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Doctor podcasting: the underestimated marketing tool

A doctor podcasting to other doctors or directly to the community and potential future patients is no longer a futuristic trend or a marketing hype. US based platform produces podcasts with physicians so hospitals can embed these items to highlight their doctors. 

doctor podcasting

Doctor podcasting: the underestimated marketing tool

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

Kris Borgraeve

March 9, 2022

Why does personal story matter in healthcare marketing?

podcasting for doctors

Bill Klaproth builds on his radio experience to assist hospitals and doctors with podcast marketing. Podcasting for doctors is rapidly becoming a highly effective marketing tool and what resonates strongly with the Digital Practice philosophy is this focus on story. 

Patients want to check you out to see if they can trust you and feel some sort of rapport. As Bill confirms, sharing a personal story about your purpose – your why – is one of the great ways to make the most of your medical podcast.

We also talk about how DoctorPodcasting becomes the integrated podcast producer for hospitals, taking care of editorial preparation, production, distribution and performance measuring.

Why podcasts build trust and rapport

podcast strategies

Here at Digital Practice, we like to take a look at the data behind the marketing tools and strategies. The data produced by Prof Albert Mehrabian of the University of California in the 1970s suggest that feelings and beliefs are deduced mainly by things like tone-of-voice, rather than from the actual words.

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice
Kris Borgraeve | Co-founder Digital Practice

"From our own experience in radio and television, we know that the emotive component of an audiovisual snippet, a podcast or a video, is far more powerful than what is conveyed in written content."

The power of tone-of-voice, the energy that is included in a podcast or a video, creates amazing side-effects in a marketing strategy. This is also why video SEO or video marketing for doctors is one of the pillars of our marketing strategies for doctors in private practice. 

It’s another tool in the toolbox, as Bill Klaproth summarises it, so let’s take a look at how these amazing tools work together to make doctor podcasting a powerful asset for your private practice growth.

Can I make my own podcast?

DIY podcasting for doctors

Doctors with a particular interest in audiovisual tools often manage to launch their own podcast. After all, you are the expert and you know what to talk about, right?

Yet, the benefits of having an independent third party involved as the host or the interviewer are huge:

  • Experienced medical journalists are able to take the position of the patient and ask the right questions.
  • A moderated podcast with a host is more closely aligned with the listening habits of the consumer; after all, we are all used to hearing conversations and interviews on the radio.
  • Editing can be time-consuming and needs professional experience to make sure you can cut out unwanted sequences and improve the overall listening experience for your podcast audience.

I would only recommend a do-it-yourself workflow if you have some experience with audiovisual software tools, have had training in radio or audio production or if you are willing to take some additional training to become a professional podcaster.

doctor podcasting

How to fit podcasts in your marketing mix?

using podcasts as a doctor

The typical marketing plan for a doctor or surgeon in private practice should always be focused on marketing outcomes. 

Do you want or need more patients? Are you building a group clinic brand? Are you creating legacy value for your brand so you can grow your team?

The plan outlines your key treatments or procedures and maps how you will create visibility with inbound and outbound marketing, advertising, as well as increase your leadership status or your position as an educator.

Your marketing plan then highlights where audio podcasts and videos can be inserted in your mix: On key pages that attract most of the traffic, such as your bio or ‘about’ page, on your LinkedIn profile, or as part of your social media mix.

A podcast strategy for your entire hospital only works if the tone of voice is educational and if it doesn’t sound like you are making a long commercial using the interview format.

Are you ready to start podcasting?

podcast production for doctors

If you are an Australian hospital executive and looking into a proven podcasting methodology to start implementing audio in your marketing mix, check out Bill’s team at

If you are an individual surgeon or specialist and you need some strategic advice on how to integrate this format into your marketing strategy, book a free strategy session below.

Let's meet

Your free strategy session

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Unsure about how podcasting, a media strategy or the use of YouTube and videos could help you generate more patient leads? Let us walk you through some powerful live demos and show you how audiovisual media amplifies word-of-mouth for our leading customers. Book an obligation free online appointment. I look forward to hearing more about your practice!

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