best medical website design

Premium medical website design that converts like crazy

Many doctors ask us what the difference is between “premium” and “standard” medical website design. In short, premium medical website design has a visually more attractive design – always addressing the target audience, as well as high-converting content and high-converting call to actions. 

best medical website design

Premium medical website design that converts like crazy

Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice

Els Van de Veire

February 4, 2022

Double or triple your turnover

How to increase patient numbers & turnover

If I told you that we will double or triple your traffic in one year, what would it mean for your practice growth? Most customers will share this:

  • More surgical procedures
  • More consultations
  • Longer waiting lists
  • Better reputation in the community
  • A stronger reputation in the hospital they work in
  • More status amongst peers
Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice
Els Van de Veire | Creative director at Digital Practice

"This type of growth can be achieved with medical content marketing and premium website design."

But what is premium website design? Let’s look at a recent Digital Practice portfolio example: the new website for Melbourne Mothers, an OB-GYN practice in the Victorian capital. 

The 3 pillars of premium medical website design

Essentially premium website design focuses on conversion. There are 3 essential components if you want your medical website to convert.

  1. Visually appealing graphic design
    Your website has to look contemporary and should be appealing to your target audience. I can state without a doubt that Melbourne Mothers nails this on every front without any use of cliche fonts or cheesy images.
  2. High-converting content
    Every page on Melbourne Mothers has been created with conversions in mind. As a medical marketing agency, we specialise in medical content marketing and every topic is chosen based on real Google data and patient search behaviour analysis.
  3. High-converting call to action
    We go so much further than optimising pages for Google. We make sure that patients either click through to learn more, call the practice or send them an email.


Every page on the Melbourne Mothers website has a visually attractive call to action emphasising the minimum waiting times, out-of-hours access and convenient locations, all linking through to the Contact page. Wherever you are on the page, the contact button is visible too.

best medical website design

Templates are conversion’s biggest enemy

medical templates

That’s right. Medical website templates may sound attractive to you because they are cheap, and yet they are not built for conversion. Web designers who design those templates have not been taught how to design a medical website that brings more patients into your rooms, nor do they care. All they care about is designing a medical website template that they can resell time and time again. In other words, it has to be as generic as possible.
Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice
Els Van de Veire | Creative director at Digital Practice

"But design is all about context. Your context. And that is very specific. If you are after the best medical website design for your private practice, you want a design that converts."

Example of premium medical website design

Best medical website design explained

Melbourne Mothers wanted a unique and premium website.

In this case, this meant:

  • Visually appealing design and images
  • Unique and personalised design
  • Unique and personalised content and unique content pages with multiple call to actions on each page
  • Content and keyword research
  • Optimised content based on patient search behaviour

Web design is a two-way process. We can’t do it without you, at least not if you decide you want a premium website. As your medical marketing agency, we ask for your feedback as we create elements for your strategy. Depending on how smoothly this back and forth process goes, a premium website can be built in 2 to 8 months.

Design is only one aspect of a strategy, and is followed by the actual development work, the programming and building of the live software that makes your website work.
A premium design process consists of a few dozen hours of creative work.

Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice
Els Van de Veire | Creative Director at Digital Practice

"We don’t sit there and calculate the hours when we do this creative work - the process is simply part of the creative journey of your premium web design. We absolutely want to nail it, impress you and impress your future patients. And whether it takes one day to come up with a design idea, a week or a month, it is part of our job to translate your objectives into visuals and to come up with a premium design that simply blows you away."

You may not be aware of this, but many web designers will buy a medical website template online – or a general template – and then claim the design is theirs. And fair point, when they offer web design services starting at $595, you cannot expect these designers to deliver a unique design and top-notch functionality as they develop your website. 

Pay attention to the details

Desktop versus mobile
Our development team looks at every possible screen size and ensures your website looks beautiful and works flawlessly on any device.

We handpick beautiful images of high quality in high definition, and we optimise their file size so they load fast on any device.

Menus and submenus
In a premium design, we often use multiple menus. Melbourne Mothers has 3 menus in total on the homepage:
The standard navigation at the top, and two menus further down where patients can choose the page they want to visit in either the obstetrics section or the gynaecology section.

Subtle animation
Check out the animated blobs! They are everywhere and they move in a very subtle way. It’s that extra bit of ‘classy’ that makes your website stand out.


Every bit of Melbourne Mothers is made personal. Wouldn’t you want to befriend this husband-and-wife couple and their lovely daughters? Even the dog is represented on the practice website.

Unique pages
Every page is unique and looks stunning with positive imagery that simply resonates with the patient.


Premium website design or standard website design?

Best medical website design vs standard

Premium website design

A premium website design needs a higher production budget because it takes more time to build.

First of all, the graphic design originates from an original idea. It wasn’t purchased as a template and then tweaked. It’s original, it’s unique and it’s yours.

Secondly, with premium website design you have a say at any stage of the process! Your preferences and opinions are taken into account, which obviously won’t happen with an off-the-shelf product.

Thirdly, you will have the luxury of picking our brain throughout the process. You can ask for strategic advice or in other situations we will outline why your idea is perhaps not preferable with our business goals in mind for your practice. We are known for making this process enjoyable and very productive. 

Standard website design

Depending on your medical marketing agency, you won’t have any or most of this with standard website design. To be competitive, standard website design packages are cheaper and in turn you won’t get the service nor the quality of a premium website design.

We have a standard solution though that uses many of our Premium best practices in a compressed form, to give you a solid foundation to build on when you are ready. 

Let's meet

Ask for a live demo of premium design

best medical website design examples

Ask for an obligation-free strategy session so we can show you how our strategies work for our customers, and so we can discuss the future online success story of your private practice.

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