best doctor website design

9 dazzling doctor website examples

Let me take you on a visual journey, inspecting 9 great doctor website designs. They come straight from the creative desk of our medical marketing agency, simply because we love inspiring doctors with custom healthcare website designs.

best doctor website design

9 dazzling doctor website examples

Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice

Els Van de Veire

December 21, 2021

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NewSmile Dental

Dental marketing website example

best doctor website design

NewSmile Dental has been using our dental marketing services for years and we are happy to share the latest redesign for this dental clinic website in Perth, Western Australia.

The family practice operates in a highly competitive market, and that is why we have focused on excellent content that explains the problems and procedures using the most commonly used keywords, to attract the right patients.

This dentist website demonstrates the power of white space: rather than cramping too much content into a space that is too small for it, we use white space to separate the sections and highlight the specialties offered by this dental practice. Even though there is a substantial volume of content, you will not get overwhelmed. It’s a direct consequence of the planning work that went into the project prior to designing the website.

If you are a dentist looking for a dental marketing website agency, please book a free one-on-one meeting with Kris, our CEO and co-founder of Digital Practice.

WA Paediatric Surgery and Urology

paediatric surgery website

What’s not to love about this beautiful medical website, representing two paediatric surgeons?

As a healthcare marketing agency, we presented a medical website design in line with the brand positioning this practice had in mind: professional and playful, welcoming and understanding. The clinic’s patients themselves, typically newborns and children, will not be seen googling “best paediatric surgeon near me”, but their young and tech-savvy parents will do this type of search. The clinic wanted an extensive SEO strategy and a colourful medical website design to meet the target audience’s expectations.

If you are a paediatric surgeon looking for help with your marketing strategy or website design, please watch our video on paediatric marketing or book an obligation-free meeting with our CEO, Kris Borgraeve.

Fertility Specialists of WA

best fertility doctor website design

As a doctor, you would know that up to 30% of infertility cases are related to male factors. That is why we did not shy away from treating this often very sensitive topic, when we created the website design for this successful fertility clinic.

Take a look at the ICSI page showing a tradesman instead of the typical image of a single sperm being injected into a mature egg. You will find that the sperm image often pops up on fertility specialists’ websites in the context of regular IVF instead of ICSI, which is actually incorrect (but you would know that 😀).

The design for this website is one of the best ones we have seen in the world of fertility marketing, simply because it has a strong focus on patient education and it uses stunning, well-chosen and slightly different imagery.

As a fertility specialist or as a manager of a fertility clinic, find out more about how we serve fertility clinics or book an obligation-free one-on-one meeting with Kris, our CEO.

Dr Richard Murphy

great ob-gyn website example

best doctor website design

Dr Richard Murphy is a soft-spoken, warm and very friendly obstetrician-gynaecologist, hence his preference for a soft font and background colours. And it works! It is a great doctor website example for one of the best specialist doctors in the area.

As a medical marketing agency, Digital Practice has plenty of experience in the field of women’s health, fertility, obstetrics and gynaecology. Check out how we help gynaecologists, obstetricians and fertility specialists with their medical marketing. Or book an obligation-free one-on-one meeting with Kris, our co-founder and CEO.

Dr Chris Nichols

best ob-gyn website example

best doctor website design

“You deserve the best care” – When you know Dr Chris Nichols, you understand this is not a hollow tagline. This OB-GYN practice is one of the best in the local catchment area and we’re proud to contribute to their online marketing success.

Like most Digital Practice websites, this medical website represents more than just a beautiful website design. We have built a content library for the most common women’s health issues as well as conditions that may occur during pregnancy. This content is very useful for patients, and it helps this specialist attract the right type of enquiries.

If you have any questions about your website strategy, why not book an obligation-free meeting with Kris, our co-founder and CEO?

Kong Urology

Urology marketing website example

best doctor website design

Here’s another great doctor website example for, owned by urologist Dr Jennifer Kong.

What do we love about this medical website?

  • Inviting colours and fonts
  • Beautiful well-chosen website images
  • Factual and easy-to-understand content
  • Details are hidden in an accordion item and can easily be opened for readers who want to learn more
  • In-the-field images of the doctor

Are you a urologist looking to fine-tune your marketing efforts? We have extensive experience in the field of urology marketing. Book your meeting with Kris today.

Wexford Gastro

Gastroenterology website example

best doctor website design

Another great example of medical website design is Wexford Gastro, a successful GI clinic in Australia.

This website simply breathes! There is plenty of white space to make the content digestible (pun intended!). It’s an easy-to-navigate medical website, with heaps of information, yet not overwhelming for the target audience.

Wexford Gastro is one of the most successful gastroenterology marketing strategies we have created until now, and we look forward to helping your gastroenterology practice grow. Want to know more? Book a Zoom meeting with Kris today.

J&R Psychology

psychologist website example

best doctor website design

This psychology practice understands the power of great content and SEO. On top of all that, doesn’t this website look dazzling? We are very proud to be part of the growth journey of this private practice, thanks to the strategy we have put in place and to the quarterly optimisation efforts. What we do is analyse results every quarter and optimise the content for continuous growth.

Are you a psychologist or do you manage a psychology clinic looking for practice growth? Check out how we help practitioners like yourself or book an obligation-free one-on-one meeting with Kris, our co-founder and CEO.

Burswood Health

Chiropractor website example

best doctor website design

This multidisciplinary allied health clinic understands the power of great copywriting and content marketing. “Back to life” is a smart and catchy title considering most of their patients have back problems. The front page image shows the whole family – this is a simple and visual way to let your target audience know that everyone is welcome, young and old. The website colours are inviting, soft and professional and this is in line with the clinic’s values and mission statement. A beautiful example of a great doctor website.

Are you a chiropractor or do you run a chiropractic clinic? We are here to help! Check out how chiropractor marketing can help your practice grow.

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