months?

Your own story

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A medical content writer on top of their game is a good listener. They ask questions about your career, your community, your practice, your team and your daily work. Getting to know your inspiration, your passion and your commitment may seem like an invasion of your personal space at times. The leading specialists who have let our team in, and who have shared aspects of their vision and inspiration with us, get more out of it.

Content reflects your credentials and qualifications, your experience, and the practical information in regards to a diagnosis, a procedure, or a treatment. The second layer of that important communication process is all about trust and rapport.

Patients are people and people relate to people. That is why as medical content writers we will always weave in snippets that talk about you as a person. Whether it’s your family, your passion for motorbikes, your work in Africa or the wall colours in your design waiting room: the personal angle matters because it’s your story.

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