mechanics of medical marketing

Discover the mechanics of medical marketing

Running a successful private practice without digital marketing is rapidly becoming more challenging. This article is a great starting point to bring your practice team up to speed with the core tactics involved in attracting patient leads. 

mechanics of medical marketing

Discover the mechanics of medical marketing

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

Kris Borgraeve

March 29, 2022

Why doctors with funnels build stronger practices

medical funnel marketing

If you have been running the marketing for your private practice on autopilot, these would be your typical symptoms:

  • Nobody really knows what is happening this month in your marketing campaign
  • You have no clear view on the keywords your website is targeting
  • If providers are involved, you are unclear about what they are actually doing, when, how and at what cost

If you have had enough of that…why not take a step back and focus on building a better funnel?

Medical funnel marketing is not some technical magic happening in the background. All it is is using the digital space to engage with patients who have already shown an interest.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve | Co-founder Digital Practice

"Many doctors seem to forget that we can now tap into the patient’s online movements. When a patient googles a condition, are you ready to offer them information and gain their trust?"

The way you inspire trust and build rapport ties in with the information you provide. More specifically, with the way the information is presented to the prospective patient. Because your information can be invisible, visible but not really palatable, adapted to smartphones or not, conveying trust or just providing dry clinical information. 

Medical funnel marketing is actually a mindset of giving your patients value long before they sit down in that chair in front of you.

Your biggest opportunity is content

strategic content for doctors

Why is every marketing person talks about content? And why is it that some of these conversations make you resent the whole thing, this whole concept of marketing?

The reality is: there is a bit of noise to cut through. Let’s clarify the mechanics of strategic content for doctors.

There are 3 key moments when content makes a difference and either gets you a new patient or sends the prospect straight into your competitor’s waiting room:

  • Informational searches: the patient first hears about a symptom, experiences it, and is now at the very start of the treatment or diagnostic journey. A lot of frantic googling is involved and the patient is receptive to messages of reassurance and support.
  • GP referral: the patient has received a formal referral and is now actively googling the specialist they were referred to, as well as the other options.
  • Shopping: the patient may or may not have a referral but actively reads up on the conditions, the treatment or surgery options, and the personality, status, experience of the local specialists in their area.

Your biggest opportunity is to get content in front of people at different stages in their journey. Strategic content for doctors in private practice uses real local market data to underpin the framework for every web page on your medical website. And that is how it creates results without spending a dollar on advertising. We call it catching the low-hanging fruit because it starts with the patient’s search intent.

Stepping away from simplistic medical marketing

sequential marketing for doctors

Once you get serious about adding a strong marketing component to your private practice, you will move from simplistic to sequential marketing.

Many leading doctors around Australia are using the Digital Practice methodology and were able to double or triple their performance, either by focusing on key treatments or procedures or by simply increasing their entire turnover. 

Simplistic marketing focuses on scattered tactics, often pursuing low purchase prices for commodity services such as medical website design, social media management, or video production. Many people are involved, a lot of outsourcing happens so nobody really takes ownership and as a result, you never really know if anyone out there has your back when it comes to marketing.

Sequential marketing uses the first-things-first logic. With a strategic roadmap, there is a logical approach to first capture patients who are already doing a Google Search. The second step is to amplify word-of-mouth and build your online reputation. The third and fourth steps can be based on GP-referral marketing or additional advertising, only if the other tactics have been thoroughly tested and proven effective.

All it takes to step away from a marketing situation that is not delivering results is a Zoom meeting. Book your free meeting now and let’s discuss your growth.

The secret of a strong doctor profile unveiled

doctor profiles

Online doctor profiles are becoming increasingly important.

Patients do their research and in the process, a lot of emotions are involved. Why? Because when it comes to health, our daily routines may be interrupted, and we may be facing uncertainty and fear.

So when we choose a specialist, we choose a human being we can trust.

Qualifications, fellowships, research and experience are crucial. But time and time again, doctor reviews are about the human qualities of the specialist and their team.

So why not emphasize your human qualities in your doctor profile and make them work for you? After all, when a patient does an online search after hours, your profile can either work for you or against you.

mechanics of medical marketing

Seeing through the hypes and myths

marketing pitfalls for doctors

Many young marketing experts will build their entire business on the fact that they master the tools. Because they are generation Z or millennials, they will bombard you with the latest Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat or Facebook Advertising hype to then offer you packages. 

The hypes and myths of digital are real and it is essential to ask critical questions when you speak to a marketing person:

  • How many of your customers are doctors in private practice?
  • What are the qualifications of the team members who will produce my content?
  • What are the local market insights these team members bring to the table to build a strong local brand?

Ask us these questions, and you will be pleased with the references we can present, as well as the live case studies that show the amazing success stories of our customers.

Let's meet

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We love to start with a strategic meeting about your practice. Where are you now? Where do you want to be in 12 or 24 months? Your goals and the local market situation for your medical specialty will define what action steps we may recommend. Book the call today and let’s talk about growing your practice.

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