marketing dos and don’ts

Most doctors ignore these marketing dos and don’ts

With digital marketing for doctors, there is a bizarre paradox. Here you are, one of the smarter people on this planet with an amazing set of academic and medical knowledge. And yet, sometimes the digital realm is daunting. That is why marketing dos and don’ts for doctors are an opportunity for you to avoid the pitfalls of digital. 

marketing dos and don’ts

Most doctors ignore these marketing dos and don’ts

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

Kris Borgraeve

March 3, 2022

#1 Don’t separate website and seo

marketing tips for medical

In about 80% of all situations where we meet specialists like yourself to discuss marketing, we come across this confronting reality: Sometimes the management of a doctor’s website and the so-called SEO services are done by different people! Now that is typically where you could be missing out on patients because your setup is not ideal. 

Our big first don’t is all about avoiding this big pitfall. Do not separate your marketing strategy, your website and your Search Engine Optimisation and please do not delegate it to different providers. You will be paying for people’s time spent on defending their part of the work and the truth is… it should be done in an integrated way.

And before we tackle some of the other don’ts, let’s give you a do. Dos and don’ts should give you something to hold on to.

Here’s a great DIY test you can perform right now, to see where you are at with your digital marketing, your website, your patient acquisition strategy and your search engine optimisation.

Don’t look at your website and SEO as different things.

Do: Expect your agency to offer an integrated service that creates results in both areas.

#2 Don’t consider website an IT activity

medical websites it company

First of all: it’s okay if, until 5 seconds ago, you were adamant about websites being the realm of the IT guys, the IT companies and the IT experts. 

Our second big don’t says it all: do not consider your medical website an IT product. I repeat, do not allocate your medical website design to an IT company.

I know that this is controversial and if your son, cousin, neighbour or best friend is an IT-guy, they will tell you otherwise.

IT expertise often starts from the knowledge that is involved in programming, developing software, managing, configuring or repairing computers and networks.

Your website is a live communication channel. It’s the channel that conveys a story, involving not just AHPRA compliance and marketing best practices. It’s a tool to start a conversation in a very specific space, a small window of opportunity.

Being able to hook the attention within 7 seconds, being able to guide someone with a specific health concern in a certain demographic, towards giving you trust, is not an IT job.

Organising content, both verbal and visual, so the story conveys not just the academic and medical facts in an accurate and compliant way, but also conveys a story that builds rapport…is not an IT activity.

We use journalism experience, over 15 years of online content production expertise and a thorough understanding of the Australian health system and private healthcare marketing as a foundation, when we start discussing your online strategy. And yes, we know a thing or two about computers too and that helps us every day.

Don’t consider your website something for the IT guys.

Do: Check out who offers excellent strategic advice and is able to build an amazing website that also makes you proud of your brand.

#3 Don’t avoid being in photos and videos

photographer for medical

Becoming self-conscious when a video recording is made or when we are being photographed is natural and perfectly normal. In our marketing dos and don’ts, we wanted to make it absolutely clear that avoiding photos and videos is the don’t

Quite often I am in situations where a prospect or a customer will reject the use of portrait photos and videography on their website.

The avoidance is normal, yet unwise.

We are losing track of the multiple studies that confirm this general truth about visual information: photos and videos outperform copy over and over again.

The fact that you are reading this is a miracle. I bet you have clicked on the play button above first.

  • If you want patients to feel as if they already know you and have decided to trust you…
  • If you want to avoid answering the same question over and over again…
  • If you want patients to stay on your web pages for longer and choose your medical practice over your competitor’s…

Then let me know when you are available and we will discuss your photo and video strategy. Finding a good photographer for medical marketing isn’t easy because it takes a deeper understanding of your practice and personality. We are here to help!

Don’t panic. We all get self-conscious when making photos or recording ourselves.

Do the right thing. Get over it or ask us, professionals, to help you.

#4 Don’t pay too much for advertising

medical advertising costs

Medical advertising costs often make doctors frown. We all know doctors make a decent living but that doesn’t mean you want to spend it all on ineffective advertising.

I agree. That’s why my fourth don’t is exactly that. 

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve | Co-founder Digital Practice

"Do not overspend on advertising. It’s like leaving the tap running to take a shower twice a day. It’s like renting a palace for decades and never considering that you could have purchased a small house."

The alternative?

Look into content marketing, because Google’s organic traffic to medical websites is far more precious and sustainable than short-term advertising campaigns.

Everything you wanted to know about getting to the top of Google, is a great article to start your journey into content marketing.

And if you need more information, we’re only a Zoom call away.

Don’t put all your eggs in the Google Ads basket.

Do a thorough investigation into the power of content marketing for your medical specialty.

marketing dos and don'ts

#5 Don’t ask a friend to do it for you

cheap web design for doctors

Cheap web design for doctors is no longer one of the most searched keywords. That’s because most ambitious specialists like yourself now understand the importance of effective online lead generation. 

In the past, you could easily get away with asking a friend or doing a quick do-it-yourself website. You would be surprised how many doctors end up using a poor website for years, because they get busy and do not have the time to reinspect what is going on.

The main reason why this is a big don’t is this: If there is no ongoing commitment to creating visibility, and an ability to keep updating the content and the technical back-end, then your medical website will underperform.

You may be busy but you might be able to convert that level of success into something else. Attract more patients for specific treatments. Change the demographics or location of your practice. Become a group brand, hire people and work less.

The opportunities that are generated by a high-performing, state-of-the-art online presence are massive.

Book your free consult now and let’s discuss better ways to generate online leads for your practice.

Don’t ask a friend to do your marketing.

Do take them out for a nice meal occasionally.

Let's meet

Focus on the dos and get in touch

marketing specialists for doctors

I wanted to list my don’ts because they often lead to wasted budgets and poor performance. Of course, I look forward to discussing the dos and the best practices that we will put in place so your online strategy delivers an excellent Return on Investment. I look forward to hearing more about your practice! 

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