medical SEO marketing

Spectacular growth in under a year? You can!! [Case studies included]

Does your private practice experience digital competition? It’s this feeling that other specialists are often more visible online and seem to grow fast whereas your practice is vulnerable when patient referrals are fluctuating. Discover how we created life-changing business results for our customers in Plastic Surgery, Gastroenterology, Podiatry and Psychology in just under a year.

medical SEO marketing

Spectacular growth in under a year? You can!! [Case studies included]

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

Kris Borgraeve

January 5, 2022

Organic traffic drives new patients. So let’s measure it.

online visibility for doctors

First of all – the elephant in the room: Can we demonstrate that having Google-friendly and high-quality content on a compelling and healthy website actually drives extra patients? We can and each case study below is a validation of our failproof strategies.

Performance measurement in medical marketing combines essential KPIs: new patient requests and referrals, actual patient numbers, and web traffic based on organic search.

To understand why we measure organic traffic, let’s remind ourselves of the types of traffic your website can receive:

  • Organic: Organic traffic or visitors generated through organic search, have done a Google search with a specific topic. They were looking for acl reconstruction sydney, colonoscopy vancouver, rhinoplasty houston, to name just a few examples. We will see that this is the best-kept secret in medical marketing and that you can radically transform your practice by choosing organic content marketing as your key strategy.
  • Direct: Direct traffic comes from someone who remembers your website address.
  • Referred: Referred traffic comes from links to your website. The hospital you are associated with can put beautiful links to your website on their pages, but the big question is whether these links create enough traffic to fill your clinics with new patient leads.
  • Paid: Traffic generated by Google Ads or other ad campaigns where you pay per impression or per click.

In summary: We measure the success of a campaign based on the organic patient traffic and leads that we have created for the customer. Word-of-mouth is often not tangible and hard to measure. Direct and referred traffic – our data shows – is often minimal, even coming from the big hospitals that you may be associated with. Organic traffic is what we will discuss in the case studies below, to show you how medical SEO marketing can radically transform your business development effectiveness. Why? Because now you can take control. 

Double your traffic as a plastic surgeon? Possible.

plastic surgery marketing

Let’s say you run a private practice as a plastic surgeon. Is it actually possible to double your online visibility and traffic in under a year? This case study confirms that it is possible.

We are measuring traffic for targeted keywords, which means we have first performed keyword research before we mapped what the customer wanted to be visible for. Keyword research generates exact volumes for each of the terms that patients frequently use when they read up on a health-related topic, and our medical journalists use their experience to map the data and then overlay it with your business goals.

The 2.2x increase is the first thing to spot when we compare this month’s traffic to the same period last year. How did we double the website traffic for this plastic surgeon? We put in place quality content that Google indexes, recognises and rewards with optimal ranking in Google search results. We are talking about numerous appearances on page 1 when a local patient does a search for a specific plastic surgery type. And remember that we had already researched what patients googled for, so we are now closing the circle and validating the chosen keywords that we have chosen because there is actually a traffic increase.

How come it gets better after a year? Google rewards time in the market, or in other words the longer your quality content is there, the more it gains credibility. There are other things at play, such as responsiveness, your website’s health and speed, and whether you regularly add more quality content so Google knows you are alive and kicking.

medical SEO marketing

What else can we learn from this case study? It’s the local search for specific services – in this case a search for plastic surgery procedures in an urban market – that generates quality traffic to a specific surgeon.
So whatever the hospital does in terms of general marketing, is obviously useful. But this data shows us that your own efforts to publish quality content really add value when you are building your independent practice or clinic. It proves the importance of your independent marketing and digital strategy as a doctor in private practice.

We are experienced plastic surgery marketing experts and look forward to helping you create the growth you are after!

3X increases in gastroenterology results? Mind-blowing growth.

gastroenterology seo

If you are in gastroenterology, this will resonate. We achieved a 3.24X increase in traffic for this gastroenterology clinic, compared to a year ago, as we counted the monthly visitors through organic traffic. I can’t stress this enough, we are ignoring the small amounts of visitors that came through a hospital website or any other external link, as we are ignoring those who remembered the URL or the website domain. The visitors we are talking about are patients who did a specific Google search. That is where we can create substantial growth for your practice.

In the graphic you can see a few examples of these content funnels in action:

  • Conditions diagnosed using endoscopy
  • IBS dietician naturopath
  • Colonoscopy

The location (now blurred) was added throughout the optimised content which allows us to apply local SEO for doctors in a subtle and highly effective way.

What this case study demonstrates is not just that we tripled organic traffic to the practice (which resulted in a turnover multiplication). In addition, it reaffirms the individual impact of every content page that we produced as experienced medical content writers.

medical SEO marketing

1.8X Growth for a psychology practice

marketing for psychologists

This case study is about a practice that almost doubled its inflow of new patient requests. A 1.8x increase in traffic was achieved with the same methodology:

  • Research into patient FAQs used in Google Search
  • Content planning to make sure we consistently used all keywords strategically across the paragraphs and pages
  • Ongoing optimisation, regular website updates and blogs
  • Optimal website health, responsiveness and loading speed with continuous upgrades and maintenance by our development team

Spot the presence of specific blogs (again based on keyword research), in the acquisition report. It means that as we keep adding content to your website, formatted as additional content pages or as a blog post, we are effectively generating additional leads and increasing your visibility for specific topics by posting a blog article: How do I get the most out of my session with a clinical psychologist, for example.

It demonstrates the power of medical SEO marketing and content marketing in action, with data to back up the performance improvements we realise for you as a customer.

medical SEO marketing

Times 1.5 for this podiatry clinic. Excellent annual growth.

podiatry marketing services

In podiatry marketing, there is a tension between the different forces at play. As a podiatrist, you can compete for the commodity search when someone is looking for a podiatrist because of an acute foot or ankle problem. At the same time, you can develop a particular expertise and communicate about it to build a leadership position. For example “foot posture exercises”, “posture problems” or the “power plate” treatment options you offer.

The case study shows a traffic increase by a 1.5x factor compared to the same period last year.

medical SEO marketing

It demonstrates the individual SEO power of some of the essential content pages that are generating visibility and traffic to this website. As we now know, content pages are individual funnels that make up the texture of your online visibility and they allow you to create this type of spectacular growth in less than 12 months.

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